39 thoughts on “Blue Planet II: Hans Zimmer Theme Live Recording | BBC Earth

  1. I love listening to this 'stripped back' version. Its amazing to hear what sounds like before the effects. I hope one day I can write music this well. This theme is most definitely my favourite film/'classical' (because we all know its more romantic period) piece 🙂

  2. Breathtaking! I got goosebumps😧I always enjoy watching dolphins..they always look like their smiling😊🐬❤️❤️ I’am stunned how beautiful everything was put together. Even the fish are stunned at the end..lol

  3. Soon we cant see this underwater life if we continue use a plastic, and non degreable substance and put that the economic achievment at the top of our life. This could be worse if world goverment did not concern in climate change.

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