BOE Meeting 10/28/2019

BOE Meeting 10/28/2019

It’s 5:30 and time to call this name before
Smith Public Schools Board of Education to order please stand as we have paused
for a moment of silence followed by the predatory I pledge allegiance to the flag of the
United States of America and to the Republic for which it stands one nation
under God indivisible with liberty and justice for all our mission statement is
always for every monster sportsman public schools a premiered history for
innovation creates excellence is dedicated to providing an equitable
challenging educational experience by engaging our families and community
partners as we prepare students to embrace their roles and our culturally
diverse community in our rapidly changing world the next item on our
agenda is recognitions dr. Brubaker yes ma’am well dr. herb his feathers –
Marshall takes through the recognition see if you lookin for memories we unite
advice before your teachers mr. gillies can take their picture the United Way support appearances
teachers program has earned the national Blue Ribbon accreditation is now and is
now a national parents as teachers blue ribbon local affiliate for those of you
who may not be familiar this program is designed to provide support necessary to
ensure that children birth to preschool have foundational skills necessary to
begin school successfully we congratulate supervisor at early
childhood education and parent and Community Services supervisor dr. Sarah
Biggs and parent educators Angie Williams
Andrea Washington Kayla Carter to an addiction shark Sharon Garcia hon take
Ricky Woodward Violeta tillow then Dana brightly and Jeannie Carroll
for this monumental accomplishment we would also like to take a moment to
recognize the part that community volunteers play in bringing this kind of
service to children and their families in this area many years ago now former
Board of Education member and president and Patton Dawson daughter of educator
and local historian friend Jared a new wife of the Honorable Judge Robert
Dawson and mom extraordinary to her children who are represented
specifically by her daughter Courtney who teaches at Southside High School she
launched this program and launched this program with the United Way his dog brag
report and Angela Tilly his Miss Tilly here but she came here
okay we’ll go into her later and Angela who is neon teacher in chat
and help to raise the funds necessary to bring this program to Portsmouth and and
ensured that all connection points were active you can see the results of their
work today and was the original champion of success
by 6:00 and parents as teachers because it was a promising way to get a
Portsmouth Public Schools youngest students the best chances without hands
heart for children are community spirit and volunteer efforts dr. biggs and
these marvelous parent educators would be at the just beginnings of their
efforts today we can say that hundreds of students have benefited from this
important community initiative judge Dawson and his feeling into your family
we offer our sincerest and deepest gratitude for what being accomplished
Angela mrs. tilly we thank her for setting the stage for Eddie Lee Herndon
and United Way continue to support pigs and educators thank you congratulations superintendent stars our
next superintendents are super dipped stars are selected for this recognition
as students who are exceptional citizen and who consistently make good choices
before we get started let’s let me share a few instruction stars when I call you
forward mr. Billy they wanted to take picture and when he picks your picture
you ask it is standard with mr. anything if I don’t appear for just a few minutes
until we get the whole break together audience appearances is going to take us
a few minutes to accomplish so thanks for your patience your principals
teachers please stand with your students when I call your name
superintendent Star Award winners which please come forward when I call your
name Eddie er is educated sir Eddie is a third
grader at pi the receive period he was nominated by his principal Monica Austen
and has often said that Eddie has blossomed into the
burden he has built great friendships he is participating in general education
classes he is becoming an independent learner and is excited about every day
Eddie is a learning rock star Eddie is the son of our wrist felicitous Garcia
and Edwin Vieira good job’ which have seen mr. Mahina
project there is waving at me destiny Goldman’s destiny Goldman mrs.
Hart have coming next to you join those folks right up there
destiny is a tilith Elementary School’s sixth grader who was nominated by
Principal Regina Thompson miss Thompson said destiny is a leader
and a positive role model he’s willing to help in any way she can and does so
with a smile and cheerful attitude teachers came to depend on destiny to do
the right thing and trust her with jobs that they need that need to be done
destiny is the daughter of Tanya and Sean Pierce Rex is a fifth grader
involvement Elementary Principal Laurie ravenson that Braxton always has
uses kind words to speak with others this past month the solution trade coach
was working with his teacher in the classroom and she has to teach over
sticky note Braxton immediately immediately pulled
out some of his deck from his desk and offered them to her as the coach was
leaving the room perhaps and handed her a few more sticky notes who can take
liquor just in case you needed Emily who he is an extremely considerate young man
Braxton is a son Gillian Gillian is a 6th grader at Arlen elementary school
principal Carl Hill says Gillian is respectful as a good attitude and helps
prayer rich-looking she is always smiling she’s kind and she’s a tended
toward her four peers and teachers she is a wonderful student and more
importantly a wonderful person Gillian is the daughter of Carolina feedly is d-major Feeny is a sixth
grader at Warren Elementary according to principal dr. von Childress
team is willing to serve in any capacity in the classroom or in school he is
thankful to complete any taxes given and has an excellent work ethic always
completing his work with authenticity and perseverance seeing is the son of
gently and negative insulation Sanders then is a fourth grader at beard
Elementary then is always demonstrating in a growth mindset and encourages
others to look at the bright side it says him principal am superwoman he is a
project role model for his classmates and often encourages students to make
good decisions that is example we constantly do demonstrates integrity by
doing the right thing then is the son of Bruce Sanders and Maya
congratulations Smith its Tracy Smith here your chip she’s a straight-a
student sixth grader at Cavanaugh elementary school Gracie
enhances the learning environment for her classmates as great pink principal
ideas whether it is by asking too many questions sharing in
point of view or demonstrating my student ability to think outside the box
Gracie is a leader in the classroom Gracie is the daughter of FFP and Emmy
Terrell Damien you Vega is Daniel inexperienced
banging his fourth grader at sentimental mentor II and he has become a role model
for other students during his time as a bulldog he has been a hard worker since
kindergarten and served as a member of ascending heat student events over the
past several years risk principal crystal Smith says that she is proud of
the progress he is majoring in elementary from
career they need is the son of Abraham and Virginia congratulations lucky is a third graders at fairly
elementary principal Nicole’s our size to see the smile on his face when even
when he’s facing adversity and challenges he is caring compassionate
loving and considerate Robbie is helpful and generous to both
students and staff at Fairview he has often caught doing good deeds and never
expects acknowledgement or Robbie’s integrity is impeccable
Robinson okay stars coming out and let’s take a
group picture moms and dads mister Billy’s gonna take
an individual reason teasing to take a great picture and you can send that to
you all bet when he gets finished you guys are welcome to take a picture and
every when dr. Brubaker is saying what is that
we we send the picture to vectors I both work throughout for Smith in different
places and so we don’t like where their names to show I think they like me for them
Karthik 30 seconds real good job stars keep up the good work and we are delighted to he need to me the
portion of our recognize recognitions tonight
Southside senior cigarette brush yeah
South had senior zebra Roscoe has been commended or her score on the SAT by the
National Merit Scholarship Program sidrón is the daughter at that scene
Josh and Dahlia better eat genetic that’s right
almost a congratulations Horace Ron Regina Rory please board
members you may recognize Horace Rana who is a junior at Southside High School
we have had the pleasure of recognizing him for many outstanding awards over the
past several years he is being recognized tonight for his perfect score
on the College Board’s ACC team the national average is playing a perfect
score is 30 students Aras is the son of Kevin Rana
exactly congratulations because of ongoing success and past
performance the Warsaw pretzel grizzly security team was one of 19 selected to
participate in the 2019 US Air Force Association of CyberPatriot national
youth cyber defense competition these students are sophomores and Te’o
Midori sand of all Tony l Donna mr. predator you he’s at your cutter mr.
