City gardening, a year living off grid, our new home

City gardening, a year living off grid, our new home

me and the boys are doing coffee we're doing coffee in our coffee house well now they're doing is they're very uncivilized I'm trying to teach them so you create a coffee house and you listen to you know they'd always play certain kinds of music in coffee houses this is a win of them well this was this morning's harvest I harvested these the other day when I pulled all the plants up and I'll show you the yards they're really cleaned up now but I have so many butternut and I you know probably they could have gone another couple weeks or so but we had to harvest see and we did buy potatoes so potatoes and watermelon are the two luxuries we're buying right now and then Arjen and I harvested some nectarines we have eaten bowls of nectarines every day just off the branches that are on either side of the fence see there's some more so we're gonna dispense whoever once you know some of our neighbors just aren't into it but um whoever wants some butternut we will definitely share and Oatman longer is ready to go out okay hello little girl are you tired she gets tired just running around the garden it's great it's great having a little dog you don't have to walk everywhere okay you get out of the way you're in your underwear I don't want to film you I'll get you a ladder in a minute oh we did okay you guys have to be careful let me be out here with you so we cleaned up the gardens you saw it before okay so we do have some things growing back here and we'll keep that and then we just pulled you know we pulled out a lot of the vines and we just cleaned up and mowed weed whacked and made the garden look lovely and I do have some greens I have some kale growing here but you know I'm kind of hoping we move before already but we will we're getting so many zucchinis onions and tomatoes that will just live off those until we move and Bali did save some of the melons see Paul he's really good and gentle I just go in to rip things out to try to clean it up but we cleaned out our area and there's some watermelon that got sacrificed so this is all nice and clean here's our wonderful grapes and they didn't get really big but they are delicious so we're gonna harvest some of those and eat those there outdoors and look we harvested the pumpkin which so lots of pumpkin and we'll take that with us cuz you know pumpkin makes great dog food it's very good for dogs so we'll be taking our pumpkin will will bless the neighbors with a little going-away present that we cleaned up all this area so we just saved some melons you know we have and hopefully that nectarine will make it and I'm just watering things like crazy so that things look good and so that you know the trees have a good watering before we leave and then our tomatoes so we left up a lot of veggies that we can eat off of and that is it and we will probably this weekend we'll be putting up the cupboards we painted the cupboards white and we'll be putting those back up it's good thing I've been purging and decluttering it's gonna help with this move but will be we painted all the cupboards white and we'll be putting those up and I see that that is kind of a popular look they paint the bottom but they keep the white up top so stay tuned but now I just have so much abundance I have no clue I've got to kind of figure out what to do with everything here's my onion harvest so the rest of the onions were pretty much done I am just thrilled I mean we have never we have never this is our first successful garden this is the first time we planted a few gardens we had one in Fort Bragg it gave us maybe a couple bowls of produce and then like I said last year nothing nothing I think one zucchini and a couple Tomatoes but this year I'm just thrilled I'm thrilled and if we were staying we could plant all kinds of more I mean the gardens ready for me to plant some more things and I would just keep the crops going but anyway I'm gonna make some more of my zucchini onion tomato delight well happened Friday it will be for you when you see this but for me it's Friday and I have spent the day working out in the yards watering and harvesting food and here's your doggy my laughs a minute you can't see her no look at her she's so old me but really it's not about holding and loving it's about what you got on this table lady give me good to eat hmm we could eat no I don't buy them coffee and water boring doggy stuff um all right so I've spent the day not doing a lot but harvesting I was harvesting onions and nectarines I was trying to figure out I don't know where to put everything in my kitchen and I'm kind of not motivated I mean I cleaned up and put things in bowls and on shelves but I'm not real motivated right now be I feel like I'm in between places and this is a real tricky time because once you for those of you are who are new to the channel you know I always like to do a recap we this is a fixer-upper we've lived in two years fix it up super charming love it great neighborhood for the most part the neighborhood behind us not so great neighborhood in front of us super cute um and we're right within walking distance of old downtown which they really revived it's wonderful when you see an old town come back to life so years ago that old the downtown was dead now it's so lively and busy and thriving wonderful happy ending so but we are forced people well I can't speak for my husband but my children my are forced people little forest gnomes we're first names forest fairies I don't know but our life is up there but in Nevada County our life isn't the kids are independent study at the charter school and they go to Fox walkers most the time they haven't for a little while Fox walk Curtis is like a kind of I don't know it's like four elements yet my kid there he's in his underwear and you know ever since YouTube they've really cracked down because they're perverts who get on YouTube and you got to protect children so YouTube is very strict and I'm very strict I actually deleted a ton of videos because either Sammy was you know they were in their underwear or it was back when Sammy was