CRYSTAL OSCILLATORS - Satisfactory City #61

CRYSTAL OSCILLATORS – Satisfactory City #61

welcome everyone and that was perfect timing just as perhaps toes joining in thank you very much for the rate and welcome to a nice cool calm relaxing evening in hopefully good company and ready for some satisfactory this evening this fine evening so what have you guys been up to today I can reveal what I've been up to I've been shopping for a new mouse I have been recording and deleting stuff for my new factory series and I've been doing trigonometry not voluntarily for the last part so you Mouse yeah it's a Logitech G 402 I know that's not the fancy and the latest one however it is has a very nice grip and a very nice shape and I like that more than the 502 even though that's newer so what why you can't be serious that there is a mismatch here right no no no you're just trolling me aren't you Tom and went to the movies with your son what did you watch anything interesting anything good now I'm getting now you're freaking me out with those cursor markers Oh Pokemon detective yeah I love that I thought it was really good I watched it but not with my kids I don't think they're since it's not subbed in Danish then they can't really watch it what are we doing again oh yeah we had something to do over here so we left off last time with this thing we got our this is this is the building for reinforced aren't light it's coming down slowly and going we build it here now this one used to go down over and round and over to this huge Tower right the oscillator tower I think that's it why do we need to get to that Tower oh right yes and that means it sneaks by right there why would I need to do that one there good kid is eight he has hurt too much English on YouTube language isn't really a problem oh that's nice my daughter is nine and and she's yeah he's not there not there at all so the reason why we have to stop last time well that was because we ran out of time but we also just couldn't get the last because we are actually not really having enough of the Industrial encased industrial beams so let's go up and grab some more and wine that we don't have enough of it and when we seriously completely run out then we are going to okay that's fine actually that's that's just fine yeah that's fine anything else no not really you have quite a bit of iron please yeah that's fine it's fine we're gonna need a lot of those so there we go what is that big structure there what big structure there everything is a big structure those foundations new wall yeah extras and I think you're right about that TJ mines yeah you probably are but but I don't think that matters too much because I am not exactly speedrunning so I think you'll be good to go in terms of keeping up oh it feels really weird to do the new Mouse that actually is responsive and everything that's very nice it's also gonna be fun with the right clicking actually working have you seen a small structure in an inner stream yeah the big talk directed to your left that thing you can't be serious right I mean that's not the one that's the space elevators that but you've been around for a long time and good morning JD all right oh you never discovered it oh okay I'm sorry it was just that is um that's where we get our research from eight one two three four five six ish oh this is horrible is that any way to do this yeah I guess we do it this way instead one two three four five six fish come on yeah so now we need to decide whether we want to do two lifts or one lifts no it was actually it was taking it out here it would actually be way better in so many ways because first of all we could make you with you one lift oh that's not good yeah that's one list yeah we could make you with one lift well let's be honest if Dino's radio it's probably up for what I have no idea what you're talking about I'm just going to no stream and see what's the episodes I missed cool yeah I mean I feel that the episodes of this play display through on YouTube are mainly just for the people to catch up I don't think there's a lot of I can guarantee that there are not a lot of people who watch it as is just that's the way to consume the satisfactory content which is kind of fine because it's not really the ideal way do you calculate the amount of action you need to reroute to it did another factory or do you just see that if it's not making enough you upgraded all three do you just wrote it over there and if it's not enough then you just got like l upgraded later on that's number three and that's the one I'm doing the intention should of course be that I would upgrade it but I'm not particularly good at that like the roses all the anything basically yeah we're gonna go with this one foundation so that our objectives for today are primarily to get our oscillators done then maybe start working on computers because that would really open up a lot of research to us or a lot of options hmm ground level oh yeah crap absolutely ground level you can make it what what is this what is this what is this insanity this is exactly what I'm looking what I'm building now Wow what why do we have that already hmm okay well the good news is we already have it AHA the bad news is why do we already have it all right well that's great so I can actually just take it along this way and somehow get it okay well that's great we can do it in a different way can't the Tooth Fairy beat me to it or I don't know okay well that means that's just a bit of cleanup here I heard such crisp miles ahead now it actually goes I'm only worried that it might be too loud the clicking but I guess you'll complain about it before as soon as you find that to be in a an issue so that was a hell of a lot of useless things I did hear that's why this is post midnight things so post midnight things probably not the best builds did take that one out so leave we go up here and we clean it up again you make it this time all of this don't the other clicking good can I just deconstruct you and then everyone's happy no more modest fellowship expands praise this yay praises so who are we praising