K would you like to come to Lincoln with Justin human Billy May has real and
senior and team leader Janet Houma ha they are coached by back codes and they
are joined by sir principal dr. Barry Redmond congratulations Ms Brown your London
I believe Miss Bradley together giving in connected and well Texas branch see
if she was gonna be okay miss Gordon you’re on deck
this year economics Arkansas announced they would honor only for Betsy be more
safe economics of words instead of their usual ten though we are not surprised we
are delighted to recognize our leading Elementary’s Amy Gordon we received one
of the four state awards for a class project to keep its creation the best of
the more awards program recognizes Arkansas teachers preparing them above
and beyond what is required by development outstanding economic and
personal finance projects for their students congratulations we’ll look forward to seeing some media
on her project when you to get that up and under Christ
dr. Kelly Todd would you please the plan dr. Kelly Todd has earned recognition
with a gold star award for wise financial literacy instruction to be
considered for this gold star award a teacher must achieve and 93 pass rate 93
percent pass rate and at least one of the classes on either the fall 2019 or
spring 2019 wise financial literacy certification fair she will be honored
at the annual many power institute in york city and early November while this
is a spectacular achievement by itself we are also delighted to all to
recognize her for her designation last Friday as the twelve state southern
business Education Association Teacher of the Year this regional honor
qualifies her to compete in the national business Education Association contest
or national secondary teacher of the new this spring in
I got out of word just a little bit Jean Louis Vuitton for equities veteran
educator Jean Lewis movies in her first year teaching business at South High
School recently completed an application process that earns outside a physician
and the Amazon future engineers program the Amazon future engineers program
provides curricular college scholarships and internships with Amazon based on
participation in their curriculum thank you Miss Loretta congratulations
to the other students or any G school principal dr. Donna when Janice had successfully defended
her dissertation title in Beijing teachers and action research to increase
learner agency completed her doctoral program in the process she has been an
active participant participant and many of the district’s current initiatives
and she is currently in phase one of the Arkansas teacher Arkansas leadership
academies master principal entity she is also certified by the National I did miss Brown
okay Ms Brown let me tell you a little bit better has earned at the Arkansas
Department of Education is new license as a master professional educator there
are only 208 in Arkansas who earned this designation this new process considers a
variety of credentials when qualifying candidates including her designation two
years ago as National Board for professional teaching standards
certified teacher Ms Brown has taught and I lost
Paige miss Graham had studied we were lame for three years and she is
currently at Wollman versus been for two where is mr. Aaron this concludes our
recognitions for today dr. Burnett the third one out here those who wish to
make comments and who have completed to return the citizens participation
request form this section will be conducted in accordance with board
policy speakers must limit comment which two issues that can be presented in a
public forum there is a total 15 minutes available which will be divided among
the number of speakers complaints about student discipline individual student
issues are personnel must be addressed or appropriate administrative channels
and members of the board do not enter into dialogue with speakers during the
present form the citizen that we have signed up tonight is calmly on we’re kind of on a road show tonight so
thank you for your patience with this is we get exercise bothering my country
goodie I come to see me to talk to that was pretty complicated issue I’m sure
you all know that it’s it’s just I guess last week and I’m a parent through
students and the first thing they also got seen
was a football player baseball player also got an idolater he plays tennis and
so the last three years I have experienced the effects that the
excessive travel turned the zone miss Li miss class the homework
assignments that are tucked in brilliant Obama result unlawful I think I could probably tell
you when baseball season starts respondent we have the only operator and
so this is what the group entered said in a liter June 15
this is edition famous aching new models and it’s also in addition to the
variants in centers is described so I came here really to remind somebody on
what some of the promising not the rebate they’re not machines
couple even sitting in whatever might believe you mentioned the possibility of
a lawsuit of all the networks were exhausted mr. Magnuson
we talked about that and wait you do not have to talk about it and so I’m here to
encourage you to continue on and nobody exhausted all the Mormon remedies the
first coat outfit is no doubt and comes Beaumont as popular in the past few days
and I didn’t want to thank several several people for their efforts I know
the dr. Brubaker is making lot phone calls after the last few weeks to vote
members of the Senate and I’ve both of our principals and that has gone on a
coach both honest I think dr. McCain also deserves to be acknowledged and
thanked for his efforts before his job by mr. Shue’s so I appreciate it and I
wouldn’t stand up here to say if you guys
for what I’m asking is that you and I I’m actually to do that and I think the
the parents and students in Warsaw high school Thank You mr. brown move on the
professional staff recommendations dr. Brubaker just say I’ll call on his
Phenix and we’ll need to get a microphone first really meaning thank you
the board like to clear our reservations the topics first surviving upstairs
Sharon schoolers cement the hop and three speaking lengths free speech
language pathologists been John according to Tony math teaching fucker
codes under the classified Candice popular let’s say dealer more the say
crystal sis upon child nutrition worker lorina Trudeau challenges worker
Christina remembering child nutrition manager Stephanie racing each other
tissue worker Magdalena Ramirez preschool Eric Fischl
Rd barber Ghost Rider Brittany Ren from special education paraprofessional only
Murali Margaret to and on the retirements whose Affairs science
teacher are there any questions the chair will
entertain a motion to approve the resignations and retirements as
presented it’s been moved and seconded to approve
the resignations and retirements is there any discussion all in favor please
indicate by raising your right leg the resignations and retirements are
approved by both 17-0 dr. Brubaker well continuing employment with Robert
McBride special education teacher Mary Sutherland elementary teacher and the
classified dull since preschool paraprofessional their time link on
bead-like custodian Tamara bond special education paraprofessional Timmy
Ledbetter your secretary Sheree month Eve child nutrition worker
Susan hunts special education care professional and routes Victoria on a
PLL deposition are there any questions the chair will entertain a motion to
approve the recommendations for employment as presented is there any discussion it’s been moved
and seconded to approve the recommendations for employment as
presented all in favor please indicate by raising your right hand the