still in diapers so my kids have to be fully dressed when they're in front of the camera although it's summer so shorts shorts is about as dress as they get anyway where the heck was I I sent those it's up with sugar and and outdoor boys they were supposed to cute off to the side um so he they go to Fox walkers it's a Native American outdoor earth or Elmen school I don't know what the heck it's just wonderful and I am a co-op member of briar patch which means nothing except for you get discounts over a couple months and you pay dues um and I have friends up there like we have a life up there I've made friends the voice made friends and when I go up there and I go to some of the stores or whatever I see people I know when I shop around here I never see anyone I know so it's a very small community I think there's only a few thousand people but it's really cute like really cute gold mining towns that were fixed up andrey gentrified and and everything's tucked away under trees and in mountains and people there are very healthy and into mother earth and organics and granola and tree hugging and not everybody okay then you got the wild people under them they are up in the mountains but that's just where I want to be it calls to me you know it's like it seriously calls to me and I remember feeling like this when I lived in Willis and I'm going to talk a little bit about off-grid that's what I want to talk about I have lived off-grid and I really like that I clued in to that the other day I'm like my husband was giving me a hard time but I'll tell you about that too um so when I lived in Willets California I used to go over the hill you'd have to drive through this windy beautiful mystical forest to get to the ocean this was such an I went from living in the thick busy San Francisco City and commuting and working in an office managing this healing center and just all this stuff to living in a cabin in the forest off-grid because my mother lived there and I went to take care of her and she passed away and I stayed I just fell in love with this mountain town and this lifestyle and I just never went back to the city never but then I had a boyfriend who would take my dog Clyde I only had Clyde at that time Clyde and myself over to the coast and we would you know hang out and play and I fell in love with it and so the guy and I did not work out but the dog and I kept going to the coast and I hadn't even checked out the town I mean when I was really really really young my mother had a friend over there and we used to visit for a break but I had not even steam Fort Bragg I'd seen Mendocino and I had been on the ocean and the beach and everything argent get you God um but I haven't even seen the town maybe a little bit of it but I fell in love with the ocean and I would there was this girl that I would take her there we were both at the time I was getting sober it's probably way too much information but I was in a a trying to quit drinking you know wine and beer on the weekends and smoking pot chronically like I said way too much information go lay down Molly you look tired so she was a part of that and I would take her and the dog to the beach because we both needed to be run and I went one we had only gone or twice but the second time I sat up on the hill and I kind of I tried to meditate and there was this feeling inside me that was so powerful you know it was whatever you might call it spirit the Holy Ghost you know whatever your thing is but it was spirit and it was the message was this is where you need to be this is where you need to be and I just felt like I've got to be here and I remember telling the girl and I cannot believe it she lived with me for a long time I helped her out of a bad situation and she came to live with me for a while anyway who cares right so I told her I said you know less and she really loved it there too and I said let's try to make it over here let's just manifest it let's start putting up pictures of the ocean and our rooms and collecting seashells and lining them on our window and thinking ocean breathing ocean talking ocean let's just make it happen I did something like you know but the time I had a really really good job in Willets with a chiropractor a really busy cute little office I was part of the theater over there I think I even had at that time I gotten a role in one of the plays usually I did light and sound for the theater and then I did a role only because nobody else showed up to do the role the readings and believe me they kept having readings we were desperate and so I was very committed over there and I I had a house I had a cute cute three-bedroom little mint green house with a picket fence of roses and the nice part of town I was very dialed in and very committed there and it was a wonderful Lilith was such a cute town such a cute like I could walk to the theater I could walk to the coffee shop I could walk to work it was wonderful but I wanted to be at the ocean and it happened a month later right the day after Valentine's Day I was unpacking my boxes in a big pink Victorian with a picket fence and even more flowers of roses and I was so happy I never felt homesick I never felt like I made a mistake I never and my rent was only like I think 50 bucks more but it was a bigger house and people who are more active there will its people everybody smoked pot and grew pot so they hidden the hills or they just hid their homes mountain town but over in Fort Bragg people are actually out and about they were walking around and biking and there was the tennis courts over there and oh my goodness and I lived in an old print I do the whole for pranks fold and it's a four mile radius so you can walk everywhere in town and I still my heart still hurts I mean I still am homesick I have a thing about the ocean I can't explain it I want out god I can't even I've lived in some and with of the greatest town but it had the oceans right there I could walk down the street so I wound up getting a new job I wound up working for this living like culinary raw food climbing school it was big and it was downtown in a big old store that used to be the company store it was like one of those