G beacon thank you for the two months subscription thank you very much thank you for your continued support see this one here is actually coming from up there that means we can upgrade and can upgrade and if we upgrade with promise upgrade all the way back to our to the storage facility which I can then upgrade that's upgrade that one as well we can now take all of these in sweet see a man that comes off the belt you might want to upgrade it if not quite get that yeah now this one is a mock for already this one Mach 3 or like something amok something oh this is lovely being able to stand up here and just almost almost make it almost make it okay well that was almost good enough and I hit reach up there nope I can't so how girl and here there they're not upgrading this because of the through forum I'm upgrading this for the transport time which is not the best excuse for doing upgrades to be honest because it's kind of a contrarian to grunt inconsequential and the grand scheme of things this is also an annoying location so this one is exactly what I wanted to deal with because this one will now be a that's not gonna work is it not even from up here yeah that's that's not fair and from this one elders too long okay not by a long shot not by a left I got a bit I really should not grade this one yeah you know I'm going to regret upgrading it so I'm actually on hey Enderman you knows all the things and the stuff oh the things and start you're gonna split it over to factor so we'll be enough I mean this one can transport 450 there's no way I can never make 450 so it it definitely is not enough but that's that's a problem for later for another time not round now we're going to take something to get Clyde come steal yourself we are building an army thank you mumble EO what a man badly oh thank you for the twitch Prime and welcome to the order of the path and andaman what we are building today well we are building the completion of of what of them this tower the oscillator crystal oscillator tower so we what we're stuck at or what we working on is getting the iron plates we can fall to iron plates in there so I think the answer is this path right this one seemed like a good place to take it come slike minds we are building an army thank you oh yeah it's been four months already it has been four months here on Twitch it soon it's been five months you know future news will be mad at you for making more problems for him yeah but that's not my problem that's I'm not gonna be around when future Nino's is raving so that's really more of your problem than my problem okay I'm gonna momentarily do this I think because here yeah this is very very suitable location to bring the stuff in and I'm gonna bring it in here yes we appreciate your stream and your vids on YouTube thank you very much and maybe you've noticed that there is no factory on my channel today that's horrible I know I know I know that it will be but probably not until Sunday to be honest I'm gonna do this the right way we're how do I match this right one can I even mess to this one I'm not even sure this looks like an okay match going two three four yeah looks okay ish and my intention is going to be here since they need to cover multiple locations I'm going to build and that means here that we built I think it'll be here who knows where it's gonna be that one looking at this it's impossible for me to see which way it goes over to the right hand side it looks like it's going over here but so that turn sides going that way so it's just like a complete mess now it's possible now it's fun but if we look right there no idea if it goes one way or the other what came to you actually enjoy the most oh no the question that question come on someone someone help help me out here with the answer to that oh there must be someone who can remember they remember the answer like trim well the most you're not doing it right Oh Grimm hacker that is actually more correct than and I'd like to see that it's not rimworld and this one our modest ownership expects praise the so there we go grim hacker thank you very much and crank ovitch thank you very much brand-new subscriber welcome to the channel and thank you for your support here we go come on I want to see it is it is it working that's a very interesting looking it seems that it is only going one way all right let's see the next one's yeah this is kind of not fast enough is how I would define this there we go see I would really like to see some of them going this way one ha one seriously one the stackable polish clipping oh yeah it's it's not only keeping it's also not 90% so thank you good mice is the tier 4 built because I like tier 4 build and eventually I only have tier 4 belt does it looks more pathetic that you have two items per minute on the tier 4 belt I guess we also it allows me to do we and get there faster so what an iPod saying it can't decide between satisfactory oh it doesn't mmm not about this siding it's more about liking more than one thing you don't have to have something we're like oh I like this most so I only play this you can also have like yeah I like both games they're both awesome in different ways so I'm gonna enjoy both of them well this is gonna suck because that's kind of where I'd like to walk yeah yep and go from this location and why so I guess I have to do it in a different way so you have to go and I have to in this location math application I am not entirely happy about this I don't think they are as great as they're just very wonky and in terms of how to get them to do what you want these baddest elevators here they really know what's also in the fact that you can't ride them is also a bit of a deficit because then this is gonna be less useful and I can run below this parents praise so thank you for four months great to see you extending your stay around here whoa and we now need to figure out where did I that one good so I need to check this out and I fortunately think I need to do this one then why use them because they are a lot easier than building ramps all the way this one this part is fine but out here