BGSU International Student – Jun Yang, Computer Science

BGSU International Student – Jun Yang, Computer Science

hello i’m Jun Yang I come from Beijing
China I study computer science at Bowling Green
State University I chose to come to BGSU because I have done lots of research for universities in the US and I realize
that BGSU has the best and a great program for me to
develop personally and professionally Professors and the Faculty, they pay close
attention to each student. In the computer science
department we have a class that has maximum 35
students in classroom so professors really know students well.
Also there are lots of career opportunities both on and off
campus. During my junior year I completed two
internships with the two different companies a really gain hands-on experience through the job. I would recommend BGSU to my friends
because I really enjoyed my study here and I
really obtained lots of valuable outcomes from my learning that really give me
more strength to compete in the modern job market. Education here is worth celebrating and I want them to
celebrate it too.

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