Deploying trial environments - Dynamics 365 for Talent

Deploying trial environments – Dynamics 365 for Talent

hi everybody tom here gonna take a few minutes today to have a look at the process for creating trial environments for Dynamics 365 for talent a few reasons why you might want to do this first of all of course they're great option if you're trying to learn the features or there's something that you want to try out or get to know the updates second of course demos and the third prototype in with customers so it's very useful thing to have if you hear any background noise over the course of this recording my apologies it's school kicking out time here and I live on a road with three schools on it so it's quite noisy outside the window okay so we're going to go through six steps we're going to create an office 365 trial create some users deploy a talent trial warm up the apps assign some licenses and then create some chrome profiles that last step is really optional but it's a great tip if this is something you're doing a lot as it will make your life much easier so the first thing we're going to do is create an office 365 trial the benefit of doing it in an office 365 trial tenant rather than your production tenant is that you can deploy all sorts of other trial licenses into this tenant as well so if you want to have a look at power bi or power apps you can spin both of those up on trial version as well now I always get to my office 365 trial via this excellent blog post by Dan uh sure you can get to these pages within the Microsoft site as well but I'll be completely honest I find them very very difficult to locate whereas this blog post happily pulls them all out for you two different versions of office 365 that you can trial here III or a five personally I prefer to always go for a five I'm going to put the link to this blog post in the notes underneath the video so that if you need to get to it it's easily accessible but I have it as a favorite and I'd recommend you do the same so I'm clicking on e5 I get straight into this page now what I'm clicking out this filling out this get-to-know-you page I'm not filling that in for myself I'm feeling that in for a test user I'm gonna cover up the screen here just so that you can't see things like my mobile number and if you need it I'm sure you already have it and I would fill this in always for a kind of fiction or test user I've used people like Harry Potter and various authors but these days I go firm or normal sounding names because I find they look a bit more impressive and a little bit more professional in demos so I'm just gonna walk through you can pick the organization size but it doesn't really matter you're then putting in your user ID and the jaws fictional company name now this needs to be something fairly memorable for you because it's something you're gonna need to keep coming back to I'm going to again create the password and then reiterate that password down below again make sure this is something memorable because you're gonna need to keep coming back to this later on you can tick all the boxes or run tick all the boxes about having Microsoft contact you personally I think they'd get enough of my data and then you can hit create your account then you have to prove you're not a robot now you need to put your actual mobile number in here because they will use it and you will be prompted for a verification code just takes a few seconds to come through this is real time so you can see it is really really rapid and there we go so now I have to sit and wait for a couple of seconds while this all spins up in the meantime I can make a note of that sign-in page in that user ID because remember this is something I'm gonna need to keep revisiting personally I use a robo form for holding my passwords and I every time I spin up a new trial environment I'll create a new safe now in Robo form which holds all these details for me as you can see it's already setting up my account so things are happening fairly quickly there is a point later in the process where it's safe to go and make a cup of coffee and have a better break but the early parts are are pretty rapid so now I hit start setup and it will take me through into the office 365 admin area and I'm presented with two options the first one is connecting a domain already known own but I'm gonna just go through and continue using my on domain for now and then I'm gonna skip the setup options and go straight to add the users myself manually if you add users from within the setup guide it will give you some strange options around passwords which if you're going to use all those user accounts yourself is a bit of a pain so I recommend doing it this way within the office 365 admin portal there's a user option I'm gonna open that up and going to hit the active users link you can already see my user who I created who created the tenant the trial tenant is already there so I'm just gonna put in another test user and I always use Sarah Davis for some reason and we're going to give Sarah a username the password settings I'm not going to allow the password to be also generated I'm going to set that manually and I usually set it for demos as just the same as my admin user just because it's easier to remember and make sure that you don't require the user to reset their password when they login otherwise you're gonna have to keep remembering those passwords just minor things remember this is a trial environment I'm not going to put any real data in it so actually security isn't that important to me at this stage so I skip through the other options till I get the green tick that Sarah's been added and then I'm happy with that and I can close it so I've now got two users and you can go in and add as many users as you want at this stage so now I'm going to deploy my talent trial and I'm going to use again Chris my admin users credentials to deploy that talent trial within my office 365 tenant to do that I'm gonna go to a web link which is trials dynamics comm and I'm doing this again within the private web browser session that I did the initial office 365 set up from enter Chris's work email having selected talent as the trial environment you want to deploy and again put a phone number in now I usually put my own number which is what I'm growing out this section but to be honest there's no verification process so you could probably put in anything you want at this point it doesn't really matter once you've done that hit get started you get the same things about privacy and Microsoft's contacts and what they can do with your data and then you just hit start now at this point it's gonna go away and do a fair bit of thinking but when you get to this screen with the D you know that you're on to a pretty good footing and it will think about this for a while you'll