Biggest mistake with Egg shells and gardening

Biggest mistake with Egg shells and gardening

hello world this is Corey Lefevre and you're watching God fever I wanted to talk to everybody a little bit about eggshells there's lots of things that you can do with eggshells in your garden and well there's two main things but there's there's other things but two things that that you can do with with eggshells in your garden that really can be beneficial if you use them and that's eggshells and a lot of people there's a lot of information out there on YouTube and on the internet about eggshells being applied to the garden and it's it's for the most part true there is a misconception with it though and I wanted to talk to everybody in our viewers or my viewers about that and that's as far as the being are repellent to slugs and snails it is it definitely is but I think in the way it's being applied most people fail at it and and that's one reason for doing this videos I just kind of wanted to discuss that with everybody and kind of explain to them why I feel that way if you notice I'm really really crushing these up and I'll have some examples after I get done filming this portion of the video I'll cut away and I'll go to outside to my garden where I've applied eggshells stuff and I'll kind of show you some do's and don'ts or something I purposely did it really bad and those others that I did it work in the more proper way so anyway one way is is it's a good way to get calcium into your soil how it happens in nature is animals die bones decompose into the soil and various ways there's other ways to like volcanic and stuff but you know that's kind of how it happens in nature but bone as you all know breaks down very slowly it does that's why we have dinosaur bones still after millions of years even though they're pretty much turned to rock at that point they're still around they didn't decompose become dirt that's for sure so eggshells break down real fast so they're a fast fertilizer and for those of you that have blossom end rot or no blossom end rot is this it's often caused by a calcium deficiency there are other things that will cause that but a lot of times when you grow on pots there tends to be a calcium deficiency and you'll get some blossom and Robin's I've had it a few times with tomatoes and peppers that I've grown in pots that were separated from the earth and after a while they did get it first and then they drained the soil in the pot of some nutrients and it became deficient in calcium so I threw started throwing egg shells down and then it helped it no I don't get it not nearly as much anyway in my stuff but the other way is to repel slugs and snails okay and a lot of times I'm breaking these these up because a lot of times people will you know we get busy and we get lazy and we're just gonna do that and then we just kind of throw it in see these larger chunks right here they're not gonna stop a slug or a snail you lay that down they're gonna crawl up too and be like and then they're gonna go around it and that's a lot of times what happened they'll break it up and kind of do that and then the snail just kind of Wiggles its way through more this slug or whatever but over here where it's a lot finer this is like a glass field and it's like us walking on shards or field of glass and broken shards but you've got to kind of break it down fine and I think that's where most people fell is they get lazy and I don't blame them and they just throw it on there and they think it's gonna keep the slugs away well it's probably not gonna do a very good job you've got to break it down further that's the secret and then you basically dust it or you know just a whole ring around the plant you just want to even on the leaves let it sit on the leaves a little bit and just make it like a diamond field of sharted eggshells and then all of a sudden you'll notice that the slugs and the snails aren't is eager to to go through that to get to the plant so one easy way to do it is rather than doing them this way I don't mind doing this but you know you're getting a hurry as you put it on a cutting board preferably a wood one so it doesn't run off but then you use a dough roller roll it up so anyway I'm gonna cut away for now but I'm gonna be back in with it with some updates on stuff out in my actual garden oh there's something I purposely did the wrong way and then there's some that I did or at least what I believe is the right way and I'll show you that and then I'll finish doing this while I'm away all right everybody I'm back sun's out so I'm hoping you can see this it's hard for me to see in the screen but this is the right way see look at that now I fit a snail or slug wanted to go through that now it's fall so I apologize from having like spring examples there's some plant left but it's now wanted to go through that to get to let's say that plant to eat it look at what what it would have to go through to get there and that's that's the proper way to do it you want it you have to really break it down into like small shards and spread it all around the plant so that it it really deters the slugs and snails from going there here's another example of the right way oh yeah there is such thing as putting too much calcium but I've been applying it this way for a long time now and I haven't really seen any negative only positive results from doing it this way even this is too this is too big you want to get them smaller these are some examples and see if I can shade it out a little bit that's not very good see that's not applied very well this is one that if you get up here closest snow will find its way through that same with this one and this is really bad but it don't these ones I really aren't doing it to you know you might not necessarily be doing it to repel snakes snails and slugs that just do it for the calcium if you do it just for the calcium this is just fine just throw it on there Spray around a little that's that's all that matters but if you want bug repellent you need to you need to make it hard for him that's what you need to do anyway this is Corey Lefevre of garden fever share like subscribe more videos to come you have any ideas anything you want me to do a video on let me know I'll leave my email in this description too but for now until next time

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49 thoughts on “Biggest mistake with Egg shells and gardening

  1. Hi again Garden Fever.
    Its is Summer here now and the garden is going well. I can now say the egg shells do have a influence on the snails and slugs
    I still use the same use beer traps as well and the found Marigold,White petunia,spinach,lettuce combo has been the best success with egg shell method on snails and slugs in my garden so far.
    .Take care have a good holiday season

  2. Egg shells are good fertilizar for blueberry tree .please tell me .Can I use it for blueberry tree.

  3. Make sure dry your shells out in sun kills any bad bacterias. Crush them and use 1 to ratio of white vinegar. It brings water soluable calcium which the plant will take up right away. Growers love peace

  4. so basically turn your shells to sand , so stick em in your blender or food processor and blend till you get a sand consistency before placing in garden to deter slugs.

