Careers in Agricultural Biotechnology  -  Courses,Institutions,Job Opportunities

Careers in Agricultural Biotechnology – Courses,Institutions,Job Opportunities

you hi all this is 3/3 from welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers today I am going to speak about carriers in agricultural biotechnology with ever-increasing population demand for food remains a top priority and with the increase our demand for foodstuff better quality yield and huge agricultural output will be required this is where agricultural biotechnology steps in agricultural biotechnology store professionals who provide a set of tools which is incorporated switch I believe with other technologies can be used for the sustainable development of agriculture and food industry scope biotechnology is used in many ways in agriculture agricultural biotechnology companies work to supply farmers with the tools to increase the yield of plant and animal products by lowering the cost of production agricultural biotechnology can also include the production of plants such as horses for ornamental purposes and plants that can be used for fuel production to accomplish these goals bio technologies develop products to protect animals and cloth from disease and help farmers to identify the best animals and seeds to use in selective breeding programs for example a commercial fish form might rice fish like salmon or catfish if the fish were infected by certain virus the fish would die and the form would lose money to prevent infections fish farmers use vaccines developed through biotechnology educational requirements bachelor degree this for years degree program are offered in specialist such as animal science agronomy plant sites poultry signs diary signs or fisheries students interested in animal sciences may study anatomy animal nutrition physiology and other courses related to animal care and production master's degree program may be focused on a single agriculture biology sub-speciality like entomology or intent disciplinary focus that includes to a more sub specialities like plant pathology and wheeled science candidates for master's degree typically much have completed a bachelor's degree program first the master's degree program usually requires the completion of at least 30 semester hearts of classes most of these must be at the graduate level a thesis may also be required and some programs may include field work requirements doctoral degrees candidates prepare a course of study with a graduate committee that includes advanced courses and field work the time needed to complete this degree program varies for each student proficiency in a foreign language or a research tool like statistics is also required postdoctoral candidates must complete a desertion and examination before the degree is conferred career option the job market in agricultural biotechnology has never been better with the increasing demand in food industry jobs in agricultural biology vary in educational requirements and job training potential carriers may include research and development scientist agree business sales representatives extension agents farmers for managers and trained scientists natural science managers are some agricultural pathologist become administrators or managers of research and development program in industry for example research and development program may focus on food products agriculture chemicals or for machinery these administrators or managers may not actively conduct research but manage the people involved in the research program individuals with the position as Natural Science managers typically begin with a bachelor's degree in a natural science and continues to receive advanced degrees technical or scientific sales representatives graduates with a master's degree in agricultural biology may become technical or sales representative for companies that produce fertilizers pesticides or hybrid plant varieties these types of carriers may require significant travel to meet the farm managers or forming cooperatives to present the available product line agricultural scientists agricultural researchers like geneticist may conduct their research at the state universities to find way to develop new varieties of plants or strains of livestock publishing the result of these studies is often an important part of these jobs some researchers will also spend time teaching college classes other options available are microbiologist Forester noticed bio engineer animal nutritionist large table geneticist R&D associates carrier challenging in the agree biotech industries with growing consciousness of ills of chemically treated foodstuff changes in approaches to forming are taking a place all over the globe the stage has been set for the advent of biochemicals and bio insecticides bio fertilizer and biofuels agricultural biotechnology carriers are never short of challenges both natural and man-made for a bio technologies the challenge does not win end with the producing sufficient amount of foodstuff the challenge lies not only in meeting requirements within deadlines but at the same time causing minimal harm to the earth so stay connected with us for such more videos and do not forget to hit the subscribe button below thank you you

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  1. I like your Dance.u fellow don't have any knowledge on Agriculture BIOTECHNOLOGY.. friends don't go for Ag Bio bez no job in india better study in foreign.indian education institute ther don't provided practical experience.Biotech is technical. It's not science

  2. You are just reading a chapter INTRODUCTION TO BIOTECHNOLOGY, SCOPE AND ITS IMPORTANCE.. well nice try

  3. first of Txz make this video… mem my question is i am study in in biotechnology… can I apply in defense..??

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