Craig & Chuck In A Truck: Renewable Energy Changing Ag World

Craig & Chuck In A Truck: Renewable Energy Changing Ag World

You Well Chuck where to first? Let’s go to Hartung’s! Sounds good. Well as we go Chuck I had some questions for you. You’ve been doing a lot with renewable energies lately, and I’m just kind of wondering. how does that effect the ag world and what renewable energies are all out there? Well. Wow. It may be a loaded question. Maybe a loaded question. Yeah, there’s a lot to it and I guess it’s probably good to touch upon the ones that a lot of us are seeing right away. The most presence out there today that we’re seeing in this wind energy and the turbines that are going up. And it probably should be brought to the attention to a lot of people that the big huge turbines that we see out there – will we finance things like that? Of course, we will. Although our focus is more on businesses and farms, which is a lot smaller turbine installation. But so you got the wind energy, you have solar energy, which a lot of us are seeing. We’re seeing these Solar Gardens popping up all over. It seems like they’re popping up like popcorn right now. They’re just simply popping up all over in small areas. It’s kind of impressive in a way how they’re sticking these Solar Gardens in little spots. They’re making very good use of them. And that’s actually something a farmer can look at is the rental to an entity that would want to put one of them up. The way it sounds it’s a pretty good deal. Are these guys putting that in, Chuck, for their own use? Does it pay to do that or are they something about selling back to the grid does that happen? Tell me a little bit more about these panels. What would make it worth it? Just the fact of producing your own energy and to be independent of your supplier to a lot of people that’s a big thing. It probably cuts down on the peak cost. Absolutely. Cuts it down. If someone has some real large peak charges happening out there that is a real good thing to do is have a some kind of a way to make it happen to get away from that. And that can be done with a number of different sources of renewable energy. But that that’s a real good thing to do. The other thing, yeah, if they produce enough energy that it’s too much for them, they can sell it back to the supplier. They can put it on the grid and sell it back to their supplier. And that’s a real good thing to do. Also, it has a little bit to do with where they live and how well the supplier will pay back for that. But it’s a real good thing to do. So we got wind, we got solar, we’ve got anaerobic digesters for farmers. Now that’s where they kind of make use of the manure, right? Absolutely. I think that’s gonna become popular with farmers not knowing where to go with the manure. They’ve got all they can do to spread it on the acreage they have. Is that kind of what that ties into? That ties into that wholeheartedly. And more so when these townships and counties have regulations on how much manure you can put on an acre and things like that. If the farmer has too much manure to begin with that’s a good place to get more dollars out of it. The digester systems are kind of complex and they’re kind of designed for the most part for a little bit larger producers, but many of them are like large installs of concrete and things like that. But they do have like a lot smaller units and I think we’ll see some of that happen in the future as these regulations and price electricity goes off with and the farmers out there are trying to become more efficient in what they do. So, Chuck, we’ve talked about the big ones, the big hitters that people might see like the wind turbines, which would be the wind energy. We’ve talked about solar you know the solar panels whether that’s a big solar garden or rooftop solar units for individual use. We’ve talked about anaerobic digesters and how they could come into play for some larger dairy farms, maybe even headed towards some smaller dairies in the future. But also are there some other ways maybe not so much that everybody knows about or thinks about as renewable energy? But other things that are saving energy or cutting costs that that farmers can do. Well you hit it right on the head, Craig. The thing of it is just think of saving energy and really anything there is out there for saving energy. It has to do with with renewable energy and us financing it. So if the plate coolers for milking systems, putting in different fans and systems with higher efficiency motors in them. And lighting so they actually have more lighting. The cows have a better environment and the farmer has a better environment. All that is all that savings that can happen. Wow, that’s a lot for someone to think of in terms of many, many options they have to go down on their costs. That’s really incredible where things are going. Absolutely.

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