Dogman, Skinwalkers, Loup-Garou's & Other Cryptid and Paranormal Phenomenon w/ Researcher Sensai!

Dogman, Skinwalkers, Loup-Garou's & Other Cryptid and Paranormal Phenomenon w/ Researcher Sensai!

[Applause] there is an unexplained phenomenon that works in the darkness of the night I think that they're different from us they we might share some of their DNA but I don't think we're that that related we live in a world unknown mysterious phenomenon manifests itself because there's a lot of stuff going on and this is stuff that being told to us by people the wildlife community the last time I'd been to the park alone I thought I saw a very large dark shadow at least in that hello folks my name is Chris fringe and tonight join me as I discuss the unknown phenomenon that lurks in the world from dogma and a sasquatch to the paranormal let's dive into the unknown you're listening to the venomous fringe and welcome to the venomous fringe we are live ladies and gentlemen welcome to the show guys I'm very happy to have you all here tonight I want to thank you all for tuning in it's actually morning so good morning I guess you could say and it's great to have everybody here I mean this is gonna be a very good show tonight this shows it to be a little different than previous shows I've done because this is one of those shows where I'm gonna be sitting down with not only just one of my moderators who has been doing some moderation for me for quite some time but also we're just gonna be talking about what his views are on the whole discussion of Dogman and skinwalkers little gurus and other krypt it's a paranormal phenomenon out there so it's good to interact with people who are fans of your show as well as also people who tune in to the show that's kind of what I'm trying to do here is introduce more of a of an audience that would be more interested in coming on the show as well as talking their views and what they think of the phenomenon itself so and I've spoken to this guy for quite a while so he's a very good guy I really really respect him a whole lot and it's gonna be very exciting to have him come on and talk and and listen to what he has to say so it's gonna be cool and we're gonna bring him on shortly but before we get going here folks I just want to say thank you all for tuning into the show guys I haven't done a live show I think in like almost two months so it's been quite a while since I've actually done it a live show so it's great to be back in the groove but also to it's also great to be sitting down and doing one of these shows again I also want to thank you guys for listening in to the paranormal roundtable interview I did want to thank Josh Turner and Sal once more for having me on we're gonna be doing some future shows they're in there with that YouTube channel as well as talking with them because they're great individuals and I really love speaking to them and it'd be great to go ahead and sit down to a big panel with them so it's gonna be one of those type of events I can't wait to you know do more with them and it's nuts because really a lot of you guys come from the paranormal Roundtable and it's it's great to have you all here and listen in and get a chance to see a lot of newcomers here too I know a lot of you guys some of you were chatting in right now first time listening in live so hope you guys enjoy so thank you again Josh and Sal paranormal roundtable guys check them out they always post some terrific content from paranormal stories the dog man encounters and they do the interviews they're in there subsequently so check them out as well guys you know I may as well throw in the plugins now we have Jeff Natalie Jeffrey Natalie a dog man narrator he has some pretty interesting stories and you guys wanna go check him out check out his YouTube very good guy I really love what he puts out there and he's a great individual it's great to have him in the field and talk what he believes in and what he discusses as well guys you want to see some animated reenactments of some dog man encounters and other cryptids check out dog man narratives yo dawg man narratives one of the other unique dog man youtubers out there he picks things from square one he makes some pretty good content so checkout Dogman narratives guys so check out those three individuals and shows they're very good content I recommend them as always and we're about five minutes in so like I said tonight's episode I'm sitting down with a moderator of mine and also a fellow researcher so it's great to have you all listening in all 78 of you guys it's incredible we're almost at 10k subscribers guys it's crazy we're entering into phase 3 as I call it of my youtube channel of the Dogman experience but you know the the beauty of all this is that we like the beginning of my show was like the phase one I guess you could say now we have Phase two paths this year so now phase 3 10k subs we got some pretty interesting content more States shows more interviews popping out so folks I can't wait to share it all with you and with that being said I want to get started I've already kept us all long enough tonight's show I have researchers sensei sensei is a researcher and he himself don't be fooled by his name well he might be the master of Kung Fu in the master of Nemesis he's also a brilliant individual who brings a lot to his belief system as well and also his prominence with the dog man research as well I know I kind of said that twice but point being is very interesting individual so sensei welcome to the show it's great to have you here Chris thank you so much for having me on the show man it's it's an honor solder to be here been listening for a long time so it's definitely gonna be a fun one tonight it's great to have you man I really am excited to have you here we've spoken to you on so many occasions and I'm just finally excited to be sitting down talking to you live my friend I how are you this evening tonight I'm doing great how are you doing tonight I'm doing well it's morning for me so 12:05 by me so I guess early morning is very great but hopefully by you as well the same thing oh yes sir it's uh it's it's a bit hot down here so we're just chillin on the inside said say if I might ask the first question obviously the most cliche is can you tell us a little bit about yourself well yeah of course I'm a gamer I've been a gamer for a while but I've been a I've been into the cryptid research for about 2-3 years I started as a researcher of UFOs and you a piece and I was doing that for a long time just kind of in the shadows doing my own research listening to guys like Bill Cooper Tyler from secure team he's a somebody that I actually I've spoken with in the past if you guys know who secure team 10 is so I did that for a while then I you know I phased into the cryptid community I saw it and you know I just I just caught my attention I just I you know I was instantly hooked just like that and after listening to so many people's encounters and their opinions it was it's just awesome in this community here with the venomous fringe it's just one of the most beautiful communities I've seen just a lot of great people you know and it feels like a family more solar than just like a you know place to dump research everybody enjoys themselves so and you see the chat lighting up there how're you guys doing it's always good to connect with fellow gamers as well as fellow individuals who are very much a steek because I'm sure with the video games you play there's a lot of reference to a lot of Mythology if I'm not mistaken yeah that's correct and there's also it's funny uh we've talked about this other day there's um there's a gate there's a pro-gamer a thing key place I think he plays overwatch goes by the name dog man so I know I you brought that up to me and I was like oh that's sick I looked at some of his stuff but yeah in gaming there's always a lot of myth a lot of mythological references some games more so than others there's a lot of like spooky games RPGs stuff like that like Skyrim but I played first-person shooters where there it's just it's a little different sometimes off-the-wall stuff but all in good fun right absolutely I'm a fan of the genre as well so what was it that intrigued you so much to begin journeying into the mysterious world of cryptozoology um first it was hearing stories I think my first first thing the first things that I heard were about skinwalker and then I heard about dog man I caught on to that and then eventually you know I heard stories like I would see stuff on swamp dweller then I caught wind of Vic shout-out to Vic over there dog man encounters and I you know I started