Discussing My Last Two Days On This Earth With My Woman! 😢 *Very Emotional*

Discussing My Last Two Days On This Earth With My Woman! 😢 *Very Emotional*

you can be like this is the last time that I ever gave you my time on camera as a documentation of how the funeral is gonna go – he's gonna be set Foofa light you're gonna be sick what up folk it's your boy flash you know I straight come with the bangers what's up everyone the flash family what's up YouTube so what's going to go on is my girl know I've been down and out for a while but I'm about to pull off a heck of a prank that you guys have never seen done on YouTube before and this prank is basically gonna be about me actually being gone all night I got bad news from the doctor I guess supposed to be about me purchasing funeral insurance so my funeral could be paid for so I'm going to show you guys exactly how we gonna do this right so check it out look here we go right here left so if you look right here see I got the letter right here see that look see that and inside here I got the letter so basically hold on come on focus so yeah I'm gonna be sure I'd heard that letter and she don't see what it's about and she don't see that it's no gaming as seriousness so gonna see my name on it and everything well now she gonna take this I'm act like I'm vlogging and I'm act like I'm basically doing it so we can keep this sighs records forever and this is my last YouTube forever so I'm gonna tell her some of some some along that lines you know what I mean and it's going to be basically a funeral planner you know what I'm saying I'm paying for the costs of the family I'll have to worry about nothing and you guys will see how I play up so I also want to indicate that it's very important that you guys get life insurance you know what I mean and and funeral oration or so I can cover you know what I'm saying whatever you guys are going through or just in case because life is too short people know cap life is too short and you never know when is your last because as you guys know about a week or two I basically was getting shot at wouldn't even say shot out I was in the middle of a shooting actually you know I had to react to it but who knows maybe the bullet could have caught me or anything but it's good to have life insurance is good to have you know this funeral advantage program as well it's good for you guys this it's written some real funeral Advantage program people and it covers a lot and so with that being said I don't want anybody to take this in the wrong way because I'm gonna be telling they're like I got out of immune disease that's just eating away I me and the doctor said I have about two days to live so disclaimer nothing against anybody that has a disease or anything this is strictly for entertainment purposes only and you can use as you guys know I love you guys all and it's come one come all people you know all about everyone in this world you know that if you don't know that by now I don't know what else to say though about everybody anyway let's get this prank started hope you guys enjoy it's also gonna be kid-friendly if you want your kids to see it it's up to you but I know it's gonna be some high emotions cuz I'm a very good McMahon to this woman I mean this woman know I'm very good to her she knows that I'm always there for her what is he gonna feel like to her to know that only got two days left just never been done before I know you don't play around with stuff like this but I just have to think of something different and bring you guys a banger cuz I know you guys are getting tired of seeing the same old same old on YouTube so I'm gonna switch this up right now by the way folks I got the 13 point Oh iOS on my phone for those who don't know how to focus a camera you push your finger on the screen it'll focus it from the square so I'm running a 13-point oh it is nice so I got it in a dark mode right now so let me carry on with this prank I have to share that with you guys a 13-point obi Liddy when you guys get it then experiment with it it's pretty good the meantime let's call it real quick although she been calling me a bunch of times so what up nothing what you doing sitting in the car sitting in the car what just I got a lot on my mind I'm just thinking on your nothing talk to me no I don't want to talk about it why cuz I just don't want to talk about it so this would appear boy no not for this you can only you can only be there for me for so many things but not for every everything I'll just come in the house and talk to you so here we go it's kind of dark I'm sorry people but on at the house now I'm at the house right now although y'all sorry about the darkness in the dark right now sup with you vlogging hi CJ yeah I'm vlogging what's been up with you are you still address I mean it's like dark outside what are you doing are you dressed up what's wrong with this dog why is he tripping like that thinking about got some bad news to tell you so basically I'm vlogging right now because I need to say this I need to actually save this right now you know I want you to have this forever documented because you have to save this forever so remember two weeks ago and I got my blood work done and all that yeah come back there music disease means something is actually even away in my immune system no I'm dead serious yes it is it have to be no I'm being serious I'm telling you I'm being serious right now even got the letter right here look I've got the letter right there I've been winning a funeral insurance so you guys don't have to pay for it we plan it for my funeral and you have like two days left to live no no why are you throwing it on the ground you didn't even read the letter read the letter read the letter pick the letter up on why is it on the ground what are you doing can you pick this off the ground please pick it up off the ground look at it I'm not pranking you how am i pranking you on being honest do you see me look like I'm laughing do I look like I'm laughing right now do it look like I'm laughing right now can you please pick the letter off the ground why is it on the ground right here can you pick that up and read it please because I'm not going to have you guys paying for it I'm not gonna pay for it I'm not gonna have you guys paying for it read it read it hey I can tell there anybody sometimes you got to show people proof but I'm gonna believe this now do you believe me oh I guess I'll go back on my car go do some more thinking since you don't care that's what I'm gonna go do say goodbye to flash in about two more days they give me – gonna be tooken care of you gonna be tooken care of I just told you did you not hear what I just said because we need to document this we got me we got you we got me we got you and then we got – – is an insurance – I just told you our immune disease I got an autoimmune disease what else do you want me to tell you what is there else to tell you two days two days left why do people always act like people live forever people gotta die sooner or later people think just because you're a certain age like I'm 31 you're 31 people think they're how you know what I mean that you're supposed to live forever no I'm not giving nobody no moment no I'm not taking no camera off for you you need to be a part of this my wishes is before I die is I want you to be a part of