Ocean Acidification

[ocean waves] [music] Narrator: Oceans. They have a critical role in protecting the Earth; covering nearly 71 percent of its surface. But rising sea levels, melting ice caps and ocean acidification are endangering our planet. [woosh] Narrator: EPA scientists are studying oceans to understand the impacts of climate change. Kristin Regan: Sea level rise is […]

The Atmosphere

Hi. It’s Mr. Andersen. And this is environmental science video 4. It is on the atmosphere, which is the gas covering on our planet. Remember we live in the atmosphere and as society gets larger we are pushing against these planetary boundaries. And since the economy is pushing us towards that the economy is going […]

How to Measure a Big Tree

– (upbeat music) [Narrator] We need your help finding the biggest native Minnesota trees. Think you’ve found a big tree? Here’s how you can measure it. To get started, you need these tools. Ruler with marks at one and 10 inches, measuring tape, a friend. Step one, find a tree. This one looks good. Step […]

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