CofC Biology Majors Participate in Environmental Internships at Santee Cooper

CofC Biology Majors Participate in Environmental Internships at Santee Cooper

– They don’t baby us when
we’re here, they let us actually jump into the work
and get our hands dirty. (pop music) I’m passionate about the
environment, I consider myself an environmentalist
and I wanted to see what people do in the
real world dealing with environmental issues and
Santee Cooper being a utility company works
specifically with
renewable resources. – The internship’s a
great opportunity right here near Charleston
and I think it’s given me a lot of
professional experience. Like our third week here
we actually had to present a research project to
the CEO of Santee Cooper. So it definitely helps me
at giving presentations and communicating with
business professionals. – My favorite department
that I’ve worked with is Vector Management and
there you’re working with mosquitoes and
insects that can carry diseases like West Nile or
Eastern equine encephalitis. – My first rotation was with
Analytical Biological Services working here in the lab
and also out in the field bringing EPA approved
herbicides and helping control invasive species in
South Carolina’s lakes systems. This internship has helped me as far as future career goals go. I’ve definitely seen
a lot of different opportunities and what
career path I can actually go in as a biologist
and I think it will help me as something that
looks good on my resume and networking,
making connections. – Being able to work with
an array of different professionals gives me,
I guess, a different way of thinking because
a forester will think different than an
engineer and a biologist thinks different than a
chemist so working in a lab like this with all
types of professionals really gives me a well
rounded experience. (pop music)

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