my video man be a part of my video but I want you to be a part of the video I need you to be a part of the video those are my last wishes before I go home those are my last wishes oh I'm looking at all of you have no worries I'm the one taking care of that I will never leave that burden on any of you that's why I'm taking care of it you're gonna be taking care of you have no worries the dog is gonna be to get care he has no worries I'm gonna do it you don't have to pick up nope no casket the family can take care of the casket and be the pallbearers so you have nothing to worry about what's the problem now I'm gonna make you one better I'm just gonna go to my cars what I'm gonna do is what it is man come on just you don't keep so why you don't want to document this with me this is not even going on not going are you you wear gun this is not going on YouTube or anything this is for me and you this is for you to have forever and I look down at you when you play the video because I need to know that's fine when I'm really not fine at all I just told you that so I've decided to wait until the letter came to me for the funeral you cannot control what God has in stock for us you cannot do that you cannot stop that you cannot dictate that you cannot get mad at God you cannot get mad hey God how can you get mad at God for what do you do what is people gonna learn to understand that God Britain to bring us here and take us when he gets ready to so you're telling me you're mad with God but you calling me home I'm hurt too I don't feel good I feel sad that I'm actually leaving but what can I do for something that's done already and I just have to accept it now I gotta go with it why can't we talk about this because that camera is a documentation to remind us that I had this conversation energy God I don't matter you can take take it this way you can take this as my last words before I get rid of the gun and you can be like this is the last time that I ever gave you my time on camera as a documentation of how the funeral is gonna go – he's gonna be set Foofa light you're gonna be set with everything fuck everything you get everything Willy you get everything well you better care about it don't don't you want to remember me some way how can you talk about that one I'm gonna be dead in two days how would I know how to plan a funeral I'm going to be gone before you so how can I plan your funeral now I'm going in today you're gonna be gone in two days I've been to be gone in two days they said it I'm gonna be gone in two days that's why I've been losing a lot of weight haven't you notice it that's why I've been feeling dizzy that's why I been feeling shaky that's why all this has been going on with me hey I don't care man I don't care you need to learn how to woman up and be strong because women are strong too it's not just as men and you can woman up and you can be strong she thority like Adam Candice Patton and Daniel panabaker and all them say she thority and I'm with it I'm serious I totally agree with them that women are strong empowerment as well it's not just men and I like them women because of what they do and they stand for that and that's right anything us men can do women can do so I want you to be strong for me right now stop acting like that I'm not leaving nobody alone you shouldn't even be saying that right now when I'm getting ready to pass away in two more days you shouldn't even be doing that yeah man I'm sorry I got to record this I have to record this sorry I got to record this you have to I'm sorry I'm not a record I have to I got a record just I have to record this you gotta understand it hurts me too it hurts me too you gotta understand I mean hey been together a very long time good things come to an end I'm sorry very sorry miss Meena sorry any last thing you want to say on the vlog you know so you can always remember this for the rest of our life hey when you finish morning you get over it you can go on ahead and look back and say wow I have something to remember here by you remember I almost got shot about a week or two ago so I could have been gone from then I mean people think that in life that you live by haze you don't live by age you live by tragedy or some or anything can knock you out it's a disease the diseases even on my white blood cells I don't know how to pronounce it sorry I'm sorry I apologize me really do I apologize you're all set for life man I just told you that you're set for life man don't worry about it – – hook – this is the Hindi look – I want you to take very good care of her okay you promise me that come on show me show me that you don't take good care come on show me show me show me show me show me show me show me don't take care of her baby but – gonna take care of you look look he's saying yes – do this for the last time so people can see what I'll talk to you let's show them some stuff that I taught you come on here come on do it again what do you hear do it again do it again again good again Hey – come on come on lay down lay down lay down lay down how do you tell them to do it you taught another star I taught him this time come on roll over roll over roll over baby roll over roll over roll over roll over lay down roll over roll over roll over roll over there you go come on roll over turn over come on negro nothing real belly rub come on pillar God can you do that last request for me give them a belly rub please give them a belly rub nothing bro belly rub well I'm not even dead yet and I'm a sick fuck I'm asking for you quest before I go and you're just ignoring me can you please give them a belly rub I don't know how to do it you trained them can you do it that's why I'm going dying you're gonna be here by yourself because you don't appreciate me while I'm here well you don't act like you he's going he's in the video or do you are I'm telling you to bid him down for me I don't know your command that you taught him there you go yeah so – right – – look at that beautiful woman over there you'll find somebody better than me I'm quite sure there's men out there better now you'll find a better man than me we're gonna be gone we're gonna be gone I gotta go I'm sorry I gotta go I gotta go I gotta go I have to go two more days I could promise you to spend two more days with you it's – okay he sound like each on developer for you anyway look into the camera right here no look into the camera on my last wishes my last wishes look into the camera no how does it feel to get that ass pranked for the damn pranks you've been doing me how does that feel how does it feel how does it feel how does it feel how does it feel how does it feel so there you go people I got that ass don't play with me this is flash Tang or don't bang and get in these comments and tell me you guys laughing about it and in the meantime this was in no way to hurt anybody they have autoimmune disease and this is a good lesson errybody life is too short go out and get life insurance once again and at the same time I want you guys to do me a favor to not put a burden on your family make sure that you also have funeral expenses covered as well in the meantime I'm out of here I love all of you guys I took a lot out of me to do this pranks catch you guys on the next one don't get mad cuz you can't beat me [Applause]

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