listening to dog man encounters radio and when he heard those encounters you know instead of being judgemental I was like wow you could really hear the emotion in people's voices when they were talking about the experiences they had you know seeing these things and when you know when I heard the the eyewitness accounts it made me think to myself I was like I wonder what's really to these creatures what you know what's their intelligence level that's what's been a main thing for me is their intelligence level and ever since I've you know kind of had that little idea of sorry to create my own little theories and I've just been trying to kind of find answers you know I guess like everybody else just want to find out what these things are cuz you know like like I've said to you in the past there are no true experts on this this topic you know until we have until we have experts we don't have experts because right now we're all looking for the same thing right so that's what uh that's what kind of has me hooked though is the is just like what these creatures motives are what kind of intelligence levels they have are they flesh and blood are they interdimensional things like that that's a very interesting way of putting it because I know that a lot of people who are into this phenomenon whether it's sasquatch or whether it's dog man dog man in this case for example you are more drifted towards those of people like Vick Cundiff me it was Westerner when it came to Sasquatch as well as when it came to dog men I know with Wes he's very popular name of Sasquatch Chronicles and you know I've always liked his work as well too but I know for a lot of us out there what you said about it when it came to expertise and you're 100% right I'm not gonna lie you're a hundred percent and I know for a lot of people out there I know for some show hosts I'm not throwing any thunder underneath the rubble here basically there is no show host arm so for me you know I don't consider myself consider people who pioneered this phenomenon they're saying echo in the chat they're spamming that girl in there Oh guys let me just check real quick everybody still going on issue alive I'm telling you guys it's it's the MIB if you guys don't know what I mean just ask what do you mean but I got a feeling it happens from time to time hmm see alrightso chat you see it you know it what happened the 11:11 for you what about now is we still have in an echo issue once again I do apologize for this folks I'm just trying to figure it out I'm just trying to fix the settings I think I know someone said good Oh sounds good now I guess okay all right perfect well anyways folks yeah as we were saying though I don't believe that there is any experts in the field and Sensei is right about it so of course I do agree with that but anyways a sensei so one thing I wanted to throw out to you was when it comes to the Dogman research aspect of it what do you consider this creature do you consider this a flesh-and-blood animal do you guess it is a supernatural creature and a second question to that would be why do you consider it that type okay so to be completely honest with you I think that it's a little bit of both and those that have have been in the chats with me before on your previous streams and videos I usually will bring that up why can't it be both why could it not be a lot of people go with is it flesh-and-blood or is it supernatural and I in my mind I'm wondering if these beings are more spiritually advanced than we are as humans at least on earth and I wonder if their flesh and blood and then they have some sort of you know if they maybe they're more enlightened or something like that you know what I mean maybe maybe even interdimensional so to answer that I think a little bit of both I'm gonna shake the house here a little bit I think it's a little bit of both I can't say it's one or the other because I truly I really don't know but if they were a little bit of both it would make sense why they bleed and why they can also be in one spot and one second you look you look away for a split second look back and they're gone you know we've seen this in countless encounters so those things might make a little bit more sense you know I mean well in a sense I feel that when it comes to the belief of where we go with flesh and blood I believe that they are a flesh-and-blood animal do I believe they are supernatural they can contain supernatural characteristics but I'm not a hundred percent too convinced and that's also because of the lack of evidence that's been brought to the table in that case meaning that there's only been written reports but I want to see this as a belief I'm not gonna happen for example Simon had mentioned Simon young the researcher on the paranormal round table he did an interview with them about a month or so ago and one of the things that had brought him to curiosity of what would make him a full-on believer in something I would taken as well is the sake of if the if you saw a creature jump into a portal I would jump into a portal as well to see what what is in this portal but the belief that convinced me that they are more than that creature but I do keep a open mind open mind I'm not gonna just deny that I do keep an open mind but I will say though that I feel that with many of the reports we get I feel it's more of a flesh-and-blood creature but they do contain supernatural elements if that makes sense yeah that makes perfect sense to me that's that's kind of the angle I'm coming from here and that actually brings me on to something I made a promise about six weeks ago to a lady named Laurie Laurie w that's over in the Dogman X discussion guys if you haven't joined that join that group Chris has over there on Facebook I believe the link is a Lincoln we'll post a link in a little bit but um Laurie asked she said in the Bible when they gathered up every animal species it said all animals clean and unclean the dog man Bigfoot and all cryptid animals be considered unclean in her way of thinking she thought they could be considered unclean I wanted to touch on that because they kind of a kind of ties into my belief system here a little bit with with the dog man um I think that if these dog men are in fact completely flesh-and-blood then I don't think that they would be considered unclean or your I in that case I would you know let's say they're completely flesh-and-blood not only would they I wouldn't think there would be unclean I think that they'd essentially be one of God's creations right oh if we're looking at it from that angle which is a whole it's a whole nother angle but if you look at it that way then it might make more sense to me you know what I mean because because then you have like you know they're they're a flesh-and-blood animal one we you know obviously it's something that has been around for a long long time it's not so it's not a creature to just show it up randomly you know what I mean but if we look at it in the angle of okay well it's all supernatural then you know of course people might call it a demon some people say that it looks like a demon to them some people say that when they see dog men they feel a sense of evil and stuff like that if you guys know what I'm talking about there so that might make more sense there but that's why I can't put my finger on whether it's it's one or the other I really think that it is a little bit of both and like kind of like you said it made a bear like the signs that we have now and even though we have a lack of evidence the signs that we've had and what we've seen so far it does point toward it being a more flesh and blood than supernatural which is why I also entertain the idea of interdimensional because if it's an interdimensional being that could be completely flesh and blood but just have a higher consciousness if that makes sense and that it does and I and that's what I'm trying to get at is when it comes to higher conscience a more sensible idea of what this creature is you look at how aliens have had this array of intelligence or people who have believed who have been aliens at one point the great case of injured cold being one this mysterious anonymous man that was purported to be an MIB but was seen throughout various parts of the eastern front of the United States throughout this day 1966 into 67 and people who have displayed weird signs but have shown ways of intelligence what I'm getting at is with a creature such as that does it possess abilities that of course we don't necessarily know well I feel this creature does have a nice site of intelligence you know I fail does have a very intelligent side to it but it does