big old like old plank wood floors and just super nostalgic everything about that town is nostalgic and I made a ton of friends because I wound up working in the marketplace at first one day a week and then when I left my job and Willits I wound up working in the cafe and then I moved over to do secretarial work in the office so I worked in three different departments for over the two years I made so many friends I met Bali I got married I had a baby I mean just and so it was truly where it was supposed to go I had a huge social life you know and then I had a wonderful husband and I had my first beautiful son and I was when I moved there I turned 40 shortly after and I really thought that I would never get married and I'd never have kids you know I was kind of just trying to figure out like how am I gonna hold and support myself you know what I mean so it was where and it was not a logical move it's like you don't have work over there there's not a lot of work over there you know the towns kind of dwindling because you know fishing was gone logging was gone the mill was gone you know it just was not a logical rational move but spirits and do it and I said and my whole life I had a wonderful wonderful life there and then we had to move and so we've been moving around and everywhere we've moved it's always been good very good good places good neighbors good experiences but I'd haven't felt that love again but then when we moved here to Yuba City you know I really felt drawn to this town and it was very sweet and quiet and it's on the up-and-up it's a town that's been through some hard times and it's it's improving vastly but when I discovered Nevada City you know all the forests and everything and I was just like okay I'm gonna be okay but I've been really drawn I've been trying to manifest moving up there for since we moved here since I discovered it almost two years ago so now my husband is 100% on board he started working part time up the Grass Valley you all know about that he has a second job but he he did not quit that job but he quit the Saturday the Saturday was crazy it was like so the hours were just tonight it was like double shifts okay so but he kept he decided his boss asked him if you wanted at least keep Fridays and he decided to keep Friday nights it's kind of grueling but see this is why he kept it because he'd start working there part-time and he really loved it the boss is one of those dreamy bosses we all want and the stores nice and it's actually in a Foresti neighborhood you know and you know he's getting to know the locals and people like him and he likes the people around there and he says it's a whole different vibe from here and so what his hopes are is once we move up there he'll just start working full-time up there but until we do what we need to do you know he needs the history of his job here and so there you go so mmm that's that's that now we are looking for property now here's what I want to talk about we are looking for property up there and I want to talk about this because I know all of you ladies and gentlemen you love to talk about being frugal and saving money and living you know simply and small and and I wanted to do some changes to the channel but the truth is I do love talking about that stuff I mean ad nauseam it's my back I was reading on the Hulk quest it's dear kitchen sings and she has you don't have to buy your book I'll link it I link everything but she has a blog and this book is just a compilation of her blog and it's just like mrs. Sharon white her books are compilations collections whatever of her blog I did the similar thing because I stole the idea but I did I did admit it mrs. Sharon white wrote me recently cuz she said thank you you know because I do share their books all the time and sing their praises and she wrote me and thanked me which was wonderful and I did admit to her that I stole her idea but it seems like a lot of people do that so so it's just a collection of yeah writings but I was reading her today I was reading her homestead she writes this one thing and it's called a first-year homestead and she talks about if she was to start a homestead and I think she stayed in the same house forever and her husband's passed away maybe a couple years ago I don't know cuz you can skim these books I don't read from front to back you can skim back and forth and just choose readings but she talks about if she were to homestead and I love reading her because you know she and her friends were poor dirt poor but they were so strong and powerful and just may do with what they had like her one friend she said her one friend and her husband bought a house that was sinking in on one side so bad that they could shut the kitchen door and they just simply propped up part of the house so that they could shut the kitchen door and then she talks about how sometimes you know back in the Depression era the hard times the husband you know people would move into abandoned farmhouses and a husband his job was to find work get work and bring money hug the wife's job was to tend make that Shack a home a livable home that was her job and the husband didn't have tonin and and if you do read a lot Depression era stuff the men did they were traveling trying to scrounge up work a lot of them work with some of those homos on the train they were just trying to find work to feed their family and the women you know they were powerful they were little workhorses they would make the house as much a home as possible and you know like they would plant their flowers along the the foundation of the house you couldn't see how ugly and cracked and crumbling it was and you know and then there was one and we had everything but money which my neighbor has the book I'm like oh I wanted her to bring the book back to me today I'm actually craving it but she has ten more pages to read like hurry she's had it for weeks I miss but I'm also on a journey so I need a lot of inspiration of motivation and to be kinda like plugged up the big game so they had one story where a woman they moved into a farmhouse and there was no running water or anything she the hose she cut a hole on the sink