Cloud Security: Secure Data in Any Cloud Environment

Cloud Security: Secure Data in Any Cloud Environment

The cloud. It’s changing the way you do business. It allows your organization to collaborate
and share information, innovate and get products and services to market sooner, and easily
access computing and business resources. But what about security? Before, you could just set up perimeter security
and call it a day. But this old school technology just won’t
work in the cloud. What if there was a way to stay in control
of your sensitive corporate and customer information, to prevent the bad guys from accessing data
and keep data safe as it is migrated, stored or even deleted from the cloud, all while
meeting compliance and regulatory requirements? With Gemalto’s portfolio of Safenet Identity
and Data protection solutions, you can keep your data secure in any cloud environment. How? By managing access with strong multi-factor
authentication, securing sensitive data with enterprise-ready encryption and owning and
centrally managing your keys. With Safenet Identity Protection, you can
apply strong multi-factor authentication to ensure only authorized users can access your
cloud-based applications like Salesforce, Office 365 and Amazon Web Services. Then, Safenet Data Protection solutions can
encrypt your sensitive data so that it’s secure – whether it is stored in, or moving
to and from the cloud. And don’t forget your encryption keys. With a proven enterprise key management solution,
your organization maintains complete ownership and control of your keys and data in the cloud at all times. With Gemalto, you have a centralized way to secure user access to data in nearly every cloud environment, encrypt your data
and comply with regulatory mandates, and protect and prove ownership of your keys. You’re back in control. Now that you understand an old school approach
to data security just won’t work in the cloud, isn’t it time to get to know Gemalto? Visit our website now to learn how to secure
your company’s data in the cloud.

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