recommendations from women are approved by both a 7 to 0
there are several information items on the superintendent’s report this month
dr. Brent Rebecca Lee to review those presently yes ma’am so the first one I
just want to give you on that date about the school resource officer agreement
with the city of Fort Smith which relates to our vision 2023 strategies
for learning environmental facilities and also five for staffing as you know
Fort Smith public schools in the City of Portsmouth jointly employed for school
resource officers the services of these officers are made available due to an
investment of approximately a hundred and twenty thousand dollars each by the
city in the district these officers play a critically important role in promoting
school safety in supporting the community policing efforts of the F SPV
we saw chief Baker earlier this evening the attached Memorandum of Understanding
analyzed the terms of this libel partnership and it has been approved by
the city of Fort Smith Board of Directors and signed by Harry
they just want to make them aware of that this is an informational item and
it does not come with a recommendation for board action are there any questions
or feedback dr. Brubaker you see him so the next time I wanted to share he was a
triple a update I’ll ask mr. Bowmont to approach and maybe he can get the mic
for mrs. Enix as he hits that direction and as reported in the media the sixteen
largest schools in Arkansas did not vote by the required two-thirds margin to
support the proposal put forward by both north side and South Side High School’s
to include those schools in the West Conference for the 2020 through 2022
cycle as a result South Side High School will be in the West Conference and
Northside high school is slated to be in the Central Conference so mr. Beaumont
would you just like to take us through a little bit of that and then they’re
gonna answer some questions both prior to my arrival was denied and
so in we’ve got P of X in July that two of tonight’s event I asked for a
petition that this was two parts in the petition
one of which would allow for Ausmus to be moved to the west edition of what we
voted on by the voting representatives at each school into the West and in the
city typically those are the building principals that vote on that and then
Part B – that was for all sports to move to the west of the exception of football
so you know the thinking was in dividing those two up was that football although
I hate that they have to travel that part for their games at least those dude
antics have two days to recover they get home Friday night I have Saturday and
Sunday to recover and in fact the school on Monday but by mr. bone had said all
other sports may travel during the week and so that’s a that’s a big strain on
them so that’s why we wanted to separate them both of those votes were go to town
by all of our representatives in the West and in the center so we need a
two-thirds vote so that is the last of the appeals that
we could pound this in the last of the five right it is
not you know it’s as you say that I had one of the athletic directors from
Conway the story that was at cross-country me my bike making futile
that they know my awesome cooking against a severe threat economy diploma
gets up and it we’re all in this business forgets what’s best for them
which is also why the years in this fight
mr. bone was right best our principal from Southside fought just as much a
difference our superintendent did the same thing of
where we work we’ve had a kind of station out to where
the next day I hadn’t called in the next day one principal call and a little bit
later so it was just a continual punching that we were trying to
accomplished in getting them this way or way it did it seems to me like this the
circumstance behind the decision from triple-a it’s kind of mercury
how did was our athletic department when we contacted work with me when this
decision was being made it doesn’t seem like there was any input and enforcement
public schools is that the case were the last team I guess the first email I saw
Triple A to the public school that said this is what’s going to happen well yeah
so it is a triple-a or are they out reaching out to other school districts
and skin and clothing these ideas yeah what’s the build up in this the other
know how the governing body works to decide so I know that one school left
the conference and so then they had to find somebody else to move in just a
really quick comment what basically it’s happened up to this point is that
I think 2016 perhaps and so it’s based on the top 16 schools in the city and so
the way that the rules worked out you have to determine
who’s going to be in the West and in this case as the rules unfolded
we knew pretty early on that we were but there was gonna have to be a change of
some kind in order and mechanism for that to change the
rules and correct me if I’m wrong so we gotta get 2/3 of the vote of all the 16
largest schools in the state and so miss Miller dr. Rath been both have one boat
and once casting the votes or though you
know it’s the high school high school right so that left us in
that position the appeal was based on whether rules were applied properly or
not in by a reading of the rules although
the rule is not what we would consider to be a good one
it meant that standard in the so they gave the option to go
changed those amenities you’re gonna say the compressible flow
no matter the superintendent’s so mr. Bowmont you may have to help us
with my entertaining of the principles of the ones in counts the book but
that’s the superintendent athletic director their discussions are going to
take place about how they’re going to counsel about I don’t know if we’re a
place to discuss this but you know as you all know this something I’m very
passionate about it’s very frustrating Phillip were at the mercy of this
organization and just there are arbitrary rulings and again I’m I’m
totally opposed to frivolous lawsuits as a lawyer on the other guy in a very
conscious of wasting district money also pursuing something that you know who
never results in tonight on the other hand when is anyone ever going to stand
up to this triple date and these kind of arbitrary decisions I Cure’s know
whether any of those people had voted considered the health and welfare of
students over the scheduling of their football teams I thought it was
outrageous from the very moment that either one of these schools
we should have been objecting to this for years to have these kids have to
travel for hours to go play tennis or to go bowling or to ride attract meeting
and then four hours back I just think we need to calmly and cautiously look at
options litigation to force this issue otherwise that this is just a tyrannical
institution the triple a that is never going to be stopped well I think what what I’d like to do
then based on the goods from the is just research that about council see
what send them see what’s come before see what’s what our options are and then
bring that back to you in November that sound mr. James thank you my two cents in this being a
student-athlete that traveled in high school having a child that travel in
high school as well there were times when I traveled for state meets across
Arkansas where I just got up in the morning and asked my mom if I ever go to
school straight-a student and she allowed me to have that pass so my
recommendation if we do in fact have to go forward with this decision as is that
we begin planning today for what may happen because again if they’re athletes
right now if some of them go on to collegiate athletics this is a part of
