79 thoughts on “Cure flu with herbs, Sumatra, survival in the tropical rainforest, ep 83

  1. Dude, you can't cure the flu with herbs. Even modern day medicine can't cure it. If your friend "could" cure it, he would literally make BILLIONS of dollars. BILLIONS. And EVERY pharmaceutical company in. The. WORLD, would want a piece of that action, undoubtedly.

  2. Fico feliz por ti jovem nunca é bom um homem sozinho Que bom que vocês estão junto agora felicidade para o casal kkkk

  3. ​in description said the place he surviving from north vietnam and his friend is indonesian,then he's vietnamese or indonesian

  4. If you have a cold, you’ll probably have symptoms like these:

    runny or stuffy nose
    sore throat
    headache or body aches
    mild tiredness

    Flu symptoms can include:

    dry, hacking cough
    moderate to high fever, although not everyone with the flu will run a fever
    sore throat
    shaking chills
    severe muscle or body aches
    stuffy and runny nose
    severe fatigue that may last up to two weeks
    nausea and vomiting, as well as diarrhea

  5. Pokoknya gw nonton terus, gw pengen ikut survival. Kayaknya enak 😁.
    Btw, Sumatra itu nama orang ya, bukan nama pulau yg ada di Indonesia

  6. Ini setingan saja, karena dia lagi sakit ya temannya yg pegang camera datang. Yah mungkin saja bawakan obat dan makanan lainnya, bisa saja sperti itu. Tapi tetap luar biasa ni laki, mengembara di hutan belantara. Sehat selalu buat pemeran channel ini, semoga kedepan lebih baik. Salut,. 💪💪✊✊✊👍

  7. ว่าจะไปเยี่ยม ไม่ไปแล้ว กลัวติดไข้ป่ามาลาเรีย

  8. ที่พักหลังแรกๆ ก้อดูดีนะ แต่ที่พักหลังนี้ ยังไงๆไม่รุ ฝนตกหนักๆจะทำไง ว่าจะไปเที่ยวหาสักหน่อย ไม่ไปแระ😅😅😅

  9. ถ้ามีผ้าห่มสักนิดคงนอนสบาย

  10. Think of anything with antioxidants, I often eat a large raw onion, it’s not easy but it will burn out any colds effectively fast when combined with sleep and multivitamins.

  11. Loving this true survival. As a gamer, I enjoy playing Green Hell which has mechanics similar to this. Probably the most realistic game out there.

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