Investing in Rural America

>>My name is Heather Rank. [assumed spelling] I’m the team leader for the US Department of Commerce’s International Trade Administration’s Rural Team. [laughter] That’s a mouthful. We’re here to talk today about investing in rural America. Rural America has a lot to offer. It’s different than rural parts of other countries, and a lot of […]

Power Forward Challenge

The world runs on energy and as we build a cleaner energy future we’re reimagining our power grids connecting new technology to power forward wind solar electric vehicles energy storage and other technologies that we haven’t even imagined to reduce emissions and increase reliability We’re challenging innovators from Canada and the UK to work together […]

Best Speech You Will Ever Hear – Gary Yourofsky

p”Gary Yourofsky: Fighter for justice” “‏4 anti-fur activists arrested” “Animal rights activist vows to live and die for his cause” “Animals Are Slaves To The Circus” “Activist stages protest outside circus” “Driven by a passion for justice” “Taking a stand and standing alone” “Activist chained to car at Shrine Circus” “Yourofsky chained to car at […]

Our Shared Climate Future

my name is Jen Kay and I’m a professor at the University of Colorado. in this video we introduce the greenhouse effect and discuss our shared climate future. what is the greenhouse effect? you’ve heard of it but can you explain how it works? the physics for explaining the greenhouse effect start with the stefan-boltzmann […]

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