Join Jennie. Become A Medical Researcher!

My name is Jennie Leiken and we are in the NCI building which is the National Cancer Institute. Currently I’m working in the Laboratory for Human Carcinogens with Dr. Brid Ryan. My project entails looking at two different types of lung cancer. Adeno and squamous cell carcinoma. I am from Boston. My parents are both […]

Learn the Economy of Albania

Albania is a small country situated in the Balkan Peninsula with Tirana as its capital. The service sectors are the largest contributors to the nations GDP followed by agriculture. Oil, clothing, refined fuels, chrome and oil form the major part of their exports. Albania is rich also in natural resources. Its GDP rank is 120th […]

Why I like my job at the Oregon DOT

It’s a great job opportunity. Your skills are always tested, and there’s continuing education. It’s never boring, and it never gets old. If things are always changing – that’s what makes it fun. It’s always something new. I love the action, I love to see different things that’s going on. Every project is not the […]

Highlights: The Future of Renewable Energy

Now, for many years we’ve been told that space is expanding and its expanding outwards. But at some point it’s gonna stop. Two scientists recently looked at this, and actually, when they did the calculation, they found that actually space isn’t slowing down, it’s speeding up. There is innovation just around the corner that none […]

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