base innovation and hooked the kitchen or the outdoor hose up to the basin so they had running water I don't know how she did it I'm not good at reading things and figuring it out in my life but anyway she somehow took an outdoor hose and a basin and made it sink so they had water and then she went to the creek and hauled up buckets and buckets of clay and plastered all the walls so that a it was a lot warmer in this winter and cooler in the summer but the walls were hideous and then there was kind of like this nice tan you know some of those nice tan whitewashed whatever clay walls so she made a prettier and she made it more cozy and efficient so you read stuff like that you know and we're always like we need a house like this we need a house and that's what I'm going through right now you know we're we're selling and Bali's on board like we're putting this house up for sale and we've already gotten the loan process and I know how much we get and we've already had my realtor you know I thought she's one who helped us get this house and she's been in here and appraised it so we're ready we're sad but I'm looking at properties and we want to move up to a place that is very expensive so what do you do when you don't have that much money I mean we have anywhere else if we lived anywhere else like any other state we would ever money but here in Northern California and where I want to live West – we don't have enough money however two years ago we were given one hundred and thirty thousand dollar loan when houses were going for between 350 and 500 thousand didn't hardly have enough money back then and but we made it happen by the grace of God so when the universe God's Spirit works with you you just all you gotta do is listen pay attention to you look at the guidance but I woke up recently and thought it's time I did this two years ago move on up here and it's been wonderful blessing just great I woke up recently it's time and things will happen to agitate you and nudge you forward so that you don't ignore it you know and so we're looking up there so what do you do okay so I did look at the gated community and you all put in your input and it's very true it's like I like doing my laundry I like to garden like crazy and I don't and I need to fence it and I called and I asked what are all the roles how about a fence how about a garden how about laundry how often are the fees raised they couldn't tell me well we don't always know whether we're gonna raise the fees I don't like that answer right there it's like you're raising the fees every year but you can't tell me how much or how often that's not stable and explains to me why so many houses are on sale and there are there tons of houses in the gated community that's for sale there because people you know people start to feel ripped off us after a while and you can only sense it you know you get like half an acre but you can only fence in a thousand feet it's like well that's silly then what's the other Anchorage for what you know just to look at and say that's mine I want to use every inch of it so that is the definite no now I do like all the lovely beaches and lakes and golf courses and the clubhouse I love all that fancy stuff I do and you wouldn't think that with my little head wraps and my crazy teachers lately but I do I have a fancy side to me but that's a definite note so then we've been looking at this property and the property is crazy the only property that has like we looked at two properties yesterday and they had sewage water electricity so it was like yes no they were all on steep hills with tons of rocks and just nothing nothing so the only thing that has really looked good is the trailer now I did take footage of the trailer but I deleted all of it because I cut my realtor and Bali kind of talked me out of it there was a misunderstanding with the water so there was this misunderstanding about how much water was coming in and the source but the realtor texted me the other day and said is this are you guys still interested because I can't get ahold of your realtor and I talked him and I said these are the concerns and he said the wat that's not what I said about the water because she misunderstood the whole thing with how much water pressure and what how much what coming in I said these are the laws he said I was telling her the laws for having a well like how many gallons per minute he said but that source is a viable it's like an underground bread burger so and I believe them because Alain who was showing Elena grew up there so I did listen to her and I I trusted her she's she's kind of like but good country folk you know so that was my only concern and that was fixed it's like okay so that's not a problem but the freeway is weird it is a little friend it's a little freeways she's two lanes but it's busy and he brought up a point he said everyone who lives up and down that freeway has to deal with it and you just simply wait for a break and then get on the road it's not a big deal and I thought about it it's true it's not a big deal things sometimes you see things then they freak you out because you're not used to that and so it feels big but that when you really wind up getting in the situation and living in it it's like why did I ever stress I there's so many times I freaked out about things but once I got into the situation I look back and you know so the truth is and I love that property when barley and I first saw the property with the trailer on it while he really liked it he really liked it it was our realtor that kind of talked him out of it and I really liked it and this time when we met up with the woman who owns now it was her parents and I fell in love with it I did I just totally fell in love I was like this is just no one else could see the charm other people would say well it's okay yeah and my realtor definitely did not see the charm but I did and that's all that matters I saw the charm and the potential so it is not a done deal so that's what I'm getting at it is not a done deal so Larry the realtor said you know once we talked about the water in the freeway and my concerns he said well what was the deal you were gonna