Climate activists target London's biggest concrete supplier

Climate activists target London's biggest concrete supplier

[Applause] so one of their vehicles are trying to get in a big tarmac van they plug in and the car and the vehicle behind car so just explain what a lot fun is if you don't know is it's basically a big tube and two people can put their hands in between and they lock to each other probably with a pipe or something like that and the plan is to be here all day small smile there you can make a lot on with anything really but it's a tube and normally two people three fans that are blocked up outside

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28 thoughts on “Climate activists target London's biggest concrete supplier

  1. Extinction Rebellion activists target east London concrete plant ►

  2. Those beings don’t know that euro has developed eco friendly carbon monoxide reducing concrete. And are effectively interfering with process that support the implementation of those alternative goals.

  3. Why are the police not arresting the out of work lay abouts ? I'm sure mummy and daddy would bail their little flowers out. They have no idea of the real world, bet most will go on to be social workers or artists.

  4. So how to these activists expect to grow the city and its infrastructure? England is being flooded with people and it needs concrete

  5. You never see these punks complaining about Mass immigration, and all the extra houses, extra rubbish, extra car fumes and expansion of businesses that goes with it .

  6. Really? I’m all for climate action, but as a civil engineer I can tell you, no concrete, no civilisation to lose to climate change. They should look into how much the construction industry does to reduce waste, value engineer and protect the environment. You want a reduction in carbon generation? The construction industry will deliver a huge chunk of those reductions.

  7. Has anyone else had about enough of these clowns? … We can't have cars, we cannot have planes, we can't have plastic, we can't have reliable energy, we cannot have heavy industry, we can't eat meat, we can't have our bins collected once a week and now we can't have concrete …. and of course ALL of their 'solutions' are mind-numbingly expensive and so the poor get screwed as the rich pushers of this garbage get richer …. and to add insult to injury we are £160bn into this 'experiment' and no results …. because, conveniently, we won't see the results in our lifetimes apparently …. 'give us money and power or this monster we made up will eat your planet some time in the future … maybe' …. is what climate change hysteria derives down to ….

  8. The house they’re living in is made of concrete probably created by this company… if they want to protest then they should live homeless in rural fields.

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