DNR shares ways to explore the great outdoors this Summer

DNR shares ways to explore the great outdoors this Summer

I'm delighted to have in studio with us now dan with the department of natural resources we were talking about it being the first day of summer and of course the DNR is also gonna celebrate summer solstice yeah you know it's been celebrated around the year for centuries really by various cultures and religions so it's kind of a fun thing to do and a fun thing to get the family out it's a fun reason to do that the longest day of the year might as well make the most of it yes so what are some things that you have going on around this so a mini OPA state park they will be celebrating the souls just with their solstice celebration that's going to be tonight at 6:30 and that will go until 8 o'clock and that's put out by the Friends of Minnie alpha group they're celebrating with the gathering at set man mill so folks can bring a lunch lawn chair and enjoy the bonfire and live music and they'll be get a spring old-time string band folk music so be kind of fun so again 6:30 till 8:00 o'clock and in case of inclement weather it'll be moved to the picnic shelter the picnic shelter on the falls side of the mark and we are looking at some new additions to Minnie on the staple yeah we're really excited about this 10 calves so eight boys two girls and or I should say eight bull calves and two heifer calves but we're very glad that folks have been really been enjoying that it's been a really popular and charismatic aspect of our parks and you know whether it's Minnie OPA State Park or Blue Mountain State Park near Laverne it's part of the Minnesota bison conservation herd and these are these are animals with superior genetics okay so as you know they were nearly extinct about 100 years ago they were cross bred with cattle but these animals are largely free of cattle genes so just like their ancestors you know centuries ago that role in the plains and if people have not been out to see them there's actual Road you can drive through and try to catch yeah absolutely the Bison Range Road it's open six days a week okay it's closed on Wednesdays for maintenance but opens 9 a.m. until 8:30 p.m. all summer long through Labor Day and then as the days get shorter in the we backed that time back to 7 o'clock but yeah a really great opportunity and all it costs you really is the state park pass so it's it's free with admission and again $35 for an annual pass gets you into all 75 state parks the whole year perfect and of course with somewhere everyone's thinking about maybe hitting up the local rivers as well yeah absolutely you know our paddling community has had kind of a tough spring just because of the high water as that water recedes we're getting more phone calls from our canoes and kayakers but yeah the rivers have just recently dropped below flood stage and it's left behind some debris and some of our public water accesses so I give our folks some time to get those cleared so everybody can have a safe experience I know you have loads of information on everything DNR and working folks go to find that MN DNR gov and if I can real quick – there's an I can camp program coming up at mini OPA State Park as well details MN DNR gov slash reservations it's a low pressure way to learn some new skills good to see you again good to see you alright we'll have more when we come back

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