Black Forest gâteau recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN collab with GentlemanBunny

Black Forest gâteau recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN collab with GentlemanBunny

Hi folks hows it going welcome to my virgin kitchen todays recipe is my delicious black forest gateau looks amazing right and there’s an even special twist to today’s video this is a collaboration with my friend Shiri AKA Gentleman Bunny on Youtube Tube check out her channel she makes all this funky stuff out of clay I can’t do that very well and she’s amazing this black forest gateau she’s done her own version if you want to have a go at making this hit pause on the video now and write them all down it super easy, tasty, gorgeous, delicious and all that stuff and I hope you give it a try
first thing to do is grab your eggs now these are seperated get your six egg yolks into a bowl and pour in your caster sugar whisk all together until it’s nice and thick and creamy and dreamy if you are feeling romantic add 20 grams of grated up dark chocolate on top of that then your cocoa powder that’s 50 grammes right there oh my goodness fold it all in with a spoon let it all get to know eachother sort of like a really bad dance move in a nightclub with your chocolate mixture all combined put it to one side give your electric whisk tong things a wash then whip up your egg whites get it nice and stiff and firm once your happy with the egg whites get a tablespoon of the egg white mixture boom into the choco mixture and mix it all around so they just get to know eachother nothing fancy at this stage the eggs are kinda like I remember you – you’re the egg yolk, you’re the egg white we used to be friends we used to be a family…. you know what I mean with the first egg white combined grab the rest of it and fold it in slowly to give it some air time kinda like micheal jordan symbol you see that oh yeah work it through until you get a nice foamy airy chocolatey mixture I don’t know why i’m doing that with my hands it looks kinda rude, but just go with it now that you are happy with your chocolate mixture pour it evenly in 2 sandwich tins that are greased and lined now they went into the oven I had a lot of time spare so I put them on the middle shelf one at a time and the oven was pre-heated to gas mark 4 or equivalent which is down below and it took just over 20mins don’t brown the tops just want it nice and firm 20 minutes as long as you don’t open the oven and trust it – trust your oven and it’ll be fine. I wish I set up a channel like Shiri making clay would have been a lot cheaper than the ingredients although my version isn’t as good as you can see so um, check Shiri’s channel out for clay stuff something to do while your cakes are cooling down is pour in a load of double cream into a bowl and again whisk with your tongs that have been cleaned for a final time whisk it up until it’s nice and thick then whack it in the fridge to start moving the cake we move on to first base home run baseball reference bad ok so in a pot I drained off some syrup from some tinned pitted cherries if you can get them in fruit juice even better so about 2 table spoons of that and mixed it with 2 table spoons of cherry cordial which is available in posh super markets come to think of it if you are a part time alcoholic like me cherry brandy or even jagermeister would make up for it not today Barry not today put a couple of spoonfuls of that cherry juice onto both sponges and just let it absorb through grate up 200 grams of dark chocolate and then on both the cake bases on the outer edge or rim whatever you wanna call it just smear around a little bit of that cream from earlier and then pat the chocolate all around the edge because that cream will act like a glue and start to make it look good around the edge – good!
spread a good layer of cherry jam on the bottom layer of your sponge or even cherry compote if you’re feeling posh grab half of the remaining cream from the bowl and just smear that all along the top sponge on top op the jam oh wow extra creamy loving baby get your drained tin of pitted cherries that’s a mouthful to say just halve them and sit them on top of the cream to create a nice even layer for the sponge to sit on and that is exactly what to do next
grab your second sponge I used some fish slices and put them on top I couldn’t think of anything more technical so fish slices worked add your remaining cream on top of the second sponge and oh my goodness you’re in heaven right now add some fresh cherries with stalks on around the outside edge give this video a thumbs up and subscribe if you haven’t already then add on some grated chocolate looking good some more cherries from the tin and a final dusting of chocolate on top and that my friends is how you make my delicious black forest gateau Barry & Phoebe taste the gateau

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43 thoughts on “Black Forest gâteau recipe MYVIRGINKITCHEN collab with GentlemanBunny

  1. Black Forest gateau is literally my favourite dessert ever, I have always wanted to make my own, this one looked amazing 🙂

  2. Awesome, well like all my videos this is the first time I made one so I really hope you give it a try – if you do tweet me or post on the facebook wall your effort love to see that

  3. I'm going to have to make this. As a part-time alcoholic myself, I'm sure I have cherry brandy in the pantry. Or maybe I'll just make grownup hot chocolate.

  4. Yeah true Katie, and I put it back in my fridge which was at a super cold setting which firmed it up a little too much – but it spread out well enough in the end!

  5. I am well and hope you and your family are doing well, too. I actually had a request for this recipe and will have to work on a response. Yours turned out really great. Have a great week.

  6. That looked good. I have to say that I've never had a good black forest cake. Always looks good but tastes bland. Don't know if I didn't happen to eat "the real" one or am I having too much chocolaty expectation that this cakes lacks!

  7. yeah I get ya, this is much more cherry than chocolate – particularly in the moist sponge but the chocolate shavings (although dark chocolate) give it a lift – nothing stopping you making it and absolutely covering it in chocolate shavings though!!

  8. I made this yesterday for our 5th aniversary.This is perfect black forest gateau recipe.Thank you My Virgin Kitchen

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