Composting for the Ocean — Food waste that protects soil 🌱 & sea 🌊

Composting for the Ocean — Food waste that protects soil 🌱 & sea 🌊

I’ve been around the ocean all my life
and today I get the chance to explore my hometown of Newport Rhode Island and
discover some of the connections between earth and ocean Healthy Soils and
Healthy Seas. Every day in Rhode Island seven million pounds of waste ends up in the central landfill a third of that is organic waste, which could instead be
used to benefit you and me, and the planet, and the ocean too At current loading rates the central landfill in Johnston Rhode Island will reach capacity by 2034. I’m gonna talk to some passionate people who are making some very small changes that all adds up to a big difference for little Rhody and here is where it all starts. Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas Rhode Island
brings together composting efforts across the state in
partnership with Clean Ocean Access, The Compost Plant. Rhodeside Revival, and Aquidneck Community Table and 11th Hour Racing. Composting gets people aware of what
they’re throwing away we take food scraps from the local restaurant, you
take leaves, carbon material in from the landscapers and we create the compost.
Otherwise, it goes to landfill it gets buried he creates methane which is a
highly potent greenhouse gas much more so than CO2. Production of composts actually sequesters carbon out of the atmosphere so I almost consider ourselves a carbon farm. People like Nat are only one part of the solution luckily Rhode Island has no shortage of
community members who are leading this wave of change, making composting easy
for everyone. We were composting ourselves out of a farm in the Middletown and so when 11th Hour Racing said let’s grow this program we
were really excited that we could get bigger and get more people involved. You’ve dedicated your life to clean
oceans and here we are talking about composting. Right well what we’ve learned is over the years as the food breaks down it actually pulls carbon out of the atmosphere and puts the carbon back in
the ground so we can actually address the fact that
you have so much carbon in the atmosphere ie global warming & climate
change by everyone starting to compost their food scraps. By encouraging people to
think critically about their waste footprint Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas
Rhode Island aims to spark long-lasting behavior change that empowers people to reevaluate the need for low and no value materials that enter the landfill or
worse end up polluting our oceans. And that’s why the Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas program is so important because it gets people thinking about their actions
on a daily basis our actions on land have an impact on ocean health and
that’s what the Healthy Soils, Healthy Seas Rhode Island project is all about. We started with a small plate of scraps going into the composting bin instead of
going up to the landfill we’ve met passionate people who are all
making small changes that will add up to a big difference to our ocean health!

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One thought on “Composting for the Ocean — Food waste that protects soil 🌱 & sea 🌊

  1. I think you need a better explanation of how composting actually protects ocean health. I'm a fanatic composter–but don't get this connection to a healthy ocean.

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