2019 Naaman Forest Collegiate Promo Video

We want to tell you about the great things happening at Naaman Forest High School. I’m Macy Davis and I’m Trey Evans. GarlandISD has been creating new High School Programs to give students more opportunities. Next year all seven High Schools will have a P-Tech which stands for Path ways in Technology Early College High […]

Viking Oceans: North Pacific Passage Itinerary

– [Narrator] Experience a unique convergence of East and West along with 3 vastly divergent cultures as you sail with Viking on this 23 day journey that includes 4 fascinating countries and 3 overnights. Unravel the mysteries of Japan, beginning in Yokohama where an overnight stay gives you time to explore intriguing Tokyo, the country’s […]

Wildlife Biologist – NRCS

As a wildlife biologist, I believe I have the best job in the NRCS. Essentially, I help people build and protect habitat for fish and wildlife. This entails working with private landowners, and many other partner organizations, such as state wildlife agencies, to assess habitat conditions like I’m doing today and implement on-the-ground projects to […]

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