Cranking it down the Upper Peak Forest Canal!

Cranking it down the Upper Peak Forest Canal!

hello welcome to this vlog it’s been a
while since I’ve actually made a proper voyage log where we actually go somewhere on
the boat and then tick off a pub of the week along the way so look forward to
that coming later but first I want to say I’ve just witnessed my own first TV
series being transmitted on BBC Four and that whole bizarre scenario but it’s
just been surreal the amount of comments on Twitter and Instagram and
and YouTube just blowing my mind the reception has been unlike anything I’ve
seen and I think that should be good should set us in good stead for making
some more but that conversation hasn’t really taken place yet so as soon as I
know that if there is a second series in the works I’ll let you know I really sincerely hope I can make some more of these because it just yeah I
mean all of that is a team effort it’s a project that we’ve all worked together
really hard to make and an incredible experience look really really hard work
but I definitely do it all over again this video I want to dedicate to two
people number one Paula Offutt — Paula is a crank it crew member now — she’s
supporting me on patreon — and she’s from North Carolina and she’s just
interested in all the canals so thanks Paula I hope this video tickles your
fancy! and we’ve also got Natasha Alker — Natasha
thank you so much I know you’re looking for a boat I hope you’re getting nearer
that goal and thanks so much for patronising my videos and joining the
crank it crew — welcome on board both of these guys have red flags next
to their name not because they’ve been naughty but because they’re our
producers so they can tell me what to do sort of thing anyway without further ado
let’s get started on the vlog this was filmed in between making episode 2 and
episode 3 so it covers the area from Bugsworth basin skipping Whaley
bridge i didn’t stay long there because there were no mooring spaces and
then just continued around to Marple Junction I really wanted to do a YouTube video just
to fill in the gap but this will get also give you an idea of what I get up
in my down time when I’m not filming hope you enjoy it see at the end! that mist coming off the water — mmmm!! it’s very
early it’s about 5:30am so apologies for looking really tired I’m in a lovely place here the Peak District and look at all
the cute little Gosling’s this used to be a Depot for boats
picking up coa,l gritstone, limestone, lime—
about 80 boats day according to the guidebook coming and going from this
area you can almost imagine it because it has
just been left to ruin so it’s really cool to imagine how it used to be the Naughty Lass is… just over this wall And now I’m going to go back inside because it’s cold
even though it’s end of May it’s still freezing cold but it’s so good to be in
the Peak District this used to be used by lots of working
boats and is now an ancient scheduled
monument not quite sure that means but safe to say that there’ll be no
redevelopments going on here I love it it just it feels like you’re
in a sort of magical little world that you’re allowed to explore and you do get
tourists coming here and everything but yeah if you come here and it’s a bit quiet I
think you do feel like you’ve got your own little world to yourself that’s Whaley bridge that arm there so
I’ve come from over there Bugsworth Basin and yeah I know I’m at the front
of the boat because my friend is driving so I can get a chance to get some sick canal
footage from the front of the boat – check it out! Oh lord how I wish I could get that in this
place here and get it all smartened up but then perhaps I’d be really precious about it
and I’d be polishing it all the time I ain’t got no time for that!! whilst my friend Stu did a great job of
moving the boat along I had time to stalk the towpath and some of the boats
that are in the marinas nearby some of them had absolutely fantastic paint jobs
always consider myself more of a canal person I’m a fan of various canals and
things rather than being a fan of boats but some of them you just look at you go
ah so nice you know especially when you’ve got an absolutely battered but
lovely boat like Naughty Lass here God she’s been through some times well I’m moored up in perhaps I think the
only two weeks spot that I could get in anyway and I’ll show you in a sec halfway along the canal is a place
called New Mills — and I think it’s a lot more happening than any of the other
locations because they are mostly little villages or towns which don’t
seem to offer too much — and even if you wanted to explore new mills itself,
which has got some wonderful views over the river Goyt and the train tracks and
other things — this is still the only spot that is nearby and it’s about a mile
away so I find like a lot of places on the peak forest the Moorings are
quite scarce it seems and most of the places don’t seem to really
want to welcome too many visitor moorings quite weird for an area that’s mostly
sort of relying on tourism I’d say I’m just walking through Goyt side Meadows which is
just like a nature reserve right next to the canal so if you’ve got a
dog I mean you’re spoilt for choice around here this is something I’ve never seen before
it’s a standing sundial they lied to degrees west longitude longitude and at
local midday 13:08 hours summer time or 1200 hours
GMT the stones cast the shadow on one of the other standing stones and you can
tell whether or not it’s summer solstice vernal equinox, autumn equinox, or winter
solstice – that’s quite cool but I think I’ll stick with my Casio for now so that’s the nature reserve we’re going
back onto the Canal towpath and to see one of the probably the most
famous boats on the whole of the system even more famous than mine check this out I don’t want to get too close because people live in these boats and I hate it when
you get cameras sort of peering in or just people sort of hanging outside the
boats so yeah gotta respect people’s homes guys There’s obviously nowhere to moor here these are
all just like the permanent long-term moorings in the marina and there’s facilities here like
pump outs etc and then one of these buildings I think it’s that one there is
a brewery and they serve their speciality is smoked beer so if you’re
really into your craft ales or whatever you want to call it that is the
— when they’re open, they may not be open! Right now we go down the steps into the town! Pub-wise you can’t go far wrong in this
town apart from this one here ‘ the pride of the peaks’ pretty much all the locals
told me don’t bother with it unless you want to see a fight happening so it’s a
shame because he looks quite nice although it’s quite small this thing
here this place here The Beer Shed – that’s the one. That’s Pub of the Week guys [Music “Pub of the Week” theme tune] Tunes mate… tunes yeah?! [plays Freebird by Lynyrd Skynyrd] they’re letting me DJ in this pub well not officially — they’ve just got a record player in the corner — there’s no one here so I’m just going to go for it innit this is another good pub it’s got a good
