Deep in the Amazon Rainforest at the Tambopata National Reserve 🇵🇪

Deep in the Amazon Rainforest at the Tambopata National Reserve 🇵🇪

Lot’s of beautiful air but boy is it hot. I think my new clean clothes aren’t so clean
and new anymore. On our way to our boat, about two hours going up the river to our lodge in the middle of the Amazon Oh yo, whoa the legs on them are huge! Those are the army ants. Oh my god – Army ants! Yea I don’t want to stay in one spot for
long. We got ourselves a little boxed lunch (Oreos, yea buddy), even in the rainforest, there’s nothing like Oreos. Fil is now the skip. Ahh, safety first. Even if you get bit by a mosquito and catch
some weird stuff… Don’t wanna “drowned”… That’s important. So this capybara can swim and can dive through the currents of the river. It’s main predators are caymans and jaguar. Oh Jaguars try and eat these guys? So caymans int he water and jaguars on land,
these guys must be pretty screwed. Oh he took the egg and got out of there, eh? Are you serious, he’s stealing the egg? So it’s a toucan that eats other eggs, did
you know the toucans were that kind of D$%*’s? Going in their nest and eating all the eggs,
horrible birds! Butterfly number two. The beautiful butterfly room. We started off as caterpillars, and as we
go through the trip, we emerge as butterflies! Welcome to the jungle. Ok yes, welcome to the jungle, eh! Woo! Cheers! Thank you! Where’s that boat driver, he is awesome? Ya, Hawkeye. He needs a drink.

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