BSc Environment and Development at LSE

BSc Environment and Development at LSE

what I think makes DLSE and development degree unique is that you're going to get different takes on the environment from different disciplinary perspectives and our department is quite dynamic we have some of the leading environmental economists in the world sitting together along sitting together with some of the top human geographers and you're going to be taught courses from all of these scholars the typical student of this degree it's of course really hard to pin down because the environment is such a fast evolving subject area but what unites all the students is their interest in the environment and everybody is going to come at it from different angles and be interested in different perspectives and different takes on the environment but we all come together in the classroom and try to figure out how different disciplines might approach the environmental policy issue and try to come up with different pros and cons for going forward we're looking at how policies impact and play out at different scales so we're not just interested at the global level but we're also interested in understanding how policies play out on the ground but of course learning at LSE extends far beyond the classroom because you're sitting at in London in the heart of the city and right down the street from some of the leading environmental policy makers in the world we encourage our students and work quite closely with the LSE careers department to set up internship programs for our students so that you can actively involve in debates with a degree in environment in development you're equipped to work in multiple different career paths so some of our students do go into investment banking and management consulting but a lot of folks go and work for NGOs or for the government in development aid agencies where perhaps you'll work in corporate social responsibility or environmental management and planning and a company so you're well equipped to work in multiple roles across different sectors it's just a fast evolving topic area relevant to many sectors of society and you just don't get bored studying the environment

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