Discover Fisheries and Water Resources at UW-Stevens Point

Discover Fisheries and Water Resources at UW-Stevens Point

The fisheries and water resources
program is kind of amazing. Very diverse, we have a ton of different courses.
Everything needs water to survive, and it’s really learning how to manage it
and keep it safe and protected. In the fisheries and water resources program, we
offer three degrees. One is in fisheries and aquatic sciences, the other’s in
water resources, and the last is in hydrology. It really starts off pretty
basic and then you can get more specific with your interest. So the fisheries and
aquatic sciences degree really is focused on training people to work for a
state agency or as a research scientist. The classes are really fun, they’re
interactive, they make you think and critically analyze fisheries management,
fishes research for yourself. All of our upper-level courses in our program are
taught by our faculty. We interact with our students – in small class sizes, we
get to get out, get the students on the boat, in the streams, working with our
equipment. You get to experience wildlife and fish in such a different manner.
They allow you to have opportunities in the field, opportunities to get actual
real-world experience. So it’s the fun stuff, where you get to learn. You’re
not stuck in a classroom all day. Just being out on the water and getting
hands-on experience is probably my favorite part. Our students get some
pretty great opportunities. We have a bunch of professional societies here. The
university has an American Fisheries Society chapter. It’s a group made up of
fishery students here at UWSP. We provide experience with hands-on fieldwork,
networking with professionals. There’s so many clubs you can get involved with.
After graduation I really think our program has
very diverse opportunities. A lot of our graduates go on to graduate school in
fisheries and aquatic sciences. Many of our graduates go on to work for state
and federal agencies. Any student that’s willing to work hard and maybe get a
little wet and a little dirty is definitely someone that would enjoy this
program. If you’re a student and you enjoy the outdoors or you enjoy going fishing or
even just hanging out by water, this is for you.

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