it my daughter’s spinning spent two days in
Oklahoma well she had to take her textbooks with her she was stood up in a
hotel you know collegiate collegiate life as a student athlete that’s a part
of it so that’s when the relationship comes in place with the administration
as well as the principal’s at the respective schools to find out what can
we do in these situations whether it is giving them to get their work beforehand
giving them an extension on homework but also the safety of the staff and the bus
drivers so and then the budgetary constraints that they have
is the administration eating some of those costs of those burden that burden
is not past to set athletic programs that’s something that’s not within their
control so I’m coming from a place of let’s think about possible solution
Indian business moves forward because it’s very important for the students to
realize their students first and as administrators at school level in the
service center what can we do to make sure that they’re safe in their
productive I just want to add when we talk about cost or potential costs of
any lawsuit just the cost of fuel to get back for this hundreds and hundreds
hundreds of thousands of dollars I don’t think the community truly has a grasp on
just what this is costing the taxpayer and it was a bad idea to begin with and
I think we all just hoped and held their breath and and work to try to get this
to get the triple-a to do the right thing but it’s obvious you know I’ve
made calls up there I’ve completed my face and it’s obvious they’re going to
triple-a they’re going to do what they want to do and there’s just nothing we
can do about it that’s their position and I think we need to challenge that my main concern is the hours under
students that that is just unconscionable for me that we would be
asking students to be up Beckley and not during the school hours and wondering
should we talk with their legislators about them saying travel no further than
perhaps two hours of the road or spread out of what the right number would be
which is something that would make them rethink this rule because this is not
good for our students to be loosing that much sleep it’s not good for them
academically and it’s it’s a hindrance this is an informational item and does
not come with the recommendation before we move on the 2020 school election day
every day yes ma’am just a couple of quick notes you may
remember the feed school elections were changed this year backed by 49 of 2019
was passed and it provides first full elections to be scheduled according to
the following parameters Arkansas Code 6-14 – 102 a 1 a concerning date saying
the school election is amended to read as follows the annual school elections
shall be held in each school district of the state and even number years on the
date of the preferential primary election or general election and in
odd-numbered years the first Tuesday following the first Monday in November
for the third Tuesday and May and I’ve got a link to the act and posted there
for you and it’s August 27th excuse me at its August 2017 regular meeting the
court adopted a resolution that states the beginning in 2018 the district shall
hold its annual school elections at the time the present preferential primary
election and the corresponding day in years because 2020 is a presidential
election year and the board’s August 2017 resolution has established the
preferential primary gain is its election date the 2020 FSP of school
election is scheduled for March 3rd 2020 family to the election calendar follows
so I just wanted to make sure that you had an awareness of that this too is an
informational item and it does not come with recommendation for board action are
there any questions feedback the next is the police cruiser stuff this is some
really good news that mr. Hallenbeck shared with us director of security
facilities here a program offered by Sebastian County our district is now
able to expand the resources available to our new Police Department for the
benefit of our students specifically the FS PSP try saying that ten times fast
will receive the use of three recently replaced Sebastian County Sheriff’s
Department police cruisers on an indefinite basis when a county agency
receives new vehicles through its replacement cycle vehicles that have
been replaced are transferred to the position of the county judge for
disposition the county judge has the option to loan the vehicles to smaller
agencies who can continue to use them Judge David Hudson has authorized the
loan of these three vehicles to our new Police Department the officers will use
them until the district determines that they should be returned to the County
disposition once ready for service in our district they will be deployed to
the junior high schools on a rotating basis than otherwise utilized by the
department and its officers is needed there are some costs to the district of
utilizing the vehicles to prepare them for use the county logos will be removed
from the cars by our staff then the vehicles will be outfitted with our
logos the receiving agency is also responsible for costs related to
maintenance gas and insurance fortunately these recently retired
police cars are reported to be in excellent condition because they have
received preventative maintenance throughout their five years to use but
the district chooses to discontinue use of these three vehicles they will be
returned to the county for disposition although the purchase of new police
vehicles has not been planned for the department I just want to talk about the
cost of what it would be to to buy new vehicles just to illustrate the value of
this loan three new and fully outfitted police cars would cost up to ninety
thousand dollars we’re grateful to Judge David Hudson and smash the county for
making these vehicles available to support our efforts to protect our
students more effectively and if you have any questions I believe director
Hall amenities here mr. Hong best are the cars still out
front when we leave tonight no they’ve been thank you so much this also is an
informational item and it does not come as a recommendation for board action the
next item for consideration is the consent agenda this consent agenda is
voted up or down as a whole unless a board member asks to pull an ion for
individual consideration I will now entertain a motion to approve the
consent agenda mr. Martin is there any discussion okay all in favor please indicate by
raising your right hand that has his five voters next item on the agenda is a review of
bond refinancing dr. Rebecca yes I’ve asked mr. Warren to review these items
for us you know that we’ve been conducting an ova review of our
financial instruments to determine the best value for the district and we
realized some savings over the last couple of years so I asked mr. Warren to
summarize those savings for us thank you do we have the opportunity to share with
you over the last five years four years where we actually did some refinancing
took advantage of some of the interest rates that were available on some of the
bonds and you can see that third the course of those taking the advantage of
those opportunities we’ve been able to put back home most two million dollars
over the course of the last five years almost two point five million dollars of
it was recognized over the course of the but the nice thing about when we
refinance we pick up a lot of those savings in those first two years and so
this is just an example and I think you’ll see some some so it it’ll come to
life a little bit when we take a look at the sources and uses later on the fact
that we try to take advantage of every opportunity we can to save money and to
