Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | FAMILY Reactions

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes | FAMILY Reactions

hello everyone and welcome back as always we're back again ah what are we watching today guys well not a photography look I'm doing I remember I the start of it is dawn one dawn toward the planet of the yang so we saw bright eyes of the Planet of the Apes and now we're gonna be seeing the second one called dawn of the Planet of the Apes so I've seen them before I love them they are blind to it they saw the first one and we really enjoyed it as those we have a yeah you guys really enjoyed it they were talking about it for so long and we're finally gonna see the second one so I don't want to tell them anything about it and we do remember Caesar from the last film and we really loved his story arc like that was so crazy you know how we got so smart like he was born with that he had the genetic alteration that will create it and he'd out for Alzheimer's so that was pretty amazing that he is that intelligent and there in that is yeah and they let all these different apes to the tall trees in California the redwoods we had that pilot oh I know the pilot the end the ending credits that was lazy so they saw that that disease spread like crazy yeah everywhere and it didn't take long to I mean any kind of disease can spread so quickly it's a really freaking scary language especially was airborne I mean any kind but something that quickly is just very crazy and rewinding a little bit I love the ending with will and Caesar meeting up him seeing this his father you know and they're like the same height and that was so crazy because Caesar is a powerful creature very strong and he's like the same size he's the same height at least more muscle and stuff is kind of crazy but he seem like he's still of course loved his father and stuff like he was cool respectful and we'll understood that because he wanted to bring him back to safety but he knew at that point that yeah Luciana he had to have him on his own and it was just too different at that point and too much has happened and yeah so very very good story and that other eight oh yeah that was Koba yeah yeah and he was the one that had lot of experiments yeah on him and he looked all scarred and everything he scared me in the first movie because I thought he looked so evil all the way oh my god and nothing came from it so John let's go that was really sad you know like that was so sad and with the ferry news version I really wanted to leave him in it and I had to take him out I was like no okay it's like that was such an important scene but there were so many good scenes in that he was I just decided it was a long movie a lot of movies always the hardness because no matter what you have to take things out that are big and I'm like you know ten minutes isn't much but it's cool that we can at least do that and we have our full reactions which we love to read yeah so I think we should just get into this and see what this entails yes let's do that Wow look at how advanced well this least one oh my god no no don't wanna throw your tongue that's right number rocket hit yes go you play them now the poor horse though yeah he's returning separate Wow simple but to the point of the gun oh the paranoia guys let the gun oh wait this ruined the whole time and they had a gun there break it in half no no he didn't know Caesar love humans more than knaves more than your son oh my god huh it's gonna accuse the other oh oh hey mints you better get out you ain't gonna say giveth you brought it over I did Oh Ron town Ronnie said I am alright terrible just to get your point you just ruined your own else oh boy oh boy oh wow oh they went right to the armory cuz that's rude they know all their this is true go oh they got the machine totally screwed Oh all his family him okay just take off he's gotta go you know why just shooting anything okay I go down yeah yeah oh God naturally Oh God nobody wanna get all of it darn Oh what the heck yeah it's gonna run over something he's alive Oh oh no he's gonna get here oh no is that welcome on the head oh it's gonna crown him we're gonna kill you go ahead Momsen great good one he's gonna hurt him hurt him he's gonna hurt him they're gonna make it my favor oh oh yes Wow looks like wills Jeep doesn't it yeah those old house it is look at the window they're too loyal protect yourself oh holy crap Oh Willie Oh oh my god I hope no no I'm helping daddy come on no I'm helping daddy oh good you simple give up babies come on guys I got crashing Oh hey hey the games back no I'm gonna hit things all here you son of a gun you better nap buddy pick them up duck fightin dirty just take things boys does he's gonna he doesn't give up Chris no he doesn't what the hell son of a gun arunya he's gotta go come on guys Gracie got Maurice you slow no you just ha by good remember we do it will that's awesome so that she lost him yeah looks human that looks so human they said Wow such big great now I'm so emotional all the way through oh my god the facial expressions yeah from both sides insane now you know that Andy Serkis is the one of course who does Caesar and I'm sure he's done like most of the