Celebrating assembly completion | INTERCEPTOR | INSIDE THE OCEAN CLEANUP

Celebrating assembly completion | INTERCEPTOR | INSIDE THE OCEAN CLEANUP

Well, this is quite something isn’t it?
Just seeing it… Of course, we started with this project back in 2015
we came to the point that we said Well, sure we focus on the thing that nobody is doing cleaning up what’s already in the ocean But if we don’t do anything
about the other side of the problem We just have to be
the garbagemen of the ocean forever and you know we don’t want to be that Rivers are really the arteries
that bring the plastic from land to sea and intercepting it is…
I truly believe it’s the fastest way to reduce the amount of plastic going into the ocean now to see actually this machine and the refinedness, the thoughtfulness of all these elements insinde of it it’s just really special and it fills me with a lot of joy and hope for the future that
if we have a whole fleet of these systems out there spread all around the world we
can have you know a tremendous impact on the amount of plastic floating into the ocean

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31 thoughts on “Celebrating assembly completion | INTERCEPTOR | INSIDE THE OCEAN CLEANUP

  1. Way to go! Absolutely fabulous. Geweldig goed Boyan en Team….silence is golden….jullie gingen gewoon door despijt de kritieken en kwamen met de perfecte rivieren oplossing. Keep going. Super grote dank!

  2. Hello Sr. Damn Byan Slat amazing Machine, Fantastic and Good Work is you Team, much respect from San Francisco of macorís Dominican republic

  3. I reaaally like this, but one serious question; what will happen if someone bumps into the interceptor? Because that will defenitely happen one day… Is it insured or something so these already poor people (like in asia) don't have to pay for all of it?… Thanks😇

  4. The ultimate goal is to get all the big corporations to /stop producing single use disposable plastics in the first place!!!/

  5. Your business is dead before you start….
    Who will invest money in your company? Nobody

    What a stupid idea…. you are dead befor start…

  6. Shouldn't we also reduce plastic production and consumption in the first place? That would stop it going into landfill and the ocean anyway…

  7. I have finished watching this video completely.


    I am a Taiwanese who cares about the global affairs.


    And, sadly, most of my fellow Taiwanese don't really care about the world.


    Hopefully Taiwan can become increasingly globally-aware and globally-competitive.


    God bless Taiwan.


  8. A young person actually doing something, deploying a realistic solution. How refreshing, also sad that this gets virtually no attention in the media. Rather we get a cry baby teen yelling and screaming at the UN, someone with no realistic solutions only interested in leading protest and increasing her instagram following.

  9. So tell the 3rd world country stop putting plastic in the ocean and put the garbage on the street let their own country pay for it why American have to pay for global warming

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