do creative things to do the best that we can with our finances are there any
questions regarding this bond refinancing the savings that we I’m so happy we’ve been able to do this
it goes back to what we’re trying to do it’s really made a big difference we’ve
gone and actively pursued this we’ve worked with the bond people we’re trying
to show group to militants about taking care of the money that the citizens are
given s enemy I hope it’s not more the classic way
back to continue to support the schools as we spend money including Italy and
take care of my you can gift well done then following up with another another
table that was provided to you has to do about the impact of the path of two bond
issues when we gather last year and talked about putting some real money on
the certified salary scale in fact the largest suit in the past five years
part of that was taking advantage of some of these prior opportunities with
these refinancing and the money that we had were holding because not making debt
service payments really would take advantage of that and actually payoff to
existing bonds because of that that was actually true debt service payments
which was in the things that we were able to save almost a million dollars in
in that of which that allowed us because it was a debt same as bank payment
savings allowed us to really put some money on the certified salary scale so
once again just kind of showed you the way that we there is hole sometimes a
– some of the things that you can do with your finances and the opportunities
that are available to you that may impact one another and so is there any
questions that I can share with you because we did approve back here a
couple of earlier this summer and we actually paid those two off and you
would not make it those pencil for the questions regarding those to get silent
service my comment is I love the work we and us because we and us appreciate what
you’ve done it’s taken a lot of time and effort we do appreciate it it’s an
elderly very good the only thing that I want to add last year really was the
year before we actually those four factors in funding
and when you’re faced with a situation like that typically you don’t want to
provide raise because of Charles’s and I really wanted to credit you because of
his creativity his drive his commitment to making things happen
he found a unique way for us as a district to be able to put together the
most substantial rates of our employees this is also an information out of it
does not require board action the next time on the agenda is to consider
adopting policy 4.1 for the student media and the distribution of literature
dr. Brubaker yes we’ve been working on this for several months and we’ve asked
for as the new laws come into effect move in new policies that we needed to
manage we’ve asked for our community to in our staff or students to work with us
and be patient as we work through this process and I think we have achieved of
a milestone here and I’m pleased that document
backed up by mr. Nam are ready to to share some information about what
they’ve accomplished what they have for you
thank you dr. Griffin board members as you know are act 912 the legislature
required us to make changes to our student media policy also as required
under that law we have held a bathing Auto swimming with our media sponsors
and our junior high and high school principals to discuss potential changes
coming out of that meeting we had some some suggested changes and options that
we consider and then from that point communicated via email the changes as
they came through and again checked them with our legal counsel and so tonight’s
updated policy that you’re presented with represents the input of our media
sponsors in our principals as well as input of our legal counsel and
a SP a policy that serve as the initial model so without further ado we’ll get
into that policy so before I talk about sticking PDA can I say a few things
about Triple A I just just want to tell you
wait what happened Jonesboro came up an enrollment then your went down so the
Jonesboro havean that year dropped out with Jonesboro came in they got a lie in
the central which pushed one of our two schools over here so that’s how that all
happened but anyway I’ll have something to November based on what I’m hearing a
comedian for student media this is a great example of how the district is
utilizing a as being policies as a base but not as a cookie cutter policy we’ve
actually developed our own here I think it’s the best one in the state you like
like so many laws that we see passed in our legislature back there to fix an
identified problem in the wall that became effective at the end of July of
this year was intended to repair an issue that was identified in another
school district where the school administration came in
and shut down the newspaper because some students with a lot of energy had
determined that that students were being recruited from school a to school B to
play athletics in Macon some investigative reporting published the
results of their investigation the administration didn’t like seeing that
in print and shut down the paper that’s how we ended up with this new law and
what this new law required was a number of things number one in Ian’s updated
the policy because we had a publication’s policy we didn’t have a
media policy let me back up we had a publication statute who didn’t have a
media statute when that change was made being cascaded through and required the
creation of the new media policy and in this new media policy it required that
the district invest time with this student media sponsor to make sure that
everybody was happy with what the new policy said I will tell you that it is
my belief that the rest of the state is simply adopted the ASP a policy that
says you’ll do what the statute says that doesn’t actually incorporate what
the statute requires and so what we have in in our policy here’s the the new law
it required that that our policy include reasonable provisions for the
places men men or distributing school sponsors media the standard policy says
just that that you will have reasonable provisions for the top placing
management manner of distributing school sponsor media but it doesn’t tell you
how and so we actually invested time talking about the statute itself which
as you can see in the in the top few lines it recognizes the students may
exercise their right of expression guaranteed by the First Amendment to the
Constitution of the United States and it goes through and talks generally about
those rights and then it says what the right does not include so the goal is
that that media have truth fairness accuracy of responsibility but intent
being obscene libelous in invasion of privacy and so on and so forth so
drafting the policy was distract the balance between the right and the
limitations as you can see student media means you know essentially anything that
is prepared substantially written published or broadcast by a student in
distributive generally made they that covers a whole lot of things
that emanate out of our schools here’s the balance we’re trying to strike while
certain parts of expressive conduct and speech are sheltered under the First
Amendment constitutional protection is not absolute especially in the public
school set educators have an essential role in regulating school affairs and
establishing appropriate standards of comment this this balance is what we
spend a lot of time debating in our meeting where should that really happen
the statute suggested it ought to be the student media sponsors we ultimately did
determine that the student media sponsors really are our first level and
