What is the Hostile Environment?

British children sleeping on night buses or in storage units. An asylum seeker or torture survivor required to pay upfront for medical treatment. These are just some consequences of the ‘hostile environment’. We first heard about creating a really ‘hostile environment’ for illegal immigrants in 2012 from then Home Secretary Theresa May. We want to […]

Forest Habitat That Attracts Wildlife

Forest dwelling wildlife like white-tailed deer, turkey and ruffed grouse are an important part of Michigan’s ecosystem. The importance of these animals to the state, and to the people of Michigan, fuels the passion of DNR wildlife biologists to develop habitat that promotes sustainable growth, so they can be enjoyed by all. Whether your interest […]

Forest regeneration in Thailand

Deforestation is one of the main problems we have in the environment and it’s happening all over the world through human activities. We use the land for agriculture, we grow our cities, and so on. One of the main problems it’s causing is the loss of biodiversity as well as aggravating climate change. Today we […]

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