have a very frightening posture to it because this is an animal that we don't have in our Zoological charts that would say well this is necessarily normal because it isn't which fur drives into government cover-up and of course drives into the belief of the effects of what is it and here we are with a thousand theories but very little evidence what are you what do you what is your take on a lot of the reports when you hear muscle joints when you hear reports of their bodies moving in and a weird very much of an athletic way but a very abnormal way like what do you consider do you consider that something of something out of a normality when it comes to the physique of different animals or do you feel that that's just something that would drive it to be described as something totally unnatural well that's that's a great question you know what the way I'm going to answer that is is like this is this um because I just want to I just want to give a quick disclaimer I don't like to get too into a religion or anything like that when it comes to to these cryptids so when I say supernatural I'm talking about things that we don't understand that's just a quick disclaimer so when would you talk about the the movements in the way that they move as you know compared to animals that we actually have and we've studied and we have evidence on and we know we know their movements they know what we know why this leg goes that way when this when the other leg goes that way you know what I mean with dog men I think that it may just be something that is super natural to us but it's regular to them if they're a flesh-and-blood creature and that's because we just don't have the information on it we I mean I'm sure that I'm sure that the um that the powers that be have the information out I'm sure they have dogma and corpses that they've studied but until it's a general public a thing that's released to the general public we just have to speculate you know and that's why I love these yeah I love these discussions because you can have so many everybody has so many different opinions and they're you know it's always it's always awesome to to look at people's different opinions and you can compare yours and you know but I honestly I think that it's just something we don't understand I don't think that their movements are completely unnatural now the them teleporting quote-unquote like them being in one spot for one second and then being gone like at the snap of a finger that is why I bring in the interdimensional aspects which I don't think is necessarily supernatural but more just a biological creature with a higher consciousness because that I can't explain now the way they move extremely fast and the the weird hunched over movements they have you know you know you could chalk that up to okay dogs walk on four legs right if a dog is on if it's a bipedal creature and it's as massive as you know most Augmon are reported to be what like 300 400 sometimes 500 pounds we're talking six to nine sometimes even 11 12 feet tall those are those those cases you don't you always hear you usually hear about like the 6 to 7 6 to 8 foot tall being something that massive you'd expect it to move in a different way you know because there's not many creatures on this earth that are bipedal that have that big of a body mass you know I mean we have gorillas I mean I mean that's the closest thing I can think of to compare it to and then if if Dogma nor super skinny you can compare it to an ostrich but I mean this thing has arms so like big arms so it's just something we don't understand that's my that's my opinion on it when you hear stories of people who have dog man encounters and it's once when they first have it and then a couple weeks ago by the species following them basically in their lives what do you think have a fascination with an individual that drives them to continue following them I love this question I think that they I think they create I think they have a connection and now all the people that actually know that they're being followed and actually you know there's people that even in the Facebook group you know I have said they've interacted with dog men clans and stuff like that I think that's really interesting now what I think about like a Dogma that might be stalking someone for whatever reason whether it's with good or bad intentions I usually think to myself oh well what did that person do now for all of you out there listening right now that have had a dog men encounter and it was negative I'm not I'm not sitting here saying you did anything wrong or anything like that it's just that's my state of mind I'm wondering like what why is the dog man continuing to you know it put itself in your life why is it continue to be here and that that kind of ties into your theory Chris your theory is amazing I'm sure you'll tell everybody for those who don't know but it's it's a it's um it's hard to wrap your mind around like why they would do that you know sometimes I wonder okay do they think this person has some negative energy or do they think this person is maybe needs like a big brother to watch over them I know that sounds cliche but you know like a protector who knows you know it's just weird and and the negative cases though it makes me the negative cases it really makes me wonder like the person who's something that might have set the creature off without knowing like a territory like a territory invasion like something completely unrelated or maybe they might follow somebody who has done some bad things or has some like negative energy maybe sadness or depression whatever maybe anything like that and you know how dogs and this is actually interesting dogs and cats they pick up on human emotions very well so I can only imagine them like the dogma as smart as they are they probably pick up on things a lot you know a lot more so all that just it ties in with one another I think they're I think there's a reason but I have no idea what it is I think when it comes to a lot of the beliefs and when it comes to a lot of people's opinions on when why these creatures have a fascination with the human population I know what I interviewed Lisa liken she doe is mentioned about how there's this blood line reference a certain blood type and it's drawn to their own fascination their own ancestry their own belief I know that sounds almost biased and totally asinine to many but for some people out there and a lot of people are beginning to buy into this theory because a lot of others out there are seeing the big picture when it comes to what if there is more of a bigger huger twist like what if there is more to it that we don't know about and there's some sort of connection but we can't figure it out because we don't have all the answers because the answers are not being given to us I feel in a sense the right way to sit down and to get a good understanding a visual on what that is is to simply be with one of them as a tribe I know that sounds totally ridiculous but I want people to understand what I'm saying I feel the only way to get the best evidence to get the best understanding is if one of these creatures were to invite the government could be the obvious secondary which is pretty obvious but are we gonna go to a government official and say hey can you provide us with some Dogman content because then next thing you know I have a majority of freaking black cars passing on by me you know like that that's the thing so when it comes to why they do the things they do I feel I'd have to we would have to almost be next to them and understand their tribe understand what they are a trust to differ them to trust us I don't know how you feel about that but how would you see it per se as that III agree with that absolutely I mean a hundred percent I mean because at the end of the day you know like we said before and like we all of us here know none of us are our you know experts on it so the only way we really will know is when we can study them whether while they're alive or a corpse or video and you know we the best way for us to figure these things out I think would be to be around those creatures I agree with that and that does sound that does sound crazy because there's a lot of people who have had terrible you know encounters and interactions with them but what if what if we could find that that one dog man clan or that one dog man tribe that is accepting and is not hostile you know just like how people go out into the wilderness they live there by themselves and they'll form a bond with the with the wildlife around them you know it's almost like a trust system what if we find that clan you know what if