then rather than talking about oversight who just went back and decided to
restate that the goal was that truth fairness accuracy and responsibility
were the essential practice so you know we do have some rights we can reasonably
prohibit distribution of things like birthday cards during math class you
know the goal really is that we don’t want to interrupt the delivery of
education to our students in the classroom but that’s really where our
limit is and so what we have to do is create a regulation that it’s content
and viewpoint neutral those are terms of art that are very important and our
restrictions must be narrowly tailored legitimate interest leave open temple
alternative channels for communication and so here are some examples of what
courts have said are okay you know you can say you can do this 30 minutes to
the court after school at recess during lunch hours
you know passively during non-structural instructional time in cafeterias so on
and so forth that was a plain note in the pivot School District case which
translation means plano was sued for how they were managing this and so
ultimately and here’s something that was would be determined not constitutionally
before and after the instructional day and no other time that’s too restrictive
and so what we ultimately presented to our group that was very interactive it
was a great meeting was we could either adopt high level district-wide guidance
and direct each principal and student media advisor to draft specific
provisions or we could include the specific provisions in a district-wide
policy ultimately we decided we’re going to do both and so this policy says that
we will distribute before and after school at recess during school hours but
only passively at designated tangles in hallways very non instruction
but only at the middle and secondary schools and in the cafeterias during non
instructional time but what we decided to do in the black final sentence was as
further authorized by building the principal in a manner that is content
and viewpoint neutral and that does not cause a substantial disruption of
quarterly education environment so we have general restrictions and then we
say use your judgement in the building and just make sure whatever you decide
doesn’t interfere with instructional time it is content in viewpoint-neutral that’s it any questions about the policy
yes sir I guess as I read through this today all the social media where does
electronic be distributed to me I mean what’s where the separations here
because I see stuff I had kids both in the district and I see stuff up going
Wow is that really out there and it’s about other students or other programs
or things to me again as I read through that I
just don’t know how to separate it out I mean where is it where does the sidewalk
again you know and in well I saw I heard a couple of ways number one you know
there is a separation between what I would call private social media there
are various school hours in school sponsored meters so you have one
condition there that will separate whether this policy applies or not but
then you have other policies that impact this generally if that would be we have
an electronics communication policy that’s part of our student policy not
just a handbook but in our section of student policies we also have a cyber
bullying policy that deals with some of the types of communications that you
reference so electronic communications are tackled in other policies
specifically dealing with communications and electronic media might be
announcements in the morning over the PA it might be a school-sponsored website
versus a individual students social media and then the individual student
social media they have First Amendment rights and then we kind of get back to
if we’re going to for example discipline thing that happens with individual
student media it has to be because it was either a true threat or because it
is reasonably foreseeable that it is going to disrupt the educational
environment and those are our broad umbrella limitations also decimals well and we do I mean you know I talked
to Darren I mean issues like this to come up in every district that I do work
with the calls are frequent their frequent about what do we do with this
and it’s you know he said bully isn’t a threat is it going to disrupt the
educational environment you know where was the student when the student citizen
what was the intended audience what was the reaction and you know all of these
are definite costs the detriment costs in the bright lights are not as right as
we ought to be okay so my question is and this may be more for dr. Brubaker
the committee that reviewed this that worked with Marshall on the development
did we get a well-rounded group or were they just in the district because I know
we did have some people from the media they wanted to make sure that we is the
right honey so it was all junior high and high school media sponsors and
principals and that’s under law that was the direction
school leadership and school media sponsors so those that were in the
community that maybe ask questions did we follow back up with them and say hey
we we went back and reviewed the policy and we have a draft just as a courtesy well I’d like to say one more thing so
so the committee that the advisory committee that you met with did they
approve of this policy or is this they work with you on it
or are they happy with it yes they got a pergola in electronics
we got consensus is what changes were very interesting and big one clarified
martial vision we had media present at the committee meeting as well the chair
will now entertain a motion to approve on the first reading of board policy
4.14 student media distribution of literature is there any discussion it’s been moved
and seconded to approve on the first reading of the board policy 4.1 for
student media and distribution of literature all in favor please indicate
by raising your right hand the recommendation to approve on the first
reading of the board policy 4.1 for student media and the distribution of
literature is approved by vote of 7 to 0 the next item on the agenda is the
consideration to consider selection of voting representative for the ASB Eddie
yes so it’s that time of the year again the Arkansas School Boards Association
delegate assembly which is the policymaking body of a SBA wait at 4:00
p.m. Wednesday December 11th 2019 at the ASB a annual conference in Little Rock
all ASPA members school boards are allotted one voting representative at
that meeting asta requests that the board choose the name of one board
member who will serve as its delegate at this meeting the link to select the
voting representative states that the representative should be a current board
member who plans to attend the conference and not a member of the ASB a
board of directors as these persons automatically service delegates the
administration recommends that the board select one of its members who attend the
conference on December 11th to serve as its voting delegate first of all the
chair will entertain a motion to designate a member of the board as the
voting representative it’s a sv8 annual conference in Little Rock I moved to designate bill Hayes work as
a voting representative of the ASPA annual conference in Little Rock
ethnicity now the chair will entertain a motion well I know it’s getting late
okay is there any discussion I have
discussion Thank You mr. Hainsworth it’s been moved and seconded voted second it
and now we will it’s been moved and seconded the destank mr. Hainsworth is
the voting representative that’s a ASBA annual conference in literal all in
favor please indicate by raising your right hand the motion to designate mr.
