12 thoughts on “Convention on Biological diversity (CBD): Major International environment conventions

  1. I don;t see any better video than yours. You are THE BEST! thank u thank u thank u, thanks a TON!….

  2. sir ur link for drive is not opening plus do smthng for students who do not want to install instamojo typs apps…. req. ☺

  3. 2014: COP 20/CMP 10, Lima, Peru
    2015: COP 21/CMP 11, Paris, France
    2016: COP 22/CMP 12, Marrakech, Morocco
    above is the list of COP …i think u have given wrong data…correct me if i am wrong

  4. thanks Sir , u r doing great job,
    also include previous yr questions simultaneously so one can think in mind what can be asked in future

  5. dear sir, plz also provide sum mock questions for prelims and mains in between the slides related to these topics…it will make things more clr and interesting …

  6. Videos on
    1. Cartagena protocol on biosafety
    2. Nagoyo protocol
    3. Aichi biodiversity targets will be uploaded on 04/07/2015 

    Sorry for the inconvenience

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