make and I told them I said we would not pay any more than 125 they want $1.99 for it I said that we would not pay more than 125 Bret and I started to say you know the trailer is zero value and the land you know only part of it is usable and he said you don't have to sell me on it I totally get it I think that that is a more than fair offer so anyway I told him exactly what we would do and how we would work it and he seemed agreed that that was more than fair and good offer and so he is and he said he's gonna bring it to the lady and work it out with her and see what he can do and the place has been saying there eight months and I know some people say well that's not long in today's market it is because we've had a lot of wildfires around here at the last couple years and there are like thousands and thousands of people trying to get homes and land and figure out what they're doing well mostly homes so right now what I'm looking at because I'm on the market I'm on every day and I have been for a long time and so what happens as a house comes up even if it seems a bit pricey for what they're all framed it's pending by the next day or in two days depending so for that to sit there for eight months so anyway I don't know right now and I talked to Bali and we had a bit of a row and then we worked it out and then we talked rationally because that's how Bali and I do things we start out with a row and we talk rationally and the truth is he loves the property too he was very excited about he was looking at rototillers and but and the kids loved the property and the dogs would be able to run free and have a great life so and then you know barley was talking to me about isolation and I lived on my mother's property and I showed all of you when that video where I went to Mendocino I lived in a one-room cabin had a loft room for the bedroom but it was a large one bedroom one room cabin in the forest I had no electricity I had a generator that was old I had to change the oil on it all the time and run it all day just to be able to watch you know a little TV and have some lights on at night so a lot of times I didn't watch TV I learned that the radio didn't take any part cuz the generator was very loud it was like having a jetliner in your backyard it was so loud so if I ran it most of the day I would have enough power you know I could stretch it out for two days but only if I used certain appliances like I learned that certain lamps barely took any power candle lights were the best so I did a lot of candle light I was Laura Ingalls for a whole year radio to no power so I do a lot of candles a lot of radio and once a while when I was really ready to lose minded TV but I think after a while I didn't even have TV because my mother had some weird cable things set up let me know how she had TV I don't think I had internet I didn't have internet nothing so after why I didn't have TV I didn't have internet candlelight radio isolated in the mountains a wood stove for heat no air conditioning just fans like one big fan for cooling and I had a spring water I didn't even have a well I had one two hundred gallon tank that was way up on the hill and it was fed by a spring not even an abundance spring and if I ran out of water there was a huge 1,500 gallon tank up off the hill over here by the road and I would have to call this water guy to fill it and I'd have to make that last for a month and so a lot of people don't realize how much water they use you know like how much does it take to flush the toilet how much for a shower how much to water a garden how much to cook with and I learned like exacts also the beginning of my frugal kind of green sustainable movement like I learned how much it takes to run certain plant this I learned how much water it takes to do even the most basic and that's how I lived for a whole year very limited water wood stove fan for the heat you know in the hot days candlelight and radio and you do all your reading during the day when the light was still good and I lived up on a dirt road and it was only late two and a half miles but it was a long rough dirt road so it took like seriously half an hour just to get off the hill to drive another four miles to town so there's a real pain in the yes so you would go to town and stock up and didier things I wasn't you know going to town all the time so I went from busy city commuting running an office busy busy running here running their social life to in the mountains with the crickets and a crackling fire and reading a book by candlelight and not going to town for days and days and days or having contact with anyone for days and it was the best year it was one of the best years of my life I remember it thought there's but any all the time before that is painful and weird and tortured and you know as a tortured young adult weird men and weird situations weird life but that year was the year I did all my healing and it was just beautiful it was hard at first though not growing anywhere just being I thought I'll lose my mind at first oh I cried I cry and because I had to suddenly sit there be with myself I get myself distracted for 37 38 years well not that one I was a child but you know what I mean like good 30 years I kept myself distracted and then you know at age 38 I'm sitting there alone and I cried and cried thought my chest would collapse and I healed and I healed on a deep deep level I was beautiful so the years before that I don't really like thinking about I don't think about I just you know I'm detached but that year forward were the best years of my life and I love thinking about him a nice so warm and fuzzy and when when I went to medicine with my friend I really just was so happy to be back it was hard I was depressed when I came home I was depressed after that because those but it's the mountain of the ocean those are good memories so going up to that trailer I think that's what it was it was like the mountains I just know the peace and the healing that comes from being up in the mountains but not totally isolated now I had when I lived at my mother's I had a cute mountain town and then half an hour away however in another direction I