Hainsworth is the voting representative at the asva annual conference in Little
Rock is approved by both the 7 to 0 next item on the agenda is to consider
approval for resolution required by at 11:20 and 2013 okay so last Hispanics to
review this one so No but consider approval of the resolution
of our back to 1120 of 2013 elected at 11:20 of 2013 or HCA 6 – 13 635 requires
a resolution by the school board whenever employees compensation is
increased by 5% or more over the previous year this resolution is
presented to the auditor as part of the annual audit review as you can see from
the tax list many of the affected employees were in part-time positions
and moved to full time others assumed extra duties which carried stipend some
currently advanced on the salary schedule based on education and
experience while others got new jobs within the district with greater
responsibility and higher payment departing our employees receive
severance pay as provided by policy which sometimes put them into the 5%
category the word of the law and races and questions as to who should be
included on this list what we have always taken the approach that we list
everyone whose compensation increased by a percent or more regardless of the
circumstance so my recommendation the administration
recommends approval of their tax resolution if the board agrees the
motion would read moved to approve an accompanying resolution as required by
act 1120 of 2013 or ACA 6 – 13 – 635 thank you the chair would entertain a
motion to approve the accompanying resolution for approval as required by
act 20 and 20 30 chains but were to make the
motion for example exhibition disco is there any discussion I know when I
first went board and this came up it was very confusing because over 5% raises
and I think you’ve got a misrepresented some as
I want to reinforce the fact that these are changes within the strategy of the
segment that we have like I said first time it was brought up
whoa so
and here’s what he says more responsibility it’s not that we
just took posture sin sometimes so I think it’s really
important it’s been moved and seconded to approve
the company resolution for approval is required by at 11:20 2013 all in favor
please indicate by raising your right hand the recommendation to approve the
company resolution for approval as required is approved by vote of seven to
zero our next item on the agenda is a
presentation about vision 2023 capital improvement program dr. Brubaker’s yes
ma’am so as dr. Marashi and team and mr. Warren assembled I have another pretty
exciting announcement to share tonight about the career Technology Center you
all may remember just a few weeks ago we were at the Chamber of Commerce I see
Stephen lambs here at this time who’s helping to spearhead the workforce
development project for our district we celebrated our districts securing a 1.4
million dollar grant for the CTC we since have received a 750 thousand
dollar grant that’s been awarded to the Education Foundation for from the
Windgate foundation was fine arts programming so we’ve talked all along
about how important it is that steam includes the ante for art and this is
going to help ensure that we do that so I just wanted to pass
information so with that I’ll turn it over to dr. murrow’s great things are
happening enforcement it’s an improvement kind of general update for
you that includes we’re going to talk about the sources and funds and where we
are with the budget then questions as we’ve been working on the construction
budgets and getting through the design process so we’re going to give you an
update on where we are with those individual project budgets and look at
some milestone dates and go through the financial review and you have some prior
questions about Jim seating so we’re gonna get into a little bit of detail
about that 219 so I’m going to turn it over to Charles to review our sources
and folks thank you with that we’re going to spend most of
the time talking about the budgets themselves but we didn’t want to point
out and start out by that we have been able to look at and
verified we’ve got sources for the uses of those funds and so what this slide
does is shares with you that when we come to the current program budget that
we look at where will we come up with money for that you can see that it
starts off with our original millage campaign
it’s listed there at the top we’ve actually listed of audition costs that
are associated with actually issuing bonds both learn is that because the
fact that we took advantage of some of the better interest rates early on when
we did the ninety million dollar bonds and yet but we’ve been in the design work we’ve
been able to actually earn interest on that and so that’s a significant number
that we get to put towards those usually it’s actually required that it be part
of that bond issue and one that we also hire an outside accounting firm to watch
for the arbitrage so that we’re not making too much interest on that bond
issue we also have listed specifically an EDA grant for the career Tech’s and
are listed there as well as what our targeted partnership funding is for a
number of these programs that we that the school board has approved and
submitted throughout the course to you last couple of years so you can see that
we believe we sufficient sources available to take a look to to provide
money proceeds or what we’ll be spending the rest of these slug presentation the
actual program budget can I answer any questions that you might have regarding
the funding of the program costs I think it has to do and that maybe the
rivet work I think it had to do with sometimes it has to do with the actual
make up population because it’s considered part of a they look at the
two populations of high schools and it may be a difference there there’s a
formula that the state essentially uses for these projects again based on
student population and different things like that and so it’s let me interject
that the shelters are the same size same size just the state speaking in less for
one than the other any other questions about this portion so us from age group
Thank You dr. burr asking Matt president of the board dr. Becker
I mean I wanted to start with some significant milestones tonight can
everyone hear me okay so Robin remember last week the board approved the
construction manager at risk for Ramsey junior high school and I can
track was executed by an owner Friday with this year’s construction before the
Senate milestone have heard just this evening fantastic but men out from the
rest working for Southside High School around the corner on we’re planning the Northside high school
graduate so we’re going to get into a little bit of detail on each of the
campuses I’m going to go rather quickly and respective over this time but I
think the way somebody at Southside High
School budget update the renovations and additions 16 million nine hundred and
fifty six thousand dollars the gym is twelve and a half million dollars and as
you can see there are two storm shelters the value of that construction package
is three million nine hundred and fifty five thousand and then add that together
with the civil and Psyche work underground utilities with program costs
and the Southside campus program as a value
million four hundred and seventy eight thousand and we are targeting to
complete it will be completed by August 2012 Northside high school
they on this one is the renovations and additions are valued at 12 million 659
dollars the competition Jim is we’re just going across here the value
of both goods is very very closely equivalent to storm shelters 3.9 million
and then add that to the site world underground utility program cost for a
campus budget 38 that’s likewise the ctc these identified and every time
I hear about this one the renovations including the civil package is ten
million dollars program costs of forty million seven twenty four and add that
to the grant that we heard about a month ago that brings the total budget to
fifteen million and presuming that now
but in this budget is earmarked for planets very good thank you that will be finished in April of 29 and
Barbie junior high school renovations and additions that package is valued at
7 billion 700 our program all civilians 87 brings the
total budget for that campus six hundred sixty-four thousand Ransome Peter hi
the renovations and additions budget is to the point
add it to the protocols of six hundred forty six thousand during the total
budget for that campus to freakin forty six thousand and the black parchment
we’ve completed one secure wall projects
brother remember Morris Elementary was completed this past summer for value
that’s why I know gates are completed next up is our
wallet for a value of two million three Hook Elementary
568 and woods for a value of 2 million 533 so that brings you the total
secure wall projects to 10 million 365,000 there are Beurling book and
woods right we August of 2020
the team has been challenged to find every way possible to accelerate the
conclusion where possible and we’re working through some rather particular