get a screen which says checking user license and there are some talent trial licenses and with your user who deploys your talent trial is automatically a trial license later on in the process will go away and look at how you would take those trial licenses and assign them to some of your other users so once you get to this everything's fine this is the point where you can go and get a coffee this usually takes about ten minutes in this case it was about eight minutes later the screen will stay on this it will keep refreshing it will keep flashing for about eight minutes and once you get to the end of this process the deal disappear the screen goes white for a few seconds you can see the urls changed at the top of the screen that's your talent core HR environment and then within a few seconds you should start to see the default dashboard within core HR start to load and there it is so our talent environment is deployed successfully the next thing you're going to want to do is warm up the apps and what I mean by that is as the admin user you need to initiate the process of going into the apps by which I mean attract and onboard in order to open them up and make them accessible for other users if you don't do that you can get some strange behavior so it's a good habit to get into just doing that as soon as you deploy a trial environment go in with your admin user click on their tracked link as I've just done here you'll get this kind of building blocks screen while it just sets everything up this these days runs pretty quickly it used to be fairly slow for ss4 trials but now it's fairly fast this is all real time so you can see it's just taking a few seconds here so once I've got to this screen and attracts I know that the initial attractive deployment is done and then I can come into this drop-down menu up to the top here which doesn't want to work today there we go and then just click on onboard and go and do the same thing to warm up the onboard app to be honest I don't usually bother warming up offer but you can do that if you want to but I tend to stick with just attract and on board offer will warm itself up when you get to it anyway generally speaking okay so on onboard once I get to this set your employees up for success screen unless you want to do the walk flow sorry do the walkthrough I'll just hit skip it will take me to the dashboard and there we go attract is working as is offer okay so now you want to assign the talent trial licenses so as I mentioned your admin user automatically has a trial license assigned but you need to go in and grant them to other users remember that the experience apps with in talent do live license validations so if you've set up other users in the tenant you haven't granted licenses for them they won't be able to get into the likes of attract an offer if I open Chris's account here back in the office admin portal click on license isn't Apps you can see he's been automatically assigned that Dynamics 365 for talent license but I still have 9999 remaining so that's good we can come into my other user who I added open up the licensing and Apps tab and there you can see that I can just enable that checkbox to assign a license to my other user so she'll now be able to get in to all the other bits of the system and of course actually that means you will when you're representing that user now the final stage here is setting up some chrome profiles and this is useful if you are the sort of person who is giving demos and you want to be able to jump from sort of one persona to another chrome has a really nice feature around that and I'm just going to show you very quickly how to get that set up here so the first thing I'm going to do is actually go back into my core HR environment within whatever web browser I set up talent in I tend to use edge as my go-to because I'm a bit of a glutton for punishment and I'm going to go back to that core HR environment and I'm going to just copy that URL so everything at the beginning up to the question mark is my core HR URL so I'm just going to copy that on to clipboard what I'm going to do is open a chrome session and I'm gonna click on this little icon in the top right hand corner and I have this manage people option at the bottom now I'm going to go add person and this allows me to create a persona for Chris Jones and this will take with him all these logins all his passwords into a chrome profile so whenever I log on to Chrome am using the desktop shortcut as that person I will automatically have all of his passwords so again if you are demoing it's a really useful thing to be able to do otherwise the people that are watching your demos don't have to sit there and watch you fill in passwords all day so quick tip pro tip I'm just going to connect cool HR by pasting that URL into the address bar sign in remember using Chris's talents office 365 credentials remembering that's the on email address enter the password as well remember how I said it should be memorable and once I've connected safely it's a really good idea and it's gonna take a few seconds just to get that through it's a really good idea to bookmark this page because again it just gives you an easier way in if you all you have to do is open a desktop shortcut and click on a on a favorite to go straight into talent so I'm just going to add that to the bookmarks bar okay let's have a look at why this is particularly useful so if I go to my desktop and I've blurred it so you can't see how messy it is I'll just pull out this desktop shortcut that's been created for Chris's profile don't know where that came from and I'm going to close the browser which I had open previously now you can see if I double click that shortcut I get into Chris's profile and I've got a desktop shortcut that's taking me straight into the right environment and locked me in as Chris Jones now where that's useful is if you've got several users set up representing different personas within your demo or within your testing because you can very easily stick all of those shortcuts in a folder and have them easily accessible if you need to jump into different roles okay so that's it for today that's a very quick run-through of how to set up talent demo or trial environments remember that you can extend those environments you can also deploy power bi or power apps trials into those environments using your admin user which really start to open up the sort of testing sort of experimentation you can do and you can really start to find out what the product is capable of if you want to find out more about talent you can always check out my blog which is Tom's talent blog co dot uk' and if you're particularly geeky you can use the QR code there to connect with me on LinkedIn hope that was useful and speak to you soon

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