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hi everyone I'm Sara King and I wanted to give you a brief crash course on how to use canva canva the website there's also a web app is the program that I use to create almost every single graphic every single flyer every single social media post information anything I almost always do it in canva or I create a design scheme in canva and then screenshot that and drop it into a Google slide or into another handout so I can continue to manipulate it for whatever I need and whenever you create a login to can them and you go to your home page this is what it looks like sometimes the banner at the top changes you do have the option to create things with a custom dimension but that comes with a professional membership that's a hundred and nineteen dollars annually I feel like you kind of don't need to do that because let's say that you wanted it to be a half a page then you just design it on half a page or you screenshot it and then drop it into a Google Doc or a word document and shrink it down to make it fit it could distort things but for the most part you can kind of eyeball and see like okay if I'm designing a you know a half page sheet on here then I know it's gonna be you know a little bit longer horizontally and so you won't stretch it differently sorry if I wanted to tangent um I'll come back to you here but you see underneath the banner that you have the options to have all of these different custom layouts what's really really cool about this is that you can click on any of those layouts and it gives you pre-made templates that are already done and so if you want something that looks really nice I'm gonna go for that one because I'm expecting my niece here in the next two weeks um but whatever you select you have the option to further customize it beyond what is just initially given to you so let's say that this is much more academic in purpose it was just something that I picked randomly but I want to change the whole color scheme to make it you know super psychedelic hippie whatever so I'm going to change things to purple I'm going to change everything that's this green to this turquoise II this one's gonna become orange and this one's gonna become I'm gonna go off the grid here and go to like this beautiful fuchsia why not and then I'm gonna keep that little peachy so you see I totally changed the color scheme of this layout I can still manipulate this document maybe I want it to be just over here I can also come over and change these words and by clicking on them I give myself the options to change the font change the size change the color bold italics the alignment if I want everything to be all uppercase all lowercase or proper and you know with the first letter being capitalized bullet points spacing within that box and in between each character I also have the power to by selecting this whole element to ungroup it which means that it's going to put everything kind of separate from that initial chunk that was all together I still do have an undo button it hides from everyone but it's up here in the upper left hand corner I can also adjust the transparency of each individual element I can also adjust the position so if I wanted to move something whenever you start working with lots and lots and lots of elements or lots of clipart pictures on top of each other you can start saying I want to move this one behind the other picture or behind the other picture or whatever it is so you do have those options in canva as well fo three so um I mean like guys I'm telling y'all there's just so much stuff that you can do in here and you can also on any of these elements or on any of these templates that are already done you can start with a blank total blank canvas you can pick your own background colors or background scheme if you wanted something totally different it's not gonna give that to me right now but that's what it would look like and then I can start to build whatever I want so if I wanted this blue page in the background I can click element and I can say I want to put in in that rainbows keel sure why not and this this person and maybe I want this person to be and I want this flower over here flowers premium which means that it only comes with a paid membership so it's gonna put a watermark on it I'll give you a hint if your image is small enough and and your color scheme is just right you don't really notice the watermark on there and whenever you print it to tell you the truth but let's say that I wanted to find and I don't know a puppy I should have looked this up before I just googled it but so I want to use this puppy this puppy is free I'm putting this puppy in here but I want this puppy to be purple so I'm going to change it to purple how cute right whatever um so let's say that you put all these different pictures in that you want I'm just gonna leave my little avid looking dude and and let's say that I just want and I want a big whoops I want a big box at the top as a title and so I'm going to put this big box over here I'm going to manipulate the size of it and automatically I have like this little background then I can go through and I can start layering different texts so over here are the different elements that you can put in again in the text option it gives you a lot of stuff that's already pre-made and done so you don't have to you know be super fancy at anything you can go through and just like I did before click on different elements and change and the color of it and change the font and all that stuff it's just really awesome now let's say that you are making something and you want to slap your district logo or a picture of your kids or whatever it is we're a qr-code to go to a website you have the power also for free to be able to upload your own individual images and so for me that's look like a lot of different things but um I had made this in canva and then I screenshotted it and then I uploaded it back into canvas so that way I just had it together as one cohesive unit that I it was before they had a grouping power and but whenever I do Twitter chats I'll always use a background that's kind of like this and then I float my boxes on top and then I'll screenshot it or you can also download it up here you can hit download and it gives you the option of your different download properties or files so if you're still with me I'm gonna go back to my home and I'm gonna scroll down and show you the things that I have randomly made and in canva a ton a ton of ton of stuff it is not crazy hard it is kind of fun to play with and super nerdy but I wanted to show you specifically the avid strategy of the month cards that I did my goal for this is to end up printing them on half page cardstock and have them laminated and then do a little three-ring punch over here but I wouldn't need all of the rest of this and I would probably boil down the color a little bit just to make it a more toner print cost friendly but all this is it's just one white background I dropped in one square and dyed it yellow and moved it to the top and then I searched a postage stamp and I pulled one of them I'm not gonna look for it but I pulled out hello and this one's the first one I pulled this one right over I changed the colors of it and and have it right there and then I dropped in and Oh saving yourself because I'm moving too fast it's freaking out on me and but you can add a text element on top of those and do whatever you need to then I added a text element for the title and for the hello for the title is one text element the words underneath is another text element same thing over here same thing right here this is one this is one I looked up dashed line and I pulled some random dashed line if I didn't find it then I would Google dash line no background and I drop it in and and then of course I uploaded my district logo and into the upload section in canva and then dropped it in and then so once a month I would go in and instead of recreating this whole thing I've used this feature here on the side to duplicate or copy my page and then I would just copy it go in and change the color and arrange it differently the next month I wanted to change the layout visually a little bit just to kind of break up the monotony of it so I chunked it out differently here and I stuck with that same design for the fourth one and then I went back to my original for the fifth and I did want to reuse philosophical chairs because it's my personal favorite so I just changed the colors but and it is the best web

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