where I'd like to ride the belts it's a bit unfortunate that one and yeah I'm gonna have to go in and run all the way up we also need a color for this star we'll get to it yeah there you go so this is something this is something and this is the other the last something and that's just needs to go in here and then everyone's happy so how do we get these items into the right locations well this one could like this maybe I don't know I think I want to take I don't know yeah that should be yeah you of course won't like it oh you're not gonna like anything are you they have been so they're so annoying to play see now these belts if they've gotten worse at that right so that's one that's now gonna go to again is it really necessary with these belts I don't know I kind of I kind of gotten to the point where I'm gonna use these for everything which is incredibly bad right that any of these things that require nowhere near as much as I need okay so I think we want to do a new subscriber it fills you with determination thank you grim hacker two months at which Prime receptor a while ago and twitch keeps prompting me to share it's annoying so here you go a message thank you yeah I don't know how or I don't know why it's decided to become so obnoxious I mean a I think it's fine that you sharing it generally but and how do they I don't think that's necessary to get two messages from everyone one that they Risa and one where they share that theory so I think that's maybe a bit over the top but that's a luxury problem because we like knowing who who subs the interesting thing is it's actually not as interesting to know who's out as it is interesting to find out yourself why well because it's interesting to see who who of the regulars no longer are among the regulars because some one day extra song just disappears into the void and we miss him spent many a night crying ourselves to sleep and then suddenly he's back then you get happy why unit manufactures for three input recipe what else would you use and so as our arrows read the simpler one input two input for four inputs so can craft two parts into another part so it did if there is no option it has to be has to be like this the next one will be on this level well you just just build it here and one day one day even st. cabbage will no longer be around I rule that day it will be a sad day indeed but it will happen so don't get emotionally attached hey evening the polum I hate I love that it's the poem it's not just any poem it's the poem and this one I have to hit exactly there that's going to be exactly on this one and now we just need the last one I think we'll keep it at ground level and then bring it up yeah maybe they're getting Savage hello good evening I've written into my will that patron account stay active yes don't worry that is it's a strange things right in your world but okay I mean it's not but also please it's not really patreon a subscription that I like having around one two I do realize that this is what qualifies as not efficient use of space not particularly you official look at these quartz buckets bucketz of course and that's actually interesting the pockets of quartz quartz crystals they come in buckets nice and hey is it working by the way what is not working I had the reinforced plates let's just do this and pretend that they came in with their belts here oh no it's working endowment extras and $10 we love you New Year's thank you for making great content thank you love you too in there and this is where you have to say no homo but thank you I do wonder let's get one of these point it towards this and like this right and again with the eternal struggle marry sir instead yeah this doesn't look feasible doesn't crouch and clearance what about if I placed one of these here also just yeah too close too close hmm such a shame oh there are two inputs the stack of a ball on the right is wrongly placed okay sorry and on the right must be over here yeah this one oh that's quite horrible thank you thank you thank you thank you and sorry for the needles today I will get it but I was just so consumed by my own stupidity apparently Oh try this one thank you for noticing to two to three extra cent like it's like it's a sugar supplement or a discount supermarket that could also be called extra Center or a strip club look at this this seems to be something we could abuse use huh use somehow the fact that there are two inputs let's do that let's try to use that for something good one two three that's not going to go come on okay never mind it's also better like this anyway didn't want it that way anyway so yeah okay yep it's okay and that makes no sense that makes no sense at all yeah then ice is not possible you can go like this and then you can go from let's get this one sorted there and then you can go in what why is there a whole bunch of nothing there okay we're going down and you going down all right everything seems to be working looking good looking strange but okay to be looking from the side hmm don't know what it is but it's pink and purple so I think this tower definitely needs to be pink or purple we have a pink or purple color that one we did use that one we're not gonna use look at that that's exactly what we need yeah Wow little chubby who is little chubby are you calling me little chubby are you god damn it I am average height and average weight so don't call me little chubby and I thought you just said you loved me no extra sand and then this hmm yeah you know what I think the only way to do this is like this well otherwise we have to go I think he was talking about how well the stream was soon as a yeah yeah excuses excuses that's what it is let's go down here no no no no no and about resume anymore refresh alright so either we go back or we find some beautiful field of forest good thing vichu is not here because you would probably comment like oh I'm sure you could find it by looking in nature like I don't know what you're talking about so good thing is not here we have like a big field of the yellow flowers I know we do unfortunately it's also kind of kind of below