Binghamton Major Minute - Environmental Studies

Binghamton Major Minute – Environmental Studies

Hey. My name is Eliana Ebstein. I'm an Environmental Studies major. Today, I'm in the Greenhouse at Binghamton University. And, I'm going to tell you about my major in 60 seconds. So, when I was a freshman I was very confused about what I wanted to major in. I thought I maybe wanted to be in business school . . . It turns out I hated it. I found geography and through geography, I fell in love with environmental studies. My favorite class so far, has been "Ecological Agriculture.". My professor has his own farm. So, he teaches us in a very hands-on approach. And, on Thursday, he's actually bringing in some worms. I could take home for my compost bin. Outside of class, I'm involved in Binghamton Food Rescue . . . which is an organization that reallocates food from supermarkets and farmers markets . . . to people in need within 24 hours. Also, next semester I'll be studying sustainability abroad, in Costa Rica . . . which I'm pretty excited about. Something that surprised me about this major was how well I can integrate it into my daily life. I changed the kinds of foods I eat and the activities I engage in. In 5-10 years, I see myself abroad with a Master's Degree in Public Administration . . . managing a nonprofit that utilizes recycled textiles. And, that is Environmental Studies in 60 seconds.

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