had Ukiah which was a tiny tiny tiny City and and I grew up around there so everything was familiar now this place is between Auburn and Grass Valley and Nevada City so I have super charming cute wonderful thriving towns where people are a little more enlightened they read books they're not that people aren't enlightened here don't get me wrong but they're more my style and and there's such beauty and peace but yet you're not isolated like all around there there's wonderful things there's a Christmas tree farm there's a pottery company right down the road little shopping center with a Mexican restaurant and not isolated at all and then nightmare is Grass Valley ten miles Wade's Arbor which is a very very fancy town now and I have good neighbors I will have good neighbors if it works out hold on alright so that was my chiropractor I got appointment Monday yes cuz I can feel my neck I'm like oh there's a bulging disc um so I definitely I definitely this is what I want and mighty I was kind of talked out of it but it was a bit gloomy after being talked out of it and the next thing I was gloomy and then when Larry called him we talked and we put the offer on the table it was like okay this could be a go I felt this joy again and so I really kind of claimed it I'm like no I love this land the trailer is a trailer for goodness gracious and everybody's like they'd appreciate I wouldn't do it oh my god the trailer is a temporary shelter until we get organized and and either built something else or haul a manufactured home there but the good thing is manufactured homes companies around here you pick a home for 70 80 thousand and then they do the rest they haul away the old trailer they put down a foundation they bring up the new home they plug everything into water electricity sewage the package kill the contractors the carpenters the hauling the traveling that the permits everything is 100% dealt with and included in a package and some of those homes cute so and that may depreciate too or they just don't really care I don't care I have land I've land and I think about my dogs especially my hound Clyde he you know what my dogs volley takes them to the river every couple days but then I and I try and take them outside the yard with me doing you know we go out here and they go out in the yard in the front but they spend a lot of time just sleeping in their room and it's a bummer and my kids love to watch axel for those of you who have kids the axel show and outdoor boys are two of the best channels my favorite is outdoor boys because they do not receive toys or open toys or do any promotional stuff with toys at least so far I've watched a lot of the shows and I asked the boys and they said they don't actually spray outdoors positive they're very you know like teach about nature and do wonderful things but they do do some toys but outdoor boys no no toys nothing and the family they're really amazing like they see their country folk and they do a lot of stuff outside but he's an attorney I didn't know he's an attorney and he lived in Japan he speaks Japanese like there's all these things that you discover about them in layers you're like oh my goodness I just thought you were like rugged outdoor oh but they are but he loves outdoorsmen I guess he lived in Alaska and so that channel is very positive very fun they're not promoting or doing toys and it's a lot of outdoor like building shelters and the fires and and doing fun fun stuff like one time he built a whole fort out of cardboard in the basement like with the moat and turrets and everything so oh because the boys sit in the actual show and outdoor boys but they're sitting there watching these kids playing outdoors all the time in the woods and I'm like that's ridiculous we need to go in the woods and live in the woods so the other day when were looking at the property and the real saying there isn't a lot of usable property it's like are you kidding me there is a forest where the kids and the dogs can run around and be wild and crazy and then you have the yard and then you have a sloping down and down here's all there's an old garden where her father used to garden old fruit trees grape vines I mean I'm not trying to grow food for the briar patch co-op or for the farmers market we're just going to food for us I mean look at all the bounty I don't even know what the heck to do with the food I've got now oh I've kind of a corn bird what is it butternut squash to last me for years so you know I but I have to let it go I don't know if it's gonna happen or if it's gonna work I I talked to Larry yesterday and I confirmed that my husband was back on board today and he said he's working on it and he will get a hold of me when he has an answer and and it's been all day so that's kind of good I think I'm good so in the median you know and I just have to let it go and and if it's right then it will work out if this is where we need to be and the universe has guided me to this place it will work out so I just let it go but in the meantime I was reading honey halt quest and she was talking about a first-year homestead and she's dreamin I mean she lived in the same house forever and I think she still does but she was talking about if we were to buy a home in the country this is what we would do but she has you know she Gardens I think she has fruit trees and gardens and she homesteads right where she is but she was saying this is how I would do it if we started to move out there and a little bit because she's just simple and easy you know you see people taking on all this stuff and you're like people try to be super hero freaks about things these days by myself he was driving myself empowering through four years and I really burnt myself out recently so I am really slowed down and if we get this trailer it needs work to make it now here's the thing with the trailer it is in good shape we saw it we saw the foundation it's not on a foundation it's on blocks and metal pier you know but it is clean and it is cozy and it's insulated and it is sturdy and very livable for a long time to come it's been well taken care of so we're very fortunate in that but it's not that cute