Chrono Trigger – Secret of the Forest [🎷📖 for saxes]

Chrono Trigger – Secret of the Forest [🎷📖 for saxes]

In every world is a force we call life. …whether it be the dreamstone, the frozen flame, a gift from God unknown It courses through all our veins in sundry ways. …and with time, you can be trained to magic convey But there are worlds like your own with no spark… teeming full of life with no soul, parts without the whole, all Earthbound… There is another land…powered by “mana” grand… A sacred tree imbues…from nature, magic brews. Go there and find a hero, a girl and sprite in tow… Their quest is bittersweet; it will end in magic’s defeat. Remember! Remember that life has its mysteries! In nature, the forest a record of histories Traveler! Don’t forget where you came from! These stories remind you of things you have lost…. –secrets to be found.

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6 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger – Secret of the Forest [🎷📖 for saxes]

  1. Vocals! Your voice is such a pleasant fit for this song, and I love how it contrasts against the sax ensemble. Way to go, sir!

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