pool table and excellent welcome but it’s a Robinsons one and they all look the
same so it loses points for that and then we’ve got another contender for a place
of pub of the week just because it’s so friendly and welcoming and that’s this
place the Masons Arms and obviously I can’t go in there because it’s too early literally it’s like half 9:00 I’d like to recommend this vegetarian cafe
— the food was delicious and although I am a “meat-eater” I do like to have a
break from it every now and then! Public toilets there and there’s a sign that
says… even a lovely tourist town like this you
still get troubles! Impressed by all the DIY shops there are here there’s at least 3 selling all kinds of things
loads of charity shops so I think you could spend a good old day here Gotta say
actually the charity shops here are pretty good I mean look at this little
laundry basket I’ve picked up that’s perfect it fits in the cratch area really
nicely. I went to the DIY shop got one of these wire things for my drill that’s a paintbrush just had to check! And that’s a present for someone – a 1940s or 1950s card game just a plain mug as I
smashed one in the day unfortunately and then some spray paint for the life ring
because I think that’s the only thing I can really put on it
well paint that will actually go on plastic all right back on the move so
I’m just gonna take us past New Mills and then on towards Marple where I’ve
got to moor up for the next a lot of filming and that’s all I
want to say…. [voice over:] yeah at the time I was recording this I hadn’t told anyone about
the TV series I was making so it’s quite difficult to vlog I didn’t really know
where I was but I still had plenty of time to enjoy the scenery and also
ponder why it is they call this canal the ‘Peak forest canal’… I suppose the reason why
they call it the Peak Forest canal is because there’s so much… yeah er Forest!! because there are so many trees around us on this canal the weather today is kind of humid so it’s quite warm a little bit damp a bit of
rain today but I imagine in summer this is the canal to be on because it
does seem to have quite a lot of shelter from the sun the sign there says beware giant hogweed
it doesn’t mean there’s like a huge plant that’s gonna come out and attack
you but they are very very dangerous and I can show you some juvenile sort of
versions of them looks a little bit like this and gets a lot bigger and yeah if you
come across any just stay clear of it I think is the advice… I can recommend the services here I
haven’t used the pump out or anything but people are really friendly and I
think they would help you out if you got stuck plus they’ve got ice creams
apparently in there so that may be another reason to stop quickly right now
this is actually a sweets factory I don’t know if you know the brand Swizzets
these things Parma violets – not a fan myself but I wish I had smell-o-vision because
it just smells of sweets brilliant! perhaps the biggest employer in town
I’ve met loads of people from Swizzets just in the pubs in the Rock pub
real nice people actually but yeah
they must go home every day smelling absolutely amazing reminds me of when I
used to work for Neal’s Yard Remedies I used to come home smelling of essential
oils very popular with the ladies older ladies one thing I’ve noticed about this canal
is there’s no one fishing I don’t know whether that’s due to the sort of
general decline in popularity of fishing probably more to do with the fact that there are trees
above you and powerlines as well so but probably quite good for fishing fishing
you could get in here but I’ve also seen a lot of signs that say ‘no fishing’ which
generally means no fishing I’ve just seen some more mooring rings so I guess
that’s another place to stop there just going through a small town or maybe
it’s a village not sure because I’ve not been able to explore called Disley and if I did have time
I would definitely head straight for a pub called ‘Malt Disley’ I think that’s
fantastic I mean that gets a Pub of the Week award straight away but also they
serve craft beers and ales and things so I definitely would to try out if I had time!! there are quite a few hire boats on this canal so you’ve got to watch out especially because it is so narrow
you need to manoeuvre around them especially if they are going too fast and you often can end up at the side in the very shallow bits and get stuck so you see
what’s happened we’ve run aground because passing another boat is quite
difficult so yeah it’s very very shallow here but we’ve made it through without crashing into
anything at least it’s good— it’s just slowed me to a stop that’s all there aren’t any locks on this part of the canal but
there are two swing bridges and two lift bridges one of which I’m coming up to
right now and yeah they’re alright they’ve got chains on some of the swing
bridges so you can just do them yourself you know you just push the bridge open
and then pull it back with your chain and then you’ve got lift bridges like
this although one of them is electric which is absolutely fine, easy,
but this one is a little bit of a nightmare so although there is something
to tie on to this side it’s just for the front rope and the boat just has to
drift away like that which is not ideal the boat is the other side of the bridge
now and it’s tied on at the stern but also because I’m so bloody clever I’ve got my
got my boat hook at the ready to pull it back so I’ve got it tied on there but you need
to sort of be able to pull the boat back a little bit so you can get on it
I could probably climb on from there but it’s just not that safe as I’ve said in the description of the
video title in the video this is the Upper Peak Forest canal which is six and
a half miles from Whaley bridge or Bugsworth basin to Marple locks which I’m headed
today just six and a half miles no locks but as I said plenty of bridges and just amazing news I have to recommend it for that and if you get a mooring, fantastic yeah the water levels not too low and your boat’s not too deep, perfect good for holiday boats as it’s not that challenging but with enough to see along the way right thanks for watching my video I
hope you enjoyed it it’s all filmed on an iPhone 8 plus but now I’ve actually
managed to save up for an iPhone 11 pro so I’m filming on right now and that’s
an iPad pro as well so I’m getting pro guys you know upping my game just for you! but couldn’t do it without the people who actually support me on the
vlog on Patreon if you want to join up the link is through my website below
so have a look there if you interested otherwise thanks so much for watching
let me know what you think in the comments below and keep on cranking!
see you in the next one bye bye!

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