Brine Shrimp in a Closed Ecosystem - They had babies! | Brine shrimp ecosphere 2 week update

Brine Shrimp in a Closed Ecosystem – They had babies! | Brine shrimp ecosphere 2 week update

hey guys today we will be taking a look at the brine shrimp ecosphere the first update the two-week update I am pleasantly surprised by how well this ecosphere is doing the first thing you have probably noticed is that the glass of the jar is getting a little bit dirty but that's actually a good thing because those are algae you're seeing on the glass it's great to have algae growing algae provide the brine shrimp with a source of oxygen and a source of food LG also processed the waste of their brine shrimp I can't really see if there's any algae growing on the rock but the walls are definitely covered with algae I wanted to show you some of the brine shrimp grazing on the glass but of course right as I started filming them they stopped doing what they were doing classic when the ecosphere was just a few days old I saw a few baby brine shrimp swimming which was of course really exciting I also saw one couple of brush rim mating which was also really exciting now two weeks later there are a lot of brine shrimp babies don't worry the ecosphere won't explode most of these babies will make it to adulthood you might think that's cruel but it's only natural two weeks after it was sealed there are a few more couples of brine shrimp mating normally when an organism is mating that's a great sign that it's enjoying its surroundings and that conditions are right with organisms such as brine shrimp fairy shrimp Daphnia and triops just to name a few however that's not quite the case because they will also lay cysts what is a great sign however is that baby brine shrimp are being born like I said before most of the baby brine shrimp won't grow to become adults the one in the middle of the screen however is halfway there most won't even make it to this stage in this individual you can clearly see that it still has the two antennae used for swimming like all other larvae but it's also developed a characteristic brine shrimp legs with which it is trying to swim it's very interesting to see such a transitional state here you see a lot of brine shrimp at an earlier larvae State this one still hasn't figured out the swimming thing and these two are casually photobombing whilst mating but this is what I really wanted to show you all those little balls on the surface of the water are brine shrimp eggs cysts to be exact at this point if you haven't watched the first branch from video yet I highly encourage you to do so I go into much further detail there these cysts are the eggs that are put in the ecosphere myself and well they didn't hatch which is not that surprising but it does mean that all the babies you are seeing hatched from their eggs very soon after being laid which is ideal because it's exactly the situation I had planned again this might sound a little cruel but all the things floating in the water are parts of that branch for babies and adults which is well I don't know what it is but here's what I actually wanted to show you if you look closely you can see that all the shrapnel is slowly moving in one direction interestingly enough the brine shrimp are creating some sort of water currents from this angle you can see that there is indeed algae growing on the rock the type of string algae in this case the more types of algae I find in this jar the happier I am well I think it's only fair that I also show you some new mu footage of the brine shrimp larvae okay so that is the update of the first two weeks that this closed ecosystem containing brine shrimp has been closed I must say that I am really happy with how it's going so far if you want to see more updates and other projects and you haven't already well you're going to have to subscribe I am proud to announce that since a few days there is a life in Josh patreon and I am even more proud to announce that I have my first and so far only patron and it's not even my mom so I would like to thank Claudia Warren for her generous support if you feel the urge to support life in jars there's some stuff you can get over on the patreon page thanks for watching you

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26 thoughts on “Brine Shrimp in a Closed Ecosystem – They had babies! | Brine shrimp ecosphere 2 week update

  1. It would be awesome to make ecospheres by tieing a rope to jars and let it sink to the bottom of a river. Then pulling it out in the hope there will be something in the jar 😁

  2. They look so cute! I want to make one like this but I don’t have enough room because of all my other terrariums and ecospheres. 🙁

  3. Can we get an ant colony update? Also in NA right now it's nuptial flight season for a lot ant species, so you should get another

  4. Very interested to see how this one lasts. What scale do you think you would have to build one to maintain a stable population of cherry shrimp?

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