some it's it is protected it is encased in a protective layer of concrete and I'll find more things to encase in a protective layer country look while driving that seemed like a good idea so have a safe drive and maybe we'll talk when you are back what is this one huh oh oh that's something I've oh right that that's that's kind of kind of not cool I would say I must have deconstructed this one by accident sometime what's your problem can't afford all right well you're gonna go on and level one because then it looks like you are more fish than you are there okay that's important and here no I'm missing one I know there was one down here that was redundant and I was like should I take it out and the answer is yes I should take it out okay applause being preserved for future use yeah that's kind of not really a good point because I kind of need them now so what you need is that one should go back to oh now I understand why it's not working Yeah right that makes sense I did sort of had this sneaking suspicion that I was missing something and that's obviously this one I'm missing so you're coming in from here and you're going to that one and I don't have the country to take it so cannibalize here one two really okay so far not see that coming sweet let's see there we go now this looks magnificent it isn't but it looks like it looks like it's really just really just supporting it and yeah good okay we're gonna get 50 of these new things maybe and this is the wrong floor I'm getting stuck in random things let's see how many have been created 21 is not enough and you're producing one crystal oscillator heavy – per minute so this is gonna take another million billion minutes I guess and we have 4 plus 21 that's 25 that's only half of it that's the game support ray-tracing I have no clue no clue at all what I do have a clue about is that as usual I've forgotten to fire up my my brakes so I will do that yeah maybe we'll also take a later one just in case we can't go okay and don't turn it upside down because and you can't see it since it's a silent that I'm sorry about that let's go let's go well that was me stalling and that did nothing this is one of those things that you just leave it running and then forget about it I also do you think that it would probably be beneficial to get one more floor of this but that's gonna be on the to-do list for later on when we feel like it yeah so we can't do crystal computers because we don't have that yet hmm okay this is a nice big concrete slab now this one is starting to annoy me and that thing here this is this is brilliant I love it this is a complete mess and I like it because it's kind of a mess I wanted to have all right so what do we want to do we want to go back and find some more people poo let's do that what a fail rhoads's need to be upgraded no tent important looked into structures reinforced and plates I mean but okay an ESD since forever loved UNIX I was tinkering around and there we go now you need to hit your ride on some belt when we find a good belt to hitch a ride on that one that's where you should yeah so much concrete that isn't place yet hmm there let's see what do you have 200 fresh picked it up good oh that's gonna be looking nice with the purple tower pinkish purple tower so what else do we want to fill up our inventory with other kind of junk do we want I think the primary kind of junk we need is this kind of junk so let's do that I'm one of the belt going the other way but I last not an option I know that this one is full and unfortunately we can't at this point we we have a few things left to build and then we have a lot of scaling to do see this is just looking so much better than that isn't it I mean yeah you know what this is just horrible and boxes of shame mmm that's not good let's make a deliberate thing this and yeah what that place the knot and let's see what you can pick up there must be something that's valuable man 82 of these but I assault that doesn't do it and this one will then turn into a boxer shame I guess yep yeah now let's go you can start me with a full unit are not exactly the first time we do that and probably not the last time either oh look they oh oh that kind of close to each other or other the same they're probably the same damn that sucks do I have other colors oh yeah by the way there's a point to this there now that's just a hole no it is the same it's just the light you can see the color here the color they are it's the same make it dry it shouldn't be a problem to test it definitely see definitely not the same color not the same color lovely you guys are awesome I suck but then again that doesn't seem safe then again anything revolved involving colors is probably not my forte I still not sure the fact that they are so close to each other that's a good idea or not this thing is probably noops not actually very good idea I think I want to do something else here like know one thing I'm time and this one is ants that's more like it this one is it green or blue like the desk that's what Hey look at all the not up not up to pick up all flowers pick up of all flowers okay so now this one has to go as a piglet one two three four for one two three four yes two it seems good Oh oh that's not good this needs to be going down down as why not like this and I think I'll leave it as that one my intention was I could make this go down to 806 yeah this makes sense I'm sorry good all right so we have now we need to go up and take a look from the outside up whoa that's bad that's really bad that was not bad at all didn't take any damage all right so I will this time actually remember to get a nice screenshot of our office there as I transition into a short break that's beautiful looks nice but now you did a wall slide apparently I did a wall slide because I am awesome at those kind of things so I did a wall slide of course okay so I will be taking it through a three minute break short minute break even and maybe along three minute break but anyway I'll see you guys in three minutes for more satisfactory

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