that fact what if that clan has already been found there's just there's hope there for that and that's one of the one of the things that keeps me going is the the fact that we're gonna get somewhere eventually with this research so I think that I think that would be great you know to be around them and kind of see what they're all about you know like their day-to-day lives what they do how they act you know what do you think about the cases when people are attacked and reports of killings have occurred like what do you consider that you could say that an act of something in their territory they've seen is wrong or they are vicious predators that are much like any other predator out there I think it's a little bit of both you know uh because I don't want to be the I don't know I don't want to go out here and say well you know sometimes it's you know because sometimes it may be a territorial thing but I believe that they have a consciousness I believe that they I believe that they're sentient well I mean obviously they're sent to you but I believe they're intelligent enough to know right from wrong some of them at least the and I think that you know the killings and things like that especially like the one in LBL I think there's there's good seat there's good apples and bad apples in any bunch if that makes sense just like humans I mean there's there's great people and then there's there's also there's some pretty bad people in the world I think the same goes for dog men so that's how I see that something that's kind of interesting me right now is the fact that one of my you tubers well one of the you individuals has been speaking to he has had activity on his property in the activity has has been continuous and when we talked about just recently about the whole idea of them following and getting to know human being do you see that that as well that let's just say in the tense that this is a supernatural creature when it comes to the history and lore do you feel that these creatures are attracted to people who are on certain burial grounds or certain locations that are sacred to them that results to them following and possibly doing whatever to this individual I think I think not sometimes yeah if they're tied in any way um because what do you think about burial grounds we're talking about human burial grounds right and usually like Native American was that okay um well if you think about it from that angle there's there's a theory out there that I agree with that the Native Americans that have told us of the dog men and I lend the dog man and skinwalkers and all these cryptids there's a theory that they they know something we don't possibly you know maybe the elders maybe those the individuals who know or you know it's slowly going out but it's maybe it's part of tradition I think that dog men are around those areas and slock people that go by those burial grounds and disturb them because there's a possibility dog men interacted with Native Americans you know because the augment are mostly seen you know there are they're seen all over the world but they're mostly seen here in North America right so it would only make sense if they especially if they're flesh-and-blood if they've been here for as long as we can you know as long as people have been here then they they met the Native Americans first so that that would make sense to me if they had some sort of relationship there but then at the same time it could just be a wrong place a wrong place wrong time thing for people who have encounters with them you know near those burial grounds or sacred areas you know it could be a coincidence but if it's not it would make sense that the that they have some sort of connection with the Native Americans you know what I mean being that they were the first peoples here in North America and that's a fair statement I think I strongly do agree with that and we're actually past the half-hour mark we'll talk about more about Dogman and then we're gonna touch base before we leave our one but a couple more questions before we wrap up the Dogman portion for our one what would be something that you'd like to see in the Dogman field like what would you want now that you're a researcher but you yourself you are in an area where you have access or at least close proximity to where you can visit certain locations um is there anything for your in your end when it comes to research what is it you want to do well I'm going to be I'm gonna be launching my channel in about nine months maybe maybe hear from how but what I'm gonna be doing and you'll you'll obviously everybody will see it through the through the French I'm gonna share everything I do with Chris I'm gonna be what I want to see more of and what I want to do myself is actually get out there in the field go to Bray Road which I'm close to head down to lvl see if I can even get my if I can even get my nose close to the place because we all know it's it's crawling with security and anything Dogman related they'll shut you down there but you know I just want to see more of those in the field videos you know and that's something that I'm looking to bring to the to the table because you know I yeah I have access my buddy who's doing uh you know was partnering with me Paul he has phenomenal footage earth not footage video equipment video capturing devices and it's all high resolution and I think that's what the people want you know everybody really wants to see the high-res images of whatever cryptid we might capture or whatever sounds or audio we might capture because when you look out there there's a lot of pixelated images you know and people really want to see they really want to see the high-res same with UFOs people want to see the high-res images you know so that's definite at least something that I want to bring you know and whether I capture something whether I captured the first dog man or I don't capture anything for years it wouldn't matter as long as we're out there doing it you know more people in the field the better and you know we got the equipment so you know might as well go for it I agree with that 100% now you mentioned investigations certain locations now for the beast of Bray Road for example okay when you look at a creature like that and a capacity what you hear about it mind you this place is private property so at the same time we don't encourage nobody to go out there for the sake being we go out there for research but don't get yourself in trouble that's what I'm trying to say but when you go out into a location like that do you expect to feel when it comes to the Bray Road Beast you know what is it that you see as do you see that as a separate Dogman creature or werewolf or do you see it as something totally different well with the Bray Road creature I've been digging in on on it as much as I can and for that I'm I don't know what that is to be completely honest with you because as some of you know I'm gonna be visiting Bray Road doing the filming down there so I'm I'm nervous to go there because I don't know what that thing is and you know I'm not just for everyone out there I'm not careless or reckless with my life or anything but you know I want to at the very least you don't get out there and see what I can see and hopefully get it back to everybody else well I think that I don't know what that thing is man I don't know if that's some sort of shapeshifter or if it's just a natural creature because the the beast of Bray Road from what you hear you hear you hear some pretty some pretty gruesome tales about that creature and if you saw the movie that was made it's on YouTube I forgot that I'm pretty sure it's called the Beast Murray Road yeah it's on YouTube I know I know it was a little budget film they did the best they could and I enjoyed it just enjoy the story but I I am truly nervous to be going down that way because if any of the legend is true if we encounter something and I might not come back and that's something that that me and Paul and my buddy EJ that's coming with we had a discussion about this because we had the we had the first all everybody involved with this had to agree okay you understand that this is something that is real we believe in it so we need to respect it because if you don't believe in it they are not going to respect the possibility that you can get hurt and we everyone that's going is is fully aware that you know that this is a real thing we believe in it and it's just our belief we don't have proof but that's why we're going down there right so definitely not sure what it is hope to catch something maybe even audio but the beast of Bray Road is I'm I'm equally scared