  5. Hate to burst your bubble but, dinosaurs are not real! The psyop was created by the Rockefeller's. Search Fletcher Proudy on "fossil fuel".
    Cutting to the chase:

  6. thank you for taking time to make this informative video , going to use your idea at my place of work , we are always on the look out for ideas for the garden , to get long stay patients out into the garden and an occupation .

  7. I watched another video where the gal washed the egg shells, baked them a bit and then crumbled them in a coffee bean grinder. It was so fine you can apply with a shaker like salt. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Have you ever thought that putting them in a blender to pulverize them would make it much better. You can save them for an extended period of time like over the winter. Then use a blender to pulverize them. That way the calcium would break down a lot faster for the plant to use it faster.

  9. I have found a really easy way to dry and use the egg shells. I save the bottom half of egg cartons and put a half of a shell in each to dry. Then I just save them in a plastic shopping bag until I have a bunch. Then I put them in the BLENDER, adding more as they are pulverized. You end up with this very fine powder which you can then easily add to any garden.

  10. Just get some decollate snails you will never see snails or slugs eating your plants ever again.

    I bought a dozen 20 years ago and they have multiplied nicely keeping Me snail free. In fact I found one snail in my yard and left it to the little guys to take care of.

  11. Okay so the idea to the Crushed Egg Shell Method is that it 'repels' certain garden pests by creating a 'Minefield' so to speak, that the Snails and Slugs simply don't want to 'walk through' Is that correct? It's not that this kills the pests, it just provides a 'barrier' to your plants.

  12. If you are using egg shells for the calcium, you might put them in the oven for about 5 minutes on warm and then after they cool off you can crush them a little manually, then I put them in my coffee grinder to get really small or powder fine dust (depends on how long you have them in the grinder). I think that makes them biodegrade more quickly into the soil for the healthy effects that you want.

  13. If you will grind your egg shells up in your food processor or blender you won't have no problem at all it would be powdery and that way you can mix it in your soul or around your plants

  14. grind eggshells in your blender or food processor and you will not have no problems it will be powdery

  15. I pulse them in my coffee grinder. I also ingest them after encapsulating them for a calcium/mineral boost.

  16. Why is it that gardeners hold on to these myths

    … eggs shells sprinkled around your plants do not deter snails. Just Google egg shells, snails, field trials.

    … adding calcium to your soil prevents Blossom End Rot (BER). Probably not. BER is most often caused by inconsistent watering that prevents plants from taking in calcium.

    Best use of eggshells? Wash them off, dry them on a window sill then grind them in a coffee or spice grinder and at to your compost pile.

  17. I,m a lazy gardener. I blitz egg shells in the blender then mix it in with kitchen waste. I take it outside to the wormery bin and let the worms do all the work. it helps with their digestion, and the juice extracted from wormery tap gives me gallons of calcium rich liquid fertilizer for all my garden. p.s slugs and snails get slug pellets.

  18. Egg shells and boiled egg shells water are good for plants.
    The best organic way which I tested and worked for me for good growth. Trust me do try once sure results to avoid pest and good growth with the following list. Boiled water to be used when its cool very important. Use spray to sprinkle once in a month. For heavy pests use once in 2 weeks. It acts as antibiotics and a healthy message for plants, here you go.

    Points Listed :
    1. Turmeric 50 grams can be used in all types of plants for pest only. Important not to used in budding plants.
    2. Neem oil 10 ml sticks to plants else use point 3 alternative to point 2.
    3. Jaggery 50 grams it will stick in plants.
    4. Crushed powder Cinnamon 10 grams
    5. Crushed powder Clove 10 grams. Alternative for point 4.
    Please do not use mineral water/ filtered in machine.

    Let me know if it didn't work. I am sure you will not have an complaint. Trust me it works.

    A farmer son, Born to experience.

  19. Hi Mr gardener can you make shorter your explainations Its seems took long enough to wait 😒😒tsk tsk

  20. I was so skeptical of these 🥚 shells. I sprinkled some on my front porch & I saw this little creature use its mind in amazing ways ie trying to avoid the lumps I put down and mainly of all i sprinkled some was on its back & i saw how the slug was able to make it to the base of the wall & was rolling like twirling removing shells off its back – i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. Disappointment I expressed & thinking how the slug was smarter me than I remembered what you said, “…make sure the shells are fine & not chunks….” Wala! the slug was now crying and later found immobile

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