Apes or a lot of them I don't know but so thick and incredible yeah and I know they followed his movements and expressions all the way through and you know sensors and everything and that was just so good I love that last shot where they're zooming in on Caesar and he looks human you know I can't tell the difference and then just needs me now more than ever I mean it's nice that they all kind of back and he's back to leaving but yeah they do and what a great leader to even so injured come back from the dead laughs oh my god only two days of work whooping like that lake yeah cuz that that wasn't much time and I was like oh my god how the heck is he gonna defeat Koba but he's smart man like even with his son his son was a great help getting the loyal troops together but just how he went after coppa he knew how to go after Koba get to his weak vulnerable spots and stuff like actually insulting him he knew how to get to Koba he knew how to insult him he knew how to really get his guard down because he would get so aggressive and not think properly you know just hitting him when he got hurt you know on the side he kept going in right for that cut on his side yeah every time you let Cove beat him up a little and then he would turn around and smack me on that side and that would knock him over and it's just amazing how the whole group won't touch either one the way they respect ya in different you know differences they just he was officially the leader and so they just realized that yeah I was back so and it's different to exactly because with the Apes most of them really love Caesar and they respect him so much yeah and they just back off and you know they want to have him fight and be the leader that he is but with Koba I guess they were also afraid of him too that they just didn't want to go near him kind of thing but yeah it it's cool how they just kind of back off and let them do their own thing a lot of apes following Koba were doing it out of fear but a lot of them were really supporting him which was damaged as my strength is whoever's the strongest I guess but you know it was really a voyage in how Caesar side everyone that was in the boat in that bus yeah I mean that was genius just doing that window yeah it's my big brother back I love how yeah that was great how they did that nailed you know mom like you said Maurice and rocket got it and maybe the other ones too because I think you know of course we saw that symbol a lot after the window after Caesar left in the first movie and he kept marketing on science and everything so that became his logo so I think that means Caesar or something and I was so sad yeah because when they were in that enclosed area collectively like when they just got out like that one hour a day and shelter there yeah he would do that window yeah so that was really cool to get them going so realize he went back to his house and you know I really in my own way would love to see well but I know that wouldn't be realistic and honestly if they did bring him back in this it wouldn't be corny but it would be like a yeah right like unbelievable kind of moment because when he died happened yeah I mean it would be cool TJ survived but like so many people died that what's the chance that he actually survived although they could have played it off where he was around Caesar this whole time so maybe he built up an immunity to it or something that would have been cool but it was better not to have a minute not saying he did die not because we don't know but I kind of just assumed that he did and I know 10 years later you feel more for it because now you feel that's you know there's a picture of him yes I thought there was food the video and it was like Omaha still work but they had it plugged in so they showed you quickly about when the lights came back on it was charging just knock my gas so it was still plugged in when he saw it so I thought that was actually really cool who cares I'm so happy they did that yes so we can actually see well again with him and but this was really bad she was she a doctor she worked for the CDC okay yeah and I guess she was some kind of doctor or something or she just knew medicine and how diseases work and everything so yeah I'm glad that she was able to help that was great for the for the wife yeah I think her name is Cornelius I don't think we saw it in here but we saw her name in the first movie and it wasn't a major thing so you guys wouldn't have noticed it but she was in one of the cages and I had the name on I remember seeing that so I think that's her please correct me if I'm wrong and she is big in the old Planet of the Apes or something so I never really saw the old Planet of the Apes maybe bits and pieces but I really can't even tell you anything about it but I know she's one of the Apes and Caesar was too so Caesar was one of the main names as well from the old school one so this is throwback from that I freaking love this storyline but the emotions and you can feel it with the Apes like they're another not human but they're like humans or they're totally emotional and I love the bonds they all have for the most part like sure family bonds with Caesar was wiping the goo in their ruin their whole their whole village