of that creature as I am of the of the one in the LBL if that makes sense oh that's that's the fear factor I've set for that creature so that's this one this will be my this will be my first and most nerve-wracking trip well it won't be my first trip at my first on camera definitely will be the most nerve-wracking though that's for sure why why are you more afraid of this creature than the LBL beast to hear more aggression cases the LBL beasts but at the same time Bray Road cases you don't hear much of a disturbance compared to lvl well I'm not it's not that I'm more afraid of this one be ELISA no it's like the same fear factor like I'm like this this is because if I was going to an area where there were encounters sighting like sightings and encounters reported that's one thing but areas like Bray Road in LBL are they're famous for the encounters that have happened there and for the interactions so there's the to me I just look at it like okay this is a super hot spot whereas you know a location that pops up on a map that we look at here in Kansas or Kentucky or down in Ohio this is a location where there's been a few sightings recently we're talking about something that's been going on for since the eighties 70s earlier you know now the LBL creature I'm not gonna compare it to Bray Road because we know what happened down there so you know that that one will be that when if if I get the opportunity to film down in LBL then that will be my my most nerve-wracking experience but I think I'm more well not just me but the guys that are going with me the film crew my buddies we're all more nervous about it because this is the first expedition to something big something something that people have you know people know about and people are wary of and it's a big story you know it's it's a beast of Bray Road we've heard the stories it's a famous spot for a reason so I agreed and I and you know here's here's something that I would strongly want everybody to understand right now we don't encourage nobody to go out there first of all you know I've spoken to sensei about this and I will be speaking to him and his team before this and they're gonna do the right negotiations legal wise to do whatever they have to do but we're not encouraging no one to go out there do this and we're not promoting it we're not here to do this is a separate research investigation on his end right and I just want to make that perfectly clear but one other thing too before we do wrap up the Dogman stuff what would you consider to be your goal what would you want in this field when it comes to Dogman research wise what would be your big big ad in this investigation future investigations when it comes to the field what's your discovery what you want your discovery to be the biggest thing for me that would be like the just the best thing ever like my hopes and dreams would be for me to find or even if it's not me for us to album to say us as a collective in the community to find enough truth that we can agree on one at least one thing altogether because it's a fact that that would be the biggest thing for me a piece of evidence if you will something that we can all agree on that is without a doubt bonafide smoking gun evidence like okay you know this is a dog man print this is dog man DNA this is a dog man's body you know what I mean something like that I'd like to find something that's that you can't prove to be fake or you can't disprove something that's just like just smoking gun evidence that would be the biggest thing for me that's my biggest goal you know because in the community there are a lot of our you know that you'll see and it would be nice to see something that everybody is like okay this is legit this this this this piece of our research here this is our break through this is legit and have the whole community come together on that that would be my biggest thing because then we'd have common ground and then great minds will start working together instead of working against each other which is one thing I hate to see is you know when content creators and researchers you know when they go after each other you know we're all on the same team here guys you know everybody here watching right now everybody that's out there in the field we're all on the same team so I really I'm hoping and my biggest skull and dream is for us to find that by that common ground that's fair enough well with 14 minutes to go before we go into our – we're gonna order to talk a little bit briefly about the rake now the rake is our second topic of this evening sensei can you please give us a little bit of a dialect on the rake for example for you what what's your fascination with the rake much like dog man well what drives you into this curiosity of the rake creature itself for me with the rake it's the rakes interesting it's the I think it's the fact that it's it pretty much it almost reminds me of a Wendigo but not really it usually gets into a conflict with whatever it sees um and the rake you know it's it's this giant 8 9 foot 10 foot tall pale being it's pale and skinny and it's just very long you know and the just the thought of that thing being out there and it can like you know those things move extremely fast like like like they move and they just move super super fast those things just make my skin crawl and that's that's where my fascination with the rake came up because to me the rakes almost more frightening than Dogman to be completely honest um were more frightened I'm more afraid of the rake than I am of Dogma now that's that's being if the you know if the rake is out there dog man I believe in a hundred and ten percent the rake I don't it's not that I don't believe in it I do it's just the topic that and and something that we haven't seen as much evidence on you know what I mean it's like it's come it's almost like a baby in the cryptid community at this at this point in time so Oh like they're them just being aggressive and attacking stuff like that being super fast and ominous you know that that's what kind of draws me to the rake and I just wanna you know I have more questions than I have answers to be honest when it comes to the rake that's what that's that's something I love about it you know cuz I just have so many questions like why is it here that's that's my biggest question is why is the rake here and what is it doing here you know there have been cases where people who've seen the rake have been involved in serious incidents whether it's an a series of bad luck or or they've had people die around them or more importantly they've had instances where they themselves have been attacked or out of the blue what do you think this is sort of supernatural connection or some sort of type of black creature itself I think that's 100% possible I'm not too sure if that's if that's actually what brings the rake to the surface too but you know what it would you know thinking about it like that I haven't really thought about it like that too much honestly and thinking about it like that it makes more sense if that you know that might be that might make it might make more sense I think that I think that makes more sense to me I'll try to get my words out here because I just don't understand why this why that thing exists the rake to me well I think of the rake I think of evil you know where's the dog man there's we're there's wiggle room there with the rake I just think of pure evil and whether it's being conjured up by some sort of cult or it's just something that the universe puts out there to keep things in check for whatever reason I have no idea but it's definitely the freakiest cryptid that I it's probably one of the most probably one of the creepiest things that a being could conceive if any human being could think of because when you think about what the rake has the power it has in the strength and the speed and the fact that it's usually just gonna go for the kill on you no matter what whether you're you're bothering it or not that it has to be some sort of evil thing so it may be it is something that's being conjured up the hole makes sense to me we heard a report of a dog men and a rake encounter from the media RP this report aired on losses YouTube back last year we hear these instances where these creatures have abilities where they could evil as evil as they could they could kill certain animals and what do you think of the dog man in a rake the altercation what would you see it as do you see this as a creature that's so dominant but at the same time going up against a creature that has as much of an evil taste to it I'm sure you can defend to find the two very much so in parallel with