Climate Impacts on Agriculture

Climate Impacts on Agriculture

Climate change is already having significant impacts on agriculture. So we’ve got not just the gradual change in our climate change, we’ve got temperature change, we’ve got changes in precipitation patterns, those are important in the long term but it’s also the introduction of more climate variability, of more climate extremes. So we’re seeing, directly attributable to climate change, we are seeing increased frequency of droughts and floods even sometimes in the same area as well as these and heat waves that have occurred over India recently also in various other parts of the world, which are having significant impacts not just on crops but also on livestock and livestock health. Agriculture is largely impacted more in developing countries than in developed countries, simply because of their latitude. So many developing countries are in the, you know, in the tropical regions and the subtropical regions and that’s where the greatest effects of climate change are already happening so these ecosystems are already on the edge, in terms of agricultural production, and climate change is just pushing them over the edge there are a bunch of ways that developing countries can adapt to climate change. I mean, there are there are simple ones which have to do with changing practices so that for example if you got in the middle of a heat wave you can have access to water, you could have areas of shade. Other longer-term solutions to improve the resilience of agri-ecosystems include things like integrating trees into agricultural landscapes, so “agroforestry” would provide shelter for livestock also provides better water-holding capacity, farm ponds, those sorts of things, to retain water. So there’s a whole bunch of things that can be done that don’t cost a lot of money and would move us towards better practice and also improve the resilience of the system

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