the kitchens nice and the living room is fine but you know a little paint some new flooring some new ceiling and and it's fine the bathrooms hideous I can't stay on the bathroom but you know the bathrooms and the bedrooms one better it's okay we can jam a bed in there and then the next bedroom is like but once again it's temporary and the boys are so small and they're not gonna care because they're gonna have garthe's and forests and they're gonna be living where all their friends are and their school and Fox Walker's so they don't really care and here's the other thing you look at homemakers on YouTube you go and they're in other countries like I remember eyes watching this one homemaker in Jeff Joe Pyne in Japan and she doesn't I don't think she exists anymore but or her channel doesn't but you look in her house was tiny and it was her and her husband and their baby tiny tiny tiny house and she wouldn't you know she'd show her day it was fascinating because this link she kept this little tiny house and she had a kitchen and she had a living room in a bathroom in a bedroom but you know very small and she maintained that place she would wipe down the floors on her hands and knees and everything every day and you looked at other countries and their homes are very tiny and they don't care because that's normal it's only in America that you see everyone has McMansions and McMahons and make trucks and everything's super-sized and so then when you drive a little car there like that sometimes you bend them or you get it to my house people are horrified like what happens when your children grow up I'm like well I guess I'll have to just like live and play outside you know so I'm not worried about that and plus my kids do not hang out in our bedroom at all not even for a second I had fixed up their bedroom every which way and tried to make it you know appetizing to them they're not into it so I you know I don't care and and I'm excited to fix up a trailer I mean it's cozy it's got a new roof and it's insulated but it's got thin windows but I I don't them right now but I have a stack of thick really pretty but flannel curtains that I used to use on the single pane windows in our other house to keep the heat in and the cold out and so and I never got rid of them I never declared not funny so I have lots of curtains to put up in the windows to keep them warm and I've got my Peugeot heaters which are amazing so I just for me it's exciting it's fun it's a challenge was like how can I make this funky little trailer into some likes really cute little cottage and how can I make sure and keep it warm in the winter and cool in the summer and I've already got it all planned out you know and I'm excited to show I hope that I get this property because I'm excited to show all of you how you know even if you wind up in a funky trailer on some weird land you can make it super cute and cozy and charming you know with very little funds and by hand and how you can really work a property until it's just producing like all this food and good stuff and you can live off of it and I'm also you know I've got a lot of things to take now we argue leave behind obviously the fruit trees and everything they're already established in the ground you don't want doing stuff up but I've got a lot of stuff I can take with me and it doesn't take much now that we know how to do a garden we can definitely be in business by next summer but I was thinking about that too if we got the trailer if we get it we could definitely by fall start planting all our fruit trees and nut trees and we can start hauling in horse manure cuz everybody out there housework Barmes so we can start hauling in piles of the piles of horse manure and let it age all winter and cook we're gonna take our compost with us that sounds crazy but but I said what are we gonna do with our compost and I said we're gonna take it and I thought he'd be like that's crazy but he didn't he got quiet like that you know that was that was the right answer so we're gonna take that and the remainder of our mulch and we'll just haul in stuff like that but I'm not gonna overdo it with this one we're gonna do simple stuff like with this house we did things that we probably did not have to do we probably would have saved time and money and energy if we had not done certain things we kind of went overboard so with the next place we get I know exactly what needs to be done right away and what can wait and what can be done by hand cheaply and what does not need to be done like for example when we get if we get this place we will put fences around our property not that we need to have property lines or anything but we have to keep the dogs in and the children and there's a freeway down there so we will probably put a certain kind of fence all around that does not block the nature of the view or anything but it'll be sturdy but down by the freeway we will put a wooden fence a very tall wooden fence to kind of block that come because we will also be doing our farming down there and I will show you all of this if it works out and we will need new floors we'll do the floors and we'll paint the trailer before we move in but everything else we can slowly and then we get everything up there and then we spend the winter or hauling in horse manure and free mulch and you know finding all that stuff you know to prepare getting a rototiller and just start preparing and planting fall planting all the fruits and got trees and everything and more grapevines so that all winter they can you know even and have lots of rain and and that's it not a lot and then just slow take the winter and the winter is the best time to like paint the kitchen redo the kitchen you know and start doing other things to make it cute and cozy and I have a lot of stuff to take up there I have a greenhouse I have a workbench I had tons of potted plants and flowers and the shade shade cloth and umbrellas and ali's been saving all this little okay hold on hold on oh I have great news we got it I'm on my cell phone and the little message popped up on the side I can't even talk now anyway we'll talk more later we got the trailer we got the land

