Container Gardening: Pot Recipe With Coleus

Container Gardening: Pot Recipe With Coleus

what a lot I got look at the excitement of these tellers or in front of me it really is like an explosion I'm almost smarty box but no blue ones you know what I mean this is what you get when you can find and get your hands on to some of these beautiful coleus remember you don't need to buy them in pots as big as this at some garden centers you can find them in little packs of four so four little planets which really you're planting up a big area that's the way to go because more bang for your back that's what we all about in gardening so let's look at them they've got beautiful names like Kong Lam like a nervy no you can see where the Vino comes from and these you going to find all over now remember I spoke to you about the flowering very important can you see this little guy here starting to flower already really I know you're gonna think it's sacrilege but please folks if you want to keep this color and this vibrancy that's what you got to do because when the plant starts flowering all the energy is going into the flower it's saying I've got to make seeds for the next generation I need more babies we really don't want seeds we want leaves so all you've got to do thumb and forefinger go where the little planters here it is just snap that off and that's it all I want you to do as you're going along while you're walking around and just snap it off very important to do that because as you're doing that you forcing the plant hormones down and you're forcing it to put more growth into the color and the intensity which is what we want okay these are all these babies relevant these so many things that you can use with them and plant combinations that you can use I want to show you how we gonna do it in a potted combination so if you want if you're on a patio if you want to just do someone at your front door you can do something but incredible vibrancy and I'm gonna be using a few of these plants that I've got here I'll tell you more about them now alright folks I've got some gorgeous plants here that I'm gonna combine into this lovely low bowl shaped terracotta pot remember always make sure that the drainage hole is open what are we going to do in the bases we can have thrown some drainage pebbles Justin last course guys like this don't use your pretty ones and they go lovely dead anymore and then I've got my potting soil here potting soil straight from the garden center remembering folks we're not recycling it be not using the old one from the dead plants we've got some fresh potting soil in my truck and we're just gonna pimp it up just a wee bit in it goes one or two handfuls of organic pellets next thing that goes into it some fairy dust we all know what that is here some bone meal two handfuls of bone meal good for root development and then a few handfuls of some coconut husk and that's gonna add moisture remember the coconut husk has this amazing ability to be able to hold in the moisture and the biggest problem with pots that we find is drying out that's all the main reason why they while we battle and why the plants don't do all that well in it it's particularly just because of drying out so once I've got that all in there that should be enough it's found a little trowel and then let's just give it a good mixing what we want is our scoop and let's get good for your scoop full of the potting soil into the base of the pot we're gonna fill it up about halfway because these putts are quite large that we're gonna be putting in here in this combination now of course you don't need to put in three plants or a combination of plants you could just plant the whole thing up just mess it up three coleus inside this pot on their own would make a brilliant statement and a huge impact in anyone's garden but I like using combinations because well you just get more out of one pot it's like three for the price of one so in this baby goes here right let's start playing now in the pot I'm using a combo of the following I've got this beautiful coleus okay I've got a coreopsis look at that color man coreopsis is a great plant it's a perennial so true perennial exactly the same as your coleus it flowers right throughout the summer right throughout the summer and even into autumn and in some places and the warmer places will continue to flower through winter so treat it exactly the same as we just demonstrated with the coleus when it starts getting scraggly at the base you're gonna prune it back or I prune it back dressing of compost with the organic pellets in a way it comes again if you treat it like that you can get use out of this plant absolute yours so enjoys the same conditions and notice that I'm picking up on the red do you see that red just in the RV I'm picking up on that with the coleus and then gray is always great for contrasting oh and I've got this hot sexy new Pennisetum it's called madre it is gorgeous this is gonna give me the hot beautiful elegant soft against these two form plants which are quite rigid so this baby is gonna go in first let's grab it over here just pull off the bag that's it grasses are very excitable plants they get lots of roots so just open up the roots a bit here and I'm gonna pop this baby in the back because that's gonna give me my heart and my apex but I've had a bit elegance this girl will grow up and just plume over literally like a fountain alright next in I'm gonna put the coreopsis my coreopsis also just open up those roots just a wee bit there okay and coreopsis is gonna go in right here oh man almost edible okay and my last plant that's gonna go in is my queen of the moment the beautiful star and that is the awesome coleus pop him in there and look how those colors are just jumping you can see we've got that the quite hard shape here rigid shape of the coleus ball shape of the coreopsis and then the softness of that so as time goes on this is going to give you're hot ball out and this will spread out and follow all all in the space here so what we've got to do now fill in the gaps and we'll fall all the gaps in with the potting soil remember use the back end of your trowel to firm it down in between let's get that going and I'm going to show you how gorgeous it's going to look in a few seconds there we have it bursts of color and you have to admit that this is an explosion really gorgeous bar burnt and this pot could go anywhere remember full Sun or half day Sun you've got the coreopsis that you're gonna treat the same as the coleus and then you've got this beautiful penis heat and grass when the grass gets untidy and out of hand all you're going to do is come along with your pair of secateurs and cut it back really hard at the base important to do that and intire maybe in the second year of this pot you might want to remove this grouse prune it back and plant it into your garden and then all that happens is all of these plants just spread out and take over the rest of the pot so the putt changes and it has different moods and as the seasons move forward all that's left now is a very good watering a pot like this in the beginning is going to need water at least twice a week and I would continue to do that because they are quite thirsty remember we have put organic pellets in here so it is gonna have enough nutrition for the first four weeks of its life thereafter I would encourage you to use a liquid fertilizer that you dilute into your watering can and you can just as you're watering so you're feeding the plant and folks that's it they've come back into fashion with a bang and the bang is more about the color go out and enjoy it you

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13 thoughts on “Container Gardening: Pot Recipe With Coleus

  1. I notice that always use bone meal. What do you think about seaweed and can it take the place of bone meal?

  2. i've got a pot that size with 12 coleus growing in it from seed, those are the ones that survived and now are about 3 months old

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