Building a Safe Home for Bluebirds

Building a Safe Home for Bluebirds

My name is Alisha Sutton and I work in
the environmental division code 3536 at NRL DC. Within the environmental division
I guess you could say I’m a bit of a jack-of-all-trades I do a little bit of
HAZMAT, I do a little bit of water quality and I balance that out with a
fair amount of natural resource work. Today we are finishing what we started
months ago and putting in the remainder of the nest boxes on our nest box trail
in order to complete it with new nest boxes and predator guards. The nesting in nest
boxes so when birds make their nests in a cavity, blue birds prefer cavities so this
is why we have them in nest boxes. So, their nesting success is basically when
they go in they build a nest they have a clutch of eggs which a clutch is
anywhere from maybe two to six eggs and they will raise those nestlings and then
they will fledge leave the nest and then if it’s a successful nest box meaning it
doesn’t have a lot of predation and it’s in a good location for food then they
could lay two more broods in there. Last year our success rate was about 40% and
that was due to the nest boxes being mounted on fences, which can have you
know snakes come from below anything come from atop and so we decided to put
a new nest boxes on these posts with predator guards so
that we would increase our nesting success and then increase the overall
nesting success that we contribute to in Calvert County. The Navy benefits
from programs like this that are successful because in the end it builds
great community relations we want to show that we are taking good care of the
land we’re entrusted and as a military facility we we have a lot of land we
have a lot of acreage all over the country all over the world so being good
stewards just demonstrates that we actually care about the land about the
water that we’re working in and whatever local species in which whichever habitat
we might be in be it on the bay be it somewhere in Utah that we’re taking care
of that space. So we’re benefiting and I’m benefiting in this nest box
program and NRL is benefiting because of you know a generation ago someone had
the idea hey let’s put these in and let’s get these numbers back so it
really is piggybacking and continuing something that was put in place decades

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3 thoughts on “Building a Safe Home for Bluebirds

  1. Thanks for the share of INFO. NEW TO the area' we were gifted a blue bird box 14' yrs. Ago. We have at least 3 hatchings ea. Spring.
    We do not when they breed

  2. Who are the 6 who give this a thumbs down? What's wrong with people?
    I used to think it was funny when someone said, " I weep for our future ". Now, I really do weep for our future.

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