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41 thoughts on “City gardening, a year living off grid, our new home

  1. Oh great news, I'm so happy for you guys. I am so excited I feel like dancing but I'm to tired from my Saturday night gas station job lol. Your garden harvest is great too, oh my gosh Kate get box's and start packing. Wah hop put on the expresso. I'm still trying to manifest my new chapter in life and I look on zillow every day too LMBO. Congrats xoxo

  2. Omgoodness you got it! Congratulations! Lots of love can’t wait to follow your new journey. Regards Maria

  3. Butternut squash lasts for months. I really hope you get the property, I wish I could talk my husband into the same thing πŸ˜„ regards Maria you might want to check out the holler homestead on YouTube, they are doing the same thing.

  4. The joy on your face was priceless when you heard you had your new property , congratulations exciting times ahead , looking forward to coming along for the ride 😘

  5. πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ
    I knew you were gonna get it, Bcoz you wanted it so much. From experience for the most part what we truly want and desire the universe aka…our God hands it to us….πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈπŸ€Έβ€β™€οΈ

  6. Wow Kate, so happy for you and your family!! Can't wait to see your new adventure unfold. You need to teach us how to manifest our dreams!! You are so good at it. Thanks for the chat. Always interesting and I love how you talk to us like we are sitting right there with you (wish we we're 😊).

  7. Forgot to add that this situation is caused by last year's wildfires (and the complete destruction in Paradise, CA)

  8. Before you commit to buying any property in a heavily forested area, make sure you can get home owners insurance. I'm in NorCal, too, and my BIL has home in Pollock Pines. He can't get home insurance this year (and last year's insurance was @ $4,000. That could be why you're seeing so many properties for sale right now.

  9. So happy for you and your family Kate. The look on your face when the message popped up on the phone was priceless.

  10. AWESOME! You Go Girl! Master negotiating there. You really got them to lower that price. Great Job! Can't wait to see pictures and join you on this journey. We're all excited so update us as soon as possible – and remember those pictures/video πŸ™‚

  11. Woohooo!!!! I just got back from work and this made my day. Congratulations!!!! I am so excited for you and can't wait to see how this unfolds. Sending you all positive energu and lots of love from Chicago!!!!!❀❀❀❀❀❀

  12. Hi Kate. Since your thinking of purchasing some land, may I suggest a YouTube channel called Bealaine cottage Ireland. She took a bad piece of land and turned it into an abundant permaculture Forrest with little budget at age 50. She has a little charming cottage on it too, her place is magical.

  13. I live in the Northern California mountains and there is truly no better living in my opinion. It's very expensive to live here but worth it for now while my husband works his last 3 years. If I were you I would make sure you'll be able to insure the place because not a lot of companies insure mobile homes plus people are losing insurance left and right because they consider us a high risk area.

  14. πŸŽ‰CONGRATULATIONSπŸŽ‰ To you and your family❣❣ Awesome to share in the news and Excitement 🌺🌻YAAY!! So happy for youπŸ€—β€πŸ˜˜'s

  15. Yay!!!!! So excited for you, Bali and the boys! New adventures for y'all. I love that you are a woman of vision and action. You are an inspiration. Congratulations!πŸ˜€πŸ’

  16. Am so glad you do not buy into the "I need more and more and better and better" way of most of US today…………other countries are so level headed , but not "America"……….can't wait to see your next adventure………….I know you will make the right decision……… daug moved last year and she realized bigger is not better…………I think I must have done something right………she has a lovely home and can tell you all about having a manufactured home delivered and set up………………….I'm excited for you

  17. Do research on tiny house living. You will be astonished at how much room you can create in a small place.

  18. I am so darn excited for you !!! That is what we want to find here in a few years. Something with an old house or trailer that is very livable, but needs work and we can live it in until we eventually build something else. It sounds wonderful !!! Look what you did in two years at this current house, I cannot wait to see what you do with this property. Are you going to sell your house and pay cash, or rent out the current house ? You have talked about doing both over time. Sounds like you could be morgtage free if you want to be, wow, that would be awesome, but no matter what, a nice low morgtage to no morgtage !!! Sounds dreamy, and I think it sounds like such a great move and you will be in an area you love !!!
    Congrats to your family for your new adventure !!!

  19. Yes, trailers depreciate, but from what you've said the one on the land has already done the most drop in value. You can also build an extension on the trailer. My mom had a really cute trailer with an A frame structure built on.

  20. I just got done watching this and at the end like a big old nerd..I actually started crying for ur good news!!! You are such a good woman..congrats and you all deserve it! We are going to be moving october something simpler less expensive..where i can afford more as a single mom and homeschool them still here in Vermont!…such blessings for you Kate!!!

  21. Congrats to you!!!! How awesome! We just closed on a house on Friday the 18th, I feel your joy and excitement!! πŸ™‚

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