sir I mean Koba did yeah yeah that was horrible no cos COBIT was really full of hate and you couldn't get over it stably yeah and it sucks because they were all driven by certain things and by extreme things and you have Kobo who was just so hateful and we can understand why he was so tortured and had no choice by the name oh yeah no he I knew that humans he just generalized humans as being bad and same as they you know that human guy the human guy but the guy would be gone and everything yeah and he was totally trigger-happy and something he hated everyone that they know and love and it's horrible so you have all these things going on that you can understand what these people are coming from and it just sucks cuz you know we're rootin or at least I am and I know you are timid Caesar you're rooting for a Caesar Malcolm to find this common goal where they kept not comical but they're trying to find this cop yeah common ground where they can actually be at peace and at an understanding where they could both live peacefully or kind of work side by side sometimes who knows but they wanted something better and Caesar really does care for the humans he's very knowledgeable and very smart when it comes to knowing the boundaries and everything or trying to make peace in some way but he knows that apes have to be separated from humans but he really wanted it to work out you know he really wanted it to I love how he did in the beginning where he went with all his male apes I guess and they went on horses and everything those numbers rights of it right to the gates or whatever they're just like hey these are our numbers so don't mess with us so he didn't want to even use violence of course he will stay there and Koba just went way out of his way to really prove it wrong even it's like the humans didn't go there to work and the dam like Koba still would have messed around and he still would have brought those guns back and done something maybe not shoot Caesar but that was freaking crazy that really shocked and that you thought he's right of course everyone did I was so mad like you just did one shot I don't know I mean there's so many different guns there so who knows I mean it's like a machine gun I'm some I dunno but that one is no but maybe just Caesar survives he survived and that's crazy because you know Koba you never want to judge a book by its cover of course but here he is looking so sinister and evil but he was tortured too which sucks but they really did a good job in this like showing how evil and crazy was going to and how he just looked at Caesar and shot him no remorse at all with nothing that best friend follower you know what everybody's like Oh humans did this yeah I'm even telling his son that like we're gonna avenge your father it's a go my god right away just do their friends that read you from all this but you know you can't get over that because he wasn't you know Caesar wasn't following what Coco on this before hey you know what he didn't want anything to do with a human so but it was fun seeing both sides and trying to work together and even when they were working on the dam when everything collapsed the Apes they went back to help them they said they dug them out yeah so I love those interactions where things were actually working out and even the little baby is so freaking cute and how humans yeah I'm laughing because I'm I have a kid med home and I know it's not the same kind of comparison but it did remind me when that little baby ape of Caesars jumped off the horse and ran down to see the people and because the son the older some kind of lost them bright eye or blue eyes and I was like oh my god it's for my kittens like he's like fast asleep you know like a look at normal human baby would be able to move like that was so adorable he was green on the side of his dad was just before his dad was gonna have the surgery I mean crying and yeah the emotions behind all of them yeah he was so good to tears coming out and you could tell he really loves his father and family but he really was for Koba in the beginning like he really didn't like the humans either he was throwing against some thought he was wrong yes so it was cool to see that issue as well but I'm glad that he came around and and I'm glad mao zedong body his family even his son or to try to see the good that's right yeah in the apes you know I agree that I agree yeah and Ellie saved Cornelius Ellie and essentially students I do yeah he actually saved Cesar yep so pretty easy I like how this movie starts because it's sad and very depressing when I was a boy right here but it took a long time yeah and they just explained everything and it's kind of neat how they did that but I like how they show all the different continents and you can actually see clips of the first movie in them yeah we're talking over and stuff so you just get everything all at once to know what's gonna happen in this where we are starting off but it's crazy that so much time has gone by in the beginning I don't know if you expected a time jumper right after I didn't know some to be 10 years yeah they've come so much they do this a third one hey they let it be a fourth one I heard rumors I want to look into it because that might