that but what do you think of cases like that where rakes and augment and other mysterious creatures on the night appear and they do encounter one another like what is your take on the two and the rake and dog man altercation so to speak well my take on that is it goes into the theory you have that I agree with that document me they may react or interact with beings you know based on the energy they're getting for them if dog men you know where to go out and fight with things like the rake or interact with things like the rake or maybe even sasquatch whatever it may be but for now the rake specifically it would make a hole it would make a great deal of sense to me you know like I said when I think of the rake I just think of evil energy so a dog man fighting the rake like like he said it was on DDoS this channel they encounter he put out there it makes a great deal of sense to me now as for the question of who would win the fight I think the dog man would a hundred percent of the time because believe it or not you know dog men are never alone you know they usually are in packs whether you only see you know you might only see one but there's probably eight more and the reves and the bushes watching so I think if a rake and dog man were you know they got into any type of exchange I think it would be because the dog man sawed the rake out and that's just that's just based on if the theory that dog men are attracted to certain energies negative or positive if that's true and they're maybe like the protectors of the knight who knows of the forest that would make sense to me that they would you know they go and they'd have they'd have heavyweight bout so if you like Mayweather Pacquiao but nobody's watching it make sense to me that might happen and and there's there's reports of big minute Bigfoot and dog man for existing that makes sense to me because you know that that's all he also ties into the same theory if Bigfoot and dog men coexist maybe they like each other maybe they have a positive energy things like that they they just make your mind think just makes you think like okay this connects to this it's like a like a giant puzzle of shoe strings you're trying to put everything together and you're pinning everything into the right areas right spots it it like some things make sense and they connect and maybe you know some things are just they don't connect at all I definitely think if a dog man sees a rake is going for it or vice versa it's very interesting well sensei will continue couldn't those questions in just a little bit folks we're gonna take a quick break we're gonna come back in two hour to an hour to we're gonna be talking about skinwalkers lube gurus the Mothman even and other mysterious cryptids folks there's 366 you guys watch and stay right where you guys are if you got to go to the bathroom if you guys got to go out for a smoke break or whatever we'll be right back keep on the line folks do not change the dial [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] Oh [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] all right and welcome back to the venomous fringe ladies and gentlemen we appreciate you guys were into our – thank you all for coming back to the show and we're here we are once more tonight's show we're talking with researchers say when it comes complete following YouTube's live stream you will hear the first hour into our – we're going to be talking about scene walkers loop gurus and windows as well as i'm currently how are you doing doing good brother are you doing very good well where we were leaving off now here here's where we're sitting back to we're gonna be talking about the scene walkers seen walkers of course being the mysterious mythical creatures that are of course of the native lore the ability of anything you would think what do you see it as what is your opinion on all that well that that they're the skinwalker and honestly it blows my mind the ability that the natives have to do that the amount of power and what they have to do to to attain that power which what I've from what I've heard is a blood sacrifice within the family so when you think of a skinwalker mmm-hmm sometimes you know just in your mind your subconscious it almost ties it in with a werewolf right because a werewolf is it's a human that could turn into into you know a beast like a you know or a wolf right which is you know that that's just you know it's a whole nother topic in itself but the skinwalker being able to turn into whatever creature it is that it has the animal skin for like an owl or a coyote and then it's you know it stalks its socks its victims and usually by choice mm-hmm it really it's a freaky thing you know and from what you know also what I've heard from all the legends and the information it's it's usually a Native American which skinwalkers come from Navajo it's a Navajo legend so it's pretty much a witch it's a medicine man who's doing you know the it they've attained the highest level of priesthood in their tribe and they're doing the the black magic so I I just think those I think they're very interesting and their intentions are pretty clear if you've you know if you've listened to any skinwalker encounters they're all pretty much the same they're all pretty much and I haven't heard actually have never heard a positive skinwalker encounter so those things are they're pretty eerie when we talk about dog man do you think that some skinwalkers are disguised as dog Minorca dog men be skinwalkers have you ever heard about that possibility I have and I don't usually I don't usually like that I don't I don't really agree with that um theory I think they're completely different because if if a skinwalker could become a dog man then essentially dog man would be where will they not all but I mean it would essentially just be a werewolf so and we you know we like this at least I and I I'm sure you as I know we separate the at least based on evidence would separate the dog man from werewolf if you correct me if I'm wrong because I think I look at them as completely different things so a skinwalker turning into a dog man would essentially just be able shapeshifter becoming a werewolf if that makes sense which I don't think is impossible but I don't think that they go around doing that I think that when skinwalkers disguised themselves I think they're doing it so they can actually blend in what like you know when you hear of a skinwalker looking like a a Jaguar or a coyote or a wolf or whatever like a regular animal but it's just off it doesn't have a tail or whatever the case may be that makes more sense to me because they're actually trying to disguise themselves so they can move around and do whatever it is that they wish to do to their victim where as a dog or where as a werewolf you know oh if a human that transforms into a werewolf I mean that's usually something they can't control based on theory and lore you know it just it happens like on the full moon oh that happens in it you know it just happens and then dog men dog men are dog man they are what they are so I think that skinwalkers would just want to stay under undetected and try to become like a regular animal also shout outs of bizarre and I see there in the chat rather how you doing I'm glad to have you in here we see what we think of the skinwalker phenomenon we always think of skinwalker ranch even though that the name might differ between also other mysterious phenomenon do you feel that skinwalkers travel through regular migration or do you feel that they're all about in one location per midst I think that they migrate I think that they they go around and I think that I I don't think that necessarily they like in a pack mentality you would migrate but I think that the the magic itself if you want to call it magic or the practice or the prayers that they do whatever it may be I think that that travels because you hear of skinwalker type activity in other countries I've heard of it in Australia I've heard of it in Africa I've heard of it in Asia you know the other day I can't I'm trying to remember it wasn't my buddy Jeff Jeff an adult the government only his his channel he usually covers he covers a lot of weird things sometimes he does the skinwalkers up but I I don't know if it was him but there was a there was a video I watched recently about a skinwalker and I did you know on a different side of the world and to me I was like wait what you know because these are Navajo creatures right are beings so I think the magic travels you know in the practice I guess the the Brotherhood or whatever it may be I think that travels with actual things themselves the people