logistics issues safety students we still still work on that and we’re not
done yet safety and security upgrades these are
the secure vestibules and all the elementary schools plus access control
lawn upgrades and exterior lighting for a total budget of 5.5 million and you
can see the distribution of the completion dates we finished Cavanaugh
therapy straddling and sunny at this past summer and some of 2020
beer on all neutral and sudden trusted in height with only cylinder 2021
until us being there and we’re also likewise looking for accelerated moves
mr. Watts before you just wanted to next slide I just wanna be energetic when we
talk about the alarm upgrades and exterior lighting those are not being
done at the same time as these secure vestibules is that correct or not
are they being designed to attractive well those to maximize the value they
probably should be in the same track so that’s that’s something that we’re
working with the designers okay because we have finished all of those
upgrades at those schools I just want to clarify I both are happily the alarms
have not been upgraded the alarms correct good okay so I just want to make
sure the board knows that we’re still working on we’re trying to get an alarm
system that works with all of our buildings privately so that’s a master
program and we’re looking at the exterior lighting needs all the campuses
at once I just want to make that that’s right beautiful before we leave limits any questions
this man what feedback have you received from
Orson regarding the completion of their project and also the elementary schools
with their safety and security packages Swift feedback that you receive from
them thus far the feedback that I understood is very positive I know that
they had a few little air conditioning items to sort out that’s what most
importance of doing renovation work and I think by all accounts it’s Brazil yes
right those all of the injuries exits the safe vestibules are working they turned out I believe the way they
and the reason for questions my questions are get laid it’s a feedback
if the principals and staff can pass feedback or lessons learned on to you
guys to me that will make it that much better for the other schools once
they’re treated transition begins so it’s not a positive or not so positive
to speed back in general to enhance the process for everyone so it’s not a
gotcha it’s more what can we do to deliver a product that the schools want
that meets their expectation and that people are excited about my very good
point and we always learn no matter how long been in the business we always want
different and we that’s part of our process we go through something called a
plus Delta pluses what worked well Delta being an engineering somewhat
retained so Jim seeking I’m gonna go through a
real quick comparison side-by-side South Side and more sunny and I’ve got a
couple of comparative slides to show all Philly where we started as design was
emerging and then we I said a team of architects builders offs estimators
program managers took to heart comments questions concerns from all the
stakeholders board members senior leadership faculty and so this next slide then I’m going to
show you how design initially started out of the game and on the left is North
Side Kim on the right is South Side game obviously and
the initial plan for seatbacks shows red squares right rectangle brother on war
sided was the center sections of with little care of seedings work that
was the section was in fact at Northside it was 449 seats look back
at Southside right it was 302 disease and as we go
down the column you can see there was some you know you can see the comparison
in the different types of C’s liters 1917 at Forsyth pear good morning 2008
south side and both gyms had what we have south south side had 1440 total
seats and whereas it also had 29 89 and you may be wondering about what
temporary seats are when we come back up to something that was one of the very
important criteria it was to have 2200 seats fixed seats which are required to
post the state class 687 in basketball so that was one of the criteria the
other one was to see at least 2,500 people
especially minutes simply ancillary so the temporary receipts that we see 500
that represent seats on the board George so soft seats are not
exceptionally comfortable that’s right can you explain what soft seats are in
this context absolutely soft seats are brother remember the concession stands
upon the mezzanine level the next line of tourism there’s some bistro tables
and some some higher chairs that are basically not to for people to sit out
and order their snacks while they can watch the game
and that’s what’s awesome okay so
out of this there were really four there were never in science but poor that were
very important and we took those to heart and first of all the concern was
the gems need to be equity there there needs to be paired at the points and
facilities in terms of seating configuration and oversee facts
everything so the other challenge was to try to get the seatbacks as many
possible within the existing budget and so that was something that was spent a
lot of time the other one of course was to maintain
the 2,200 seats for the last six of seven a basketball tournament and then
finally we’ve got to maintain
it’s the capacity which was part of a militant over so the next slide
represents where we are today and you can see at North Side in South Side
the architects renderings up at the top being the seats with bags
the full length from baseline to baseline here on both channels so now you have
eight hundred and thirty four sixes backs and book games you’ve got all the way down the line everything is
equivalent and as you can see still need to exceed really the 22 deceit
requirement for the six and seven a bass and the reason that’s important is
because there’s there’s a slight overage in there based on some other things we
heard tonight decision makers there there’s warranties at anytime so
anyway we’ve got a few extra in there just in case somebody changes that one
Tipperary receipts remain at 500 428 seats bigger any questions comment it’s our pleasure and Greg’s work with a
fantastic team we appreciate your guidance you know I’d like to thank you
also I had one question just to make sure that we’re covered on the handicap
20 how’s that number arrived 20 seats just curious I mean yes sir
the handicap the state of Arkansas goes by the Americans with Disabilities Act
is a federal federal legislation and it’s a mathematical formula that that
the architects run through when they send it through the compliance people to
get the check off but it’s all done based on code okay so it’s covered yes
yeah thank you I think y’all did a great job to address some of the concerns we
had this agenda item does not come with the reservation for board action do any
board members have information that they would like to share okay out of respect
for everyone’s time I’ll be very brief because Beaumont could you in the next
week kind of give me a better idea of the extent of the relationship we have
with triple-a very quickly I was going to say we all
get compliments on the senior staff I know we get a lot of text messages but
this last week I got three I believe complimenting coach Beaumont on
situations that he was in and so I want to just say to the newest member of this
group thank you so much they were and they weren’t little Thank You Tex about
mr. Beaumont it very long and we were very proud so I shared it with others
thank you I just want to compliment the staff I’ve lived here almost 20 years
now and I feel so good about where we headed with the school communities
become involved it’s really a three-legged school I mean school it
takes community it takes students and it takes staffing you know I’ve really seen
it come together in the last two or three years it’s very exciting I stood
out there today just as proud as I could be of what we’ve got and I know on the
11th we’re going to go over to the north side and do the same thing it’s a really
a great time to be a part of this board people ask me all the time
what were you thinking when you decided to run for school board and days like
today and things that we’re seeing that are coming the police department all
those things are the reason that that you look back and say I had something to
do with that this board had something to do with it I want to thank everybody
because it’s really a good time or remember thank you oh and I’ll call
that as well it’s silent time and you were saving most of it has to do with
his staff and he’ll well we have good leaders in all these positions and
Charles Warren is one of our best assets but I just had just a little nervous
when we use the word creative in the summer sentence with financing and I
just you know let’s just think about that for a moment you’re a good manager miss Miller
thank you so much your Southside staff you did a fabulous job with our
presentation and setting that tonight so thank you so much if there’s no other
business and we are adjourned thank you all for coming

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