Compost Tea | Volunteer Gardener

Compost Tea | Volunteer Gardener

you're looking at a real plant rescue mission this little pathos and this little pot this big luckiest were exactly alike a year later that's this guy has really come back and we're gonna show today how that was done my guest Here I am actually he's hosting me Darrin Lyle he is a compost tea expert and Darrin you're gonna share with us oh happy to speak with an expert on this it's gonna show us how he makes this tea he's done a lot of research into the ingredients and what he puts into the compost to make this tea Darrin I would love for you to just quickly show me you've got a wide variety of things here tell me about these balances and these ingredients that you've got one of basically done Marty's is I've taken a little ingredient from mr. Harris's farm from each material here yes we used to be an old chicken farm and so there's the soil here is extremely rich and I've tried to come up with the best possible compost that I could in one reason that I have done this is because as you well know compost helps with the growth of plants is correct and also help it helps suppress against disease local and disease abroad and also provides many nutrients to the soil as well as the leaves itself right I mean I'm seeing old rotten apples and these old pears that have fallen off the tree I'm saying of course no yes correct mm-hmm and each one of these has its own purpose right for example the horse manure works as an as a nitrogen material right so when I'm building the compost pile I want to alter the nitrogen and the carbon in each layer so you have nitrogen carbon nitrogen carbon oh right so you're making a mixture of making a mixture and I'm seeing grasped regular green grass shrub trimming trimmings old leaves that's the brown and you're also putting into some regular dirt yes this dirt right here came from his apple trees apple trees are around 20 years old so it's got a lot of and it also has a lot of worms and a lot of worm castings Oh worm castings bonus I'm seeing shredded newsprint newspaper not coded right it's only the uncoated type of paper that you want to use correct pine needles and even big pine cones my goodness that's a lot of a lot of woody material woody material and if you do if you do alternate the nitrogen in the carbon it'll help break down a lot faster right in a three week period well that so it this doesn't take that long you're you're saying you do all of this and yes and it can be done in the winter year-round okay this isn't just a summer product just a summer and the acid of your pine needles is balanced probably by the alcohol in this of your wood this is from yes yeah that's from the fire correct fireplace okay okay so now you take all of this and you do that yes and this is in the beginning stages okay of the pile itself all right so how many days old would you say this pilot this is right at about four days old okay and you're saying in about two and a half weeks it'll be finished in about two and a half weeks to three weeks it'll be completely finished and how do you you have this takes some doing though you turn it yes I turn in approximately once every three days as well as watering it because you don't you don't want this material soaking but you do want it to be moist okay now tell me about stuff like those big pine cones and some of that big stuff that fruit you had I mean you you don't put that in whole no I do a lot of the old-fashioned way I'm taking clippers and I'm cutting you're just whacking that stuff up into bits but it doesn't have to be tiny doesn't have to be time for that it's broke down the faster it will decompose okay one other thing if you're putting vegetables or fruit in there what about varmints varmints I have not had any experience with that and I believe it's because by alternating the nitrogen and carbon materials this alleviates any of the bugs okay so if you put a layer in and then put grass on top of it or something yes as long as you alternate the colors okay the brown and green okay or in that case of the fruit vegetable right with the woodchips yes correct right then the bugs just or though you don't get the animals digging through or no especially when the heat the heat once it starts steaming like that the hero and it will literally steam yes yeah your hand that's pretty awesome so from that pile to this and this beautiful deep rich gorgeous black end result three weeks three weeks and you can still see a lot of the fiber in there I mean it's not completely and I have found that the T works best when you have the most nutrients inside the material itself really before it's completely totally broken up into the tree the T that much stronger you sure sting interesting that is that's really good to know so three weeks is just right three weeks is just right but this is not the final result all this is to make this the team okay show me what you do what I've done is I've taken I've done the old-fashioned way by taking a big long pillowcase and I've measured out approximately 20 pounds of this compost you have a scale somewhere I guess measure this out to 20 pounds and then I fill it up with water and this is a 20 gallon okay so it's about a pound to a gallon yeah correct okay and you let just let that sit let it steep for four days four days with a cup nope no covering because you want it to aerate it okay all right okay four days and then it's stored in room temperature and four days makes this it's tea color yes the gold team okay what do you do with this after after that's done I'll very much believe in recycling and I put this back on the compost well it's still good sure sure helps break down the new material right it's so basically use that as a starter free as a starter tonic okay now you've got 20 gallons of tea what do you do with it you can package it in milk carton jug okay any type of you know container like that would be fine and I've actually stored it reaps room to room temperature just not this for approximately about a year without the active organism so like in your basement or your buddy songs yeah okay awesome now let's talk about what you do with it okay Darrin we're back at these wonderful pothos this rescue mission you did tell me how you this guy what did you how do you apply that compost tea to make this happen well Mari this plant right here initially was one that mrs. Harris was not sure she was going to keep her not and when I started experimenting with this about a year ago what I did is I applied the tea directly to the leaf our spray no spray bottle yes and then I applied approximately 2 cups of the compost tea to the soil itself ok so you also watered it in yes okay and the end result is this has been used twice with two different batches of compost teas to application to applications within a year and this is the result yes and you can use this he approximately every seven to 14 days basically it's an all around plant booster yes and you can see the new growth as well as the deep chlorophyll yeah it's really a the plant it's happy you can tell the greens are the right color and everything that's really amazing that's quite remarkable well this jug of ready to use compost tea can be used basically on any plant indoor or outdoor Wow eat both has a drench in the soil and as as foliar application upwards and I know for example in particular roses love this roses and roses is a great example yeah they I know that they they it adds disease resistance as a matter yes hails protect protect against disease locally and abroad wow that's really great and it the price is right I mean how can you pass up I mean this is stuff that's lying around and you're making this fabulous product there this is wonderful for inspiring garden tours growing tips and garden projects visit our website at volunteer gardener org or on youtube at the volunteer gardener channel and like us on Facebook

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