or that do it I don't think that they necessarily travel because I think they're territorial they hold like a certain area that's just according to what I've heard stories legend and encounters it all points to that for me at least what do you when you hear instances where for example in LBL the legend of a shaman who used his powers for evil in the sense is what the story goes by do you feel the LBL beast is that of a skinwalker or possibly a Wendigo I think that that's very I think it's very possible you know because of the because of the the amount of violence and the mark like the the just straight-up murder of that family and the other the other murders and deaths that have occurred near al BL and in lvl that that becomes a possibility because when you think of the skinwalker you think of malice you think of the Wendigo you think of murder you know so it makes sense if you look at it from that angle but then again oh we don't want to make that you know I don't want to be the guy to make the dog man look like a puppy because it could have been a dog man that did that but if you think about it like that based on that story you know like you just brought up it could very well be a skinwalker or a Wendigo so that's interesting it's an interesting question I I've never really thought of it from that angle so I think that's that's definitely possible also we have the remember the video I was wondering if you had access if you have that one of the creature stock in the Moose did you want to show that later honored we could share it now do you have the link to that I don't have it yeah I got you oh this was I was just thinking of because it was part of this topic here err shared it with you be a discord you Sam squats that show it down amen brother motion pictures a I'm just reading some of these comments here you so what Gogi gojira girl 69 just said that's exactly my point that to your question earlier that those those things like their their practice moves all over the world but not not the actual beings not the humans I think the practice itself moves because maybe it's maybe it's an old an ancient practice who knows very much so well folks real quick we're going to just switch gears I'm gonna play the video I'm just gonna go ahead and I'm going to incorporate the audio for both him and I to communicate through this so we're gonna transition scenes real quick folks so just give us one second or right okay okay so as you can see on screen right now we have this faceless creature distorts the moose and Canadian Forces is the raw footage of this this is the quality of this footage and what we're looking at here right now is reported footage of this creature or Facebook feature that is stomping this moose background before we go any further here like when it comes to this footage or would you like me to play the footage first oh well I can give them I can give a brief background so basically this is the this is this is a narrow roadway near I believe I don't know what the exact location in Canada this is but it's it's near a big forest and so apparently this moose is just sitting there just kind of doing what moves do in Canada you see a lot of people that drive by if you've been to Canada you'll know what I'm talking about you'll see moose on the side of the road perfectly happy and healthy just eating some grass and sitting there looking at everybody it's almost like they're not fazed by the giant death machines passing by him at a hundred a hundred miles an hour so those are just sitting there and then you see this creature come up and what what stands out to me well I'll talk about I'll talk about what I feel about the video after we play the clip but the creature just you know comes up and approaches the moose and then you'll just have to see look at the mooses reaction and when I say look at the reaction really look at how the moose reacts to this creature coming up because even if this was let's say this was somebody in a in a suit um you know pretending to be whatever just take a close look at the mooses reaction and you guys just say say what you think about it you as you're seeing on screen something mysterious is looking at this moose what it is we do not know let's play it one more time before we go ahead and take a look as you could see something now sensei what can you say on this footage when looking at it well when I'm looking at this the main thing that that sticks out to me is whether that thing is uh if somebody in a mask or whatever or an actual creature what stands out to me is moves are most are very very receptive animals they're they're very aware of their surroundings if you're a hunter or if you're if you're a lover of of wild creatures you know that most usually know if you're in the area they know if things are in the area the fact that this thing's not moving at all even if that was I'll go as far as to say that that thing was a plastic bag okay guys I'll say we'll say this is a plastic bag the way that the Moose doesn't react at all to something unnatural being in its territory that's a right that's a big red flag to me this would have to be some of the best CGI you get to pull this off because that's the only way I could explain the Moose not reacting to this being being in it's uh its presence whether it's a plastic bag or the rake or their skinwalker or the Wendigo I don't know but the fact that the Moose is just there nonchalant oh that that it just really creeps me out because yeah the Moose is next to a highway but I'm sure it's used to cars this thing no oh wait one thing that intrigues me is that you don't get a good idea tits maths you see so it looks ghostly almost but it's hard to tell because of the camera quality yeah that's true that's that's that's another thing though the camera quality it's hard to make out what that might be because I guess it could be something like but it it to me it just it doesn't look like it's something that fits in there the only thing that it shares a close resemblance to are the trees around it but the trees are standing tall and you see those trees with the birch bark there I know that's birch bark because I'm I'm in the outdoors all the time I love it and I love Canada the woods there you you know but anyways that thing is swaying and it has really weird gnarly gangly movements so like I said I'll even go as far as to say it's a plastic bag possibly if I were minoo even if I was if I was just camping in the woods for a while I'd notice a piece of litter that was making that much movement I'd hear it I'd see it whatever it would stick out so the fact that this moose is in its natural habitat and it doesn't notice this thing there you know it doesn't make any sense to me just it's pretty creepy well what do you guys think what this thing is this is a very interesting piece of footage of course we'll leave this down in our the comment the pin post well this upload is complete so you guys can take a look at the original footage but other than that though it's a very interesting piece of footage you got there I will admit that that's definitely it spooks me out a little bit very much so but would you consider that southern to be of a skinwalker or do you have no idea because of what it looks like it's hard to tell well yeah it's hard to tell what it is um like I said about the skinwalkers they usually want to cloak themselves so they fit in around humans like being a regular animal so if I had to guess I'd say that's either a rake or a Wendigo based on that that emaciated form and if it was if it was the rake then it would you know I'd base it on it being pale it looks pretty pale because like I said the only thing you can compare it to is the birch the birch bark on those trees around it in birch bark if you've seen it before you know you can google the birch bark it's pretty much like it's it's like a pale shade you know it's like it's like a whitish shade like a dirty a dirty white if you will so though that's my best guess for what that creature could be it's a very interesting one to say the least you wanted to talk about deer man not to switch gears but I know you had wanted to talk about deer man and deer men is something that is of what I believe to be Native American lore can you give us a little bit of background on deer man since they are what you believe is deer man oh yeah absolutely deer man is one of my favorite I personally think the deer man is sort of like it nothing like the dog man but I wouldn't call it a Wendigo necessarily a lot of people think the deer man is Wendigo and I think that that's a very likely possibility but I personally think that it's its own it's its own