be in the making thank you yeah okay so there is a third one okay so I'm sure eventually we're gonna see that too we again watch stuff all the time we love doing this and we will you know we come around eventually to this we try we try to you have so many requests guys and you guys are so patient awesome and thanks for your support but we I love planet of the apes with this ever series I love their houses like I love all the spikes and everything and I don't know if that was how it was in the old planet of the apes or not but it just looks so letha it's different and it's defensive yeah I like to protect them I'm sure like the top parts probably not but still like just their style of building they're very civilized now like they're I wonder if some of them will retreat like the hands and the females to go back into the woods and I know what are they gonna do now because now apparently all these human troops are coming now the only soldier actual chasers no more seizures like well you know the wars already here or whatever so I don't know how much they happen I'm glad Murray survived – I was so sad I really died I love him as a friend yes all over the Sun – I know yeah I know he was great with the Sun and he's such great friends with Caesar I love that yeah the friendships are created like rocket in rocket he was that bully I mean again Apes or Apes and you're Lars or you guys yeah and he was such a bully to seize remember rocket was coming and stuff and then here in Amman lace and now he's smart and he loves Caesar he's totally supportive but yeah he lost his son – yes yeah that was crazy that Kobo went all-out like he hated humans but his hate just completely took over we're history healing apes no problem wouldn't even help this fellow yeah best scene was when Caesar goes it's a kebab you are not a yeah and again the facial expressions in even the body language and everything this is so perfect yeah Andy Serkis and whoever else did help with the motions of the Apes but they were so freakin good and just Kobe was so like almost demonic like like how much a snarling yeah he was so good too smart like they did it yeah I'm sure they do have you had that seen so we always say we will watch I mean I'm sure we will cuz I want to go back to Harry Potter I want to go back to all these things that we've seen and loved so much and just talk about it more and we will get there and again Kim's gonna start helping me woo edit and I'm hoping to possibly get another editor as well because it does take up a lot of time and would you love it I can only afford so much so thank you so much for donating guys but the more we grow the more I can actually pay people to help us but it's great anyways like we absolutely love doing this and oh my god I haven't seen this movie in so long I saw this in theaters and I totally forgot certain things that happens I was actually starting to freak out especially with that explosion at the end and yeah I was like who survived I don't remember but again they were completely blind to this and I can't wait to watch more so we'll see again we always have pulls up or we try to every week or so and can't wait to see what we're gonna see next yeah Malcolm Sun oh yeah a great sketch yeah he was great he was really good and I love seeing Maurice with the humans like you can tell he really cares like Caesar does and how's he wanted to learn how to draw from it the kids sketchbook that was really cool and he was a really good artist he was so that was neat to see that and I just linked to the book and I like yeah and I love ya cuz you brought the go yeah it's amazing how far the Apes have come like they are so advanced now it's crazy so we wouldn't believe it I know insane and even the face-painting beginning was crazy too the only thing that got me as I know they were trying to round up the I guess caribou or the elk or whatever they were well I was like why would you yell to corner them because even though they were trying to like corner them or group them they still jumped over them and they got surprised so I would I would just want to sneak up to them and just throw spears and kill all the ones that I need and that's it you know because they totally have the advantage there but I guess it wouldn't make a cool opening I'm chasing and then that bear is a blue eyes he cone of brain eyes but bright eyes was the ape in the first me at Caesars mom Caesars mom so I think that's why he named him blue eyes maybe but I thought that was pretty cool and one last thing but I thought it was so cool than half of this movie or more was just all sign language it was yeah and it was so crazy because it was pretty quiet with like no dialogue at all until we started seeing the humans but pretty much I want to say 50% or more was just sign language and it was the great that's amazing I love it so that's what they really taught each other to sign yeah that was a great occasion great movie thank you for this request guys I really hope we could see war soon the next one's called war the Planet of the Apes and what does that mean so thank you so much for watching and we'll see you very soon as always Caesar look at a star [Laughter]

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