27 thoughts on “Climate change

  1. I don't like this PSA, it's not scary, but it gives me goosebumps and makes me feel uncomfortable.

  2. exactly what I was thinking…its sometimes not practical i feel, a lot of things shown in this video that contributed to global warming is what keeps us running, I wish they told us what practical alternatives we could use.

  3. what about the steps we have taken so far, was all that for nothing, there is no mention of all the effort put in so far, we only get doom and gloom.

  4. in the US our NOAA has been cut off from reporting up to date climate info. why? because the data does NOT support the current hysteria. our president declared: "the debate over climate change is Over". the EPA declared: "CO2 is a Pollutant". it's as if they don't want to talk with opponents because THEN THEIR HOAX IS OVER and they look like losers and liars. our gummint at work

  5. What is depressing is the gullibility of todays youth the greens are tugging your juvenile heart strings and using you as pawns in their game ~ I had the same with Nuclear Weapons back in the sixties ~ left wing teachers propagandising impressionable minds ~ do a little research and you will find that the climatic conditions they whine about are far from unprecedented ~ good luck.

  6. This video is PURE PROPAGANDA!! Money is the game, your brain is the target. CO2 is a small% look up the real numbers. Charles Manson was pushing global warming when he made headlines!!!

  7. Excuse me, but I think this video is true, but also, has a bit of a problem, because it dosen't show HOW our Earth warms up naturally on a cycle over many hundreds of years. And also, what's the song?:L

  8. Man made climate change is PR fiction from nuclear power. The most toxic industry on earth! The enemy of life on earth. For only the stupid, who have no knowledge of photosynthesis,

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