Everything I Pack in a Camping Backpack MINIMALIST

Hello friends this is Youheum. Thanks for being here today. I’m an extreme minimalist practicing low-waste. Today I’ll be sharing my minimal camping gear. I’ll also be sharing tips on sustainability and how to keep a light weight pack. My long-term backpacking includes places like the Appalachian Trail and Zion in Utah. I was on […]

What is biodiversity and why is it important?

[Music plays] (Dr. Steve Morton) Biodiversity is the web of life. Biodiversity is the full variety of all the species that you see in the natural environment around you, like these witchetty bushes and Eremophilas. All those species across the face of the earth make up biodiversity. And it’s not just species; it’s also the […]

Environment Matters – August 2014, Part 2

>>ANNOUNCER: More than eight hundred people with one mission: Promoting a healthy environment. We are the West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection. Every year, the US Department of Education takes a tour of some of the schools honored for their sustainability efforts as national green ribbon schools this year that tour started in West Virginia. […]

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