Container gardening Follow up #4 tomatoes & peppers

Container gardening Follow up #4 tomatoes & peppers

hey guys what's up man that's the bull from the boat got it I'm here my contender got it this morning I want to show you how the tomatoes are doing and I'll show you some other peppers how they're coming along better to see this this tomato plant here right in this pond is doing awesome you can see this just just one branch right here I don't know it's got one two three four five six seven thirteen fourteen or fifteen Tomatoes just on this one branch and as you can see they're all nice and plump and healthy doing good right this pot and then on this side over here this branch here's the one pretty good itself so I've been keeping this I've been keeping this pot moist throughout even even throughout the hot days our water if the pot seems to be completely dry but anyway as you see this this plant is doing very well I had once I've got plenty of tomatoes on it I have had all the suckers off I trimmed the trimmed plant down I have plenty of tomatoes on here now so I just want I don't want any other energy going anywhere else other than into these Tomatoes so no need for any more suckers I don't need any more plants I mean I'm sorry any more fruit on it so just want to get these ones now to ripen plenty of Sun in his location so and I like I said I trimmed off a lot of and necessary grows I cut off a lot of the leaves that were growing but now some of the Sun penetration can actually hit the fruit and getting nice and ripe and up let me show you right behind here we have my other plot of tomato and so you see how that one's coming along alright as you can see this tomato plant might be even doing a little bit better than that one they're just loaded loaded with fat fat tomatoes on that again like I said I took up a lot of the know took of all the branches down here so so my plant wouldn't have any chance of developing any disease that may be down here down soil level so cut off all those Levi's cut up all the suckers and cut off some of them just extra branch leaves on the side there so that again a lot of the energies use the latest tomatoes in it's been working just fine it's good see yeah totally totally what you call loaded on this plant lots and lots of tomatoes on it alright so I'm gonna take you over and show you a couple more water plants from the container garden all right so I'm at my third and fourth container for the tomatoes this is just one plant over here you remember this was the little teeny runt obviously it's not a run anymore it's got quite a few Tomatoes on it but this one is you know coming coming on behind these ones here because it was you know it was a runt at the beginning and damn I had to pump him up get him to do what he needs to do so now he's he's got he's getting quite a few tomatoes on there once pretty soon I'm gonna do the same thing to this plan as I did to these ones over here so I should see ya again this tomato plant here it's just loaded loaded with tomatoes loaded with tomatoes big fat healthy-looking Tomatoes all these branches all right so that's uh that was the container garden for the tomatoes this year it was a complete success with them I'm gonna go ahead and show you now some of my mini peppers and jalapeno peppers to show you how they're progressing as well as you know remember I already harvested a lot of jalapenos off this a couple of weeks ago and it's just about probably the next two days I'm gonna go ahead and harvest from in again cuz I sketch it's getting quite a few one there all right so this is a shot from from underneath looking up at all the jalapenos so you can see there's quite a few jalapenos on there plant is doing fantastic fantastic and it's arm just got nice-sized jalapenos on it and the flowers just keep coming and coming just off this one one little plant so you know that think you know for me I'm the only one that really eats the jalapenos in the household one plant was plenty plenty for me so anyway that's the jalapenos doing good did the same same type of program on these jalapenos in and the pot just you know kept them kept them trimmed kept off all the unnecessary growth that was growing on it and just kept just the branches that will producing fruit and it just you know the plant took off and it's just without tremendous amount of jalapeno peppers so I'm gonna take you over now to my sweet mini peppers to see how they're coming along the mini peppers are now really really putting out a lot of peppers throughout the whole throughout the whole each branch is just just got lots and lots of mini peppers on it and this plant here will continue to produce these mini peppers throughout throughout this whole summer growing season into into really – it starts getting into follows you'll still be many peppers growing on this plant here they're very prolific and producing mini peppers last year I just you know off the two or three plants I ate mini peppers throughout the whole growing season and I was able to share with the rabbits that really like sweet peppers so there you go I mean this plant here is uh has peppers all the way down even almost down to the base where I'm going to go ahead and clip some of those off there because I've been a little behind on this one here since it had a whole bunch of peppers on it I didn't want to kind of clip it um clip them off but I'm gonna go ahead and at least clip off to right about here cuz just a big big peppers on right here but this is some of the little ones growing down here but I'm gonna go ahead and do away those – fact I'm gonna do it right now you know you don't need any you know bring any disease there just because you want to save save a pepper so go ahead so that's it man took care of that issue right there real quick so alright let me get back up here so that's the mini pepper and it's again it's producing flowers all up in the top and some of this little side branches that's putting up up there that and that's fine I don't mind it with these peppers because these peppers are uh not very heavy like the the bell pepper so anything that grows up there will be will be fine until it gets to a certain point where I think okay well you know it may be a little bit much but yeah all right so very pleased with the container garden how it produced this year I was able to have as plenty of Sookie knees from it the skinnies now have you know kind of died back so I starting starting over with those but I was able to harvest you know five or six big zucchinis off of the pots and I pulled them off on I think you might have seen him on when we did got him Wars we were able to pull them off all right guys the fun has come to the end I gotta end the video here I hope you enjoyed the series of videos that I did on my container garden it's been a it's been a success I hope that something I said oh you saw me doing inspires you to give container of God and I shot as you can see the tomatoes went buck wild with one buck while in these containers so you know I would suggest if you do you container garden and stuff like that put your containers down on the soil instead of on your hot patio well the water evaporates a lot much quicker so lay on the grass and think it helps preserve some of that moisture also you get you know all beneficial insects and worms and all that stuff that crawl up inside your pot so anyway keep doing what you're doing I love you guys peace

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19 thoughts on “Container gardening Follow up #4 tomatoes & peppers

  1. You will never think that a potted plant would produce that well! I am surprised that the tomatoes produced that well! What type of dirt did you use?

  2. Those are the nicest tomatoes I have seen anywhere this season, in pots or in ground. Simply amazing Bull. What is the variety you planted?

  3. Hey friend,
    Those tomatoes are amazing I'm afraid I pruned too much. I got blite and cut a lot of fan leaves thinking maybe too much. Keep up that amazing labor of fruit.

  4. That tomato plant is loaded down!!! My mouth is watering for fried green tomatoes. Very nice pepper plants. The garden still looks beautiful. I had no idea that the worms helped a garden grow. Thank you for the tip on leaving the pots on the ground. Thank you so much for sharing.

  5. Everything looks great brother. I had to restart my season. Hurricane Barry whooped up on me. But, Im still growing.

  6. You got a nice crop growing there. I agree when keeping the plant small to refocus the energy. Thanks for sharing

  7. I was about to say I can't wait to try your tomatoes…but I realized I don't live near you…πŸ™tomatoes and peppers are looking great…thanks for sharing πŸ€“πŸ˜ŽπŸ˜»

  8. This is Bev from pure Hearts. You container plants look very healthy. I like your garden. Which zone are you growing in? Are you planting a fall garden? Happy growing!πŸ€—

  9. How long does it actually take for a tomato to fully grow and when is the best time to start the planting process. Any advice as far as time and season to produce the best product? Also what are you using to make that grass so healthy and green? Thanks for sharing!
    Stay Humble & Be Blessed

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