Conservation Education Youth Day at Brickstead Dairy

Conservation Education Youth Day at Brickstead Dairy

I’m Dan brick
welcome to Brickstead Dairy I’m a fifth generation farmer we’ve been
here for 170 years so the oldest dairy in Brown County and one of the oldest
dairies in Wisconsin. Hi my name is Natalie Shikoski and I am a first grade
teacher Altmeyer elementary school and we brought our students here
today to brickstead farms to teach them about living things. We’re studying living
things and how parents are like their offspring but not quite the same so
we’re just exploring living things today and it’s great for the kids to have this
hands-on opportunity all right guys we’re learning about the
watershed have you heard the word watershed before well tell you I
explained watershed is like a big place in the landscape that when water falls
it all ends up eventually in the same place so when rain falls where is it
going to eventually go does anybody know we’re in the sea
definitely where else anybody have any answers yep ready
lakes and rivers yeah definitely yes people’s yards yep it goes lakes rivers
seas it actually can go under the ground water people all sorts of places turns
yes and it pumps now we’re going to work we’re going to learn about what happens
when that water gets something it takes it with it and then ends up in the water
but what ends up in the water is pollution have you guys heard the word
pollution oh yeah yeah yeah yeah we’re gonna learn about where does
it come from where is this cruise ship all right who’s got a lot does anybody
have a lawn here okay hands back behind your backs again do yoga all right so
what happens is we fertilize your lawn because we like it to be this dark
beautiful green some of that gets washed off and goes into the so the blue is
like the pollution sometimes this happens a little bit over and over and
it can get worse or worse over time where does wait wait we have condition
check out this guy here this guy’s driving don’t think he’s gonna like
deliver gas or something to the gas station
and and you know what he was on a cell phone he was on a cell phone with it
being I hope he’s wearing a seatbelt yeah and
then it’s gasoline it’s filled out so a lot of times on our roads you guys we’ve
got like oils from tires and we’ve got like spills you see that purple and not
the best rate so that that could be blues you okay another source of
pollution could be a factory it’s got this pipe so after factories are done
make it something you guys they’ve got some wings they’ve got some carbon sugar
yeah smoke sometimes they just have I really gotta rush out so like paper
factory and so when they’re done make me that they’re gonna be some of that it’s
not the best look at those crazy collars off so much
pollution soil when it gets in water can actually be really bad in the water so
here we’ve got this farmer is well somebody has flat record or it’s
only watering guys yeah and so some of that soil gets into
the water you know what’s great about this firm is they do a really good job
making sure the soil all stays where it’s supposed to
and sometimes see this cow now they like to go to the bathroom don’t damage it
common to working so so idle manure that’s all really big
source of pollution all right and we want to turn off the water
my name is Amanda sputter and I don’t register at all my errands appear as and
my students studied organisms at the end of the school year we learnt about their
needs and what they need to live and where they live so use the farm tape a
good opportunity for them to see firsthand different jobs that can work
with those organism movie and also how they can interact with them

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