50 thoughts on “Deadfall Wall – S3 EP12 | The Forest v0.73

  1. I one shot a Virginia with a happy birthday trap, I was working on a minefield of traps and I heard hissing, (virginia) and ran to lure it in happy birthday trap to see how effective it was. Yeah she was one shot.

  2. I think the main weakness in this wall is the enemy running along it and triggering traps but not getting hit, if you ran rock walls in between that might stop them.

  3. You're actually a really good youtuber. Editing is minimal but just perfect. You can be funny. It's kinda soothing. Nice job!

  4. I want to ask, when I built a gazebo with a very high size, I couldn't go up on it, how to finish it without having to build a ladder. Thanks before…

  5. When I tried to use the trap i killed myself three times in a row. I got so angry and broke the trap w my axe xd

  6. Can someone make a mod where every log/stick/resource is worth more on custom buildings based on how big it is? like up to 100 resorces needed on a custom build could be normal and then 101-200 theyre worth 0.99% of the whole structure and then 201-300 0.98% all the way to 0.01%? cause at 100 logs; 1 log is 1% of the whole structure….those damn 350 log builds just for a foundation builds kick my ass. And imo buildhack just takes away the game. Thoughts?

  7. Just so you know , 7 months latr on ps4 I'm using your ideas ,awesome game,awesome tips., Farket,King of the Forest ,tks Cheers fr. Can.

  8. nice to know that this weird sound is made by deer…
    i first thought is was another sound made by mutants but only at night

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