39 thoughts on “Blue Planet II: Hans Zimmer Theme Live Recording | BBC Earth

  1. I love listening to this 'stripped back' version. Its amazing to hear what sounds like before the effects. I hope one day I can write music this well. This theme is most definitely my favourite film/'classical' (because we all know its more romantic period) piece 🙂

  2. If, for the rest of my life, I was only allowed to watch one kind of genre, it would be BBC nature documentaries.

  3. Breathtaking! I got goosebumps😧I always enjoy watching dolphins..they always look like their smiling😊🐬❤️❤️ I’am stunned how beautiful everything was put together. Even the fish are stunned at the end..lol

  4. Soon we cant see this underwater life if we continue use a plastic, and non degreable substance and put that the economic achievment at the top of our life. This could be worse if world goverment did not concern in climate change.

  5. Does anybody know the name of the track with the spider-crabs in the episode "Green Seas"? It doesn't seem to be on the official Soundtrack release.

  6. Where can I find this exact version of the theme.. it’s different in the cd score release.. can this version be found anywhere?

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