beast and I think it's just I think it's a bipedal deer now the thought of it being a bipedal deer with razor-sharp teeth that takes me into Wendigo territory and that's where I say that's where I'll say okay this thing is it's probably a Wendigo of some sort this thing is not natural it's not of this earth right but if I think about it from it just being a bipedal deer then you know that that's what I think that would be I don't know how they those deer would be bipedal it's that's unnatural in itself but oh I guess I'd lean more towards the deer man being more like a Wendigo because when I think of a deer man I think of bipedal deer with razor-sharp teeth long antlers emaciated you know like most of you that are watching now you've seen the pictures you know what I'm talking about matter of fact oh I'll send you one Chris if you want to pull it up I don't know if that's possible but I have a few of these yes please please share please okay here one second alright I find with all fascination especially when it comes to deer man are one thing that really intrigues me is the fact that this is another one of those skinwalker like creatures and there is a huge a big fascination with it and since a one thing about it that is intrigued me was that there have been witnesses who've claimed that seen this thing and it gives a very distinct monstrous snarl almost like a dog man but at the same time it's almost like a zombie deer you've heard of those zombie deers before correct yes yeah those things I well that was like a fungal infection right they at least that's what the that's what they told us that's what they told the general public those things were creepy man being that I'm gay man I'm on Rainbow six all day long just grinding so when I when the zombie deer phenomena came about I didn't really pay it much attention because the way I see it if it's out there on public news and they're putting it on full display it's either some disinformation or it is what it is it's legit just like some fungal infection so I didn't really pay too much attention to it but the guttural growls and stuff like that that does make me think it's a menacing creature and that that's where I will lean towards one to go now I sent you two images here so that I can better explain my point one of the images the one where it's like I'm a ciated etc with razor-sharp teeth that's what I think of when I think of a Wendigo type deer man the other one on the other hand is what I think of when I think of gear man being its own being just like a unnatural to us but natural to itself in nature type being if that makes sense and also I think it ties into Native American culture as well the the dear man that I think is would be natural quote unquote I think that that could be some sort of Native American priest or witch or medicine man you know what I mean but not a sister type let me pull up the photos right now let me just get them real quick okay but I do agree please go on with the whole dear man thing because I'm curious to hear more about your belief on it well yeah I mean it's it's just that it's it's I think it's one or the other um well actually you know what I can't say it like that I think it's I think it's either the one I think it's either a variation of one to go like a certain kind of way to go being the one with razor-sharp teeth the real scary one or I think it's like a Native American shaman or medicine man that's transformed into a bipedal deer whether it have good intent whether it has good intentions or bad intentions the Native American version I don't know actually these are both Native American so I but you know what I mean this one here that you're seeing on the screen now this is the one that I think is like a Wendigo like evil or just trapped and has to kill everything it sees this is the one that I catch the negative vibes from and this is like more of a supernatural element now the next one that you're seeing here this one I see as like some sort of shaman like if you see in movies you'll see sometimes like in some horror films you'll see people that look like this you know like half-man half-beast right or maybe just all beasts walking on two legs bipedal right I don't know if it's negative or if it's positive could be either one but not it but no razor-sharp teeth on it it is the second image and that's what I think a deer man if it's it's own thing would be whereas the one on the left I think would be like a Wendigo you know something that something that's really going really trying to people down or hunt things down something that has bad intentions so that's that's what I'm that's how I think about those two and these creatures yes am light-minutes horse i find the the Dearman creature to be creepy and i think a lot of people could say that too i think any normal human being it's very creepy animal both for the same if you really want to get technical and when it comes to comparison and indifference of them but it's a very frightening box when it comes to the fact that I don't even have seen the principle being that what we're looking at here and what we see but what are they is the question like for you as a researcher would you consider going out there a dear man that doesn't have razor-sharp teeth actually you know what I'm just gonna say no because whether it whether whether it has razor-sharp teeth or not and it's and it's like a Native American shaman I don't know what the intentions are so I'm just gonna say no um because it's just looking for trouble and if you think about the one to go type if you see a one to go it's coming for you like I've never heard of a Wendigo story where the one to go isn't going after somebody usually someone loses their life and I want to go encounter so I and again like you said to the audience and I'll say again um with my dog man research we don't we're not encouraging anybody to go do that out in the field you don't want to put yourself in harm's way but for like if I were if I were to say to you Chris I'm going out to look for a Wendigo I'm going out to look for the deer man or the rink I would hope to god you say brother don't do it stay home don't do it because that that's that's just suicide those things are are known to only want to kill you so I definitely wouldn't go after that I wouldn't want to go after it either well we talked to your man we've spoken about skinwalkers a little bit about loop guru though libero going into the next half-hour of our two loop gurus and rougarou's loop gurus for you sensei the more supernatural werewolflike creatures we hear about loop guru reports all throughout North America from the lichen loop reported to have some loup-garou activity from loop guru seen through in Louisiana Georgia Atlanta on Atlanta Alabama and all throughout southern us what do you think of these creatures well the loup-garou see now that that's why I'm glad you brought it up cuz um I wanna I want to see if there is a comparison between the rougarou and the loop grew the loup-garou to me is a werewolf what I think of a loop guru I think of a werewolf or maybe even maybe even a creature that that prefers to be on all fours more of a beast type creature something odd like the like I said earlier the beast of Bray Road kind of creature when I think of the rougarou I think of the French Creole story like the stories you hear from French and Creole people down in Louisiana so I wonder if rougarou and loup-garou are comparable or if they're the same thing or if they're different because I think of the I think the rougarou is as a swamp as a swamp beast down there in the Bayou in Louisiana and I think of the the loup-garou as a werewolf you know what I mean and a lot of Luke I've heard of loup-garou sightings I had to touch up on this because I wasn't sure the exact areas but I've heard of them in areas in Canada where it's mostly French like Montreal like not much rial but like French French Canadian provinces areas so I wonder and I wanted to know everybody let's listen to everybody's opinion and yours if they're different or if they're the same oh because they sound the same but you know in name but are they the same that's what I'm trying to figure out well personally I don't think these creatures are are too if they are too of close to the same when it comes to origin the rougarou's more of a supernatural well they both maintain supernatural like instances you hear of the legends of mysterious werewolves I declared in my Alabama episode where we had heard about these creatures from the legends of when it comes from going back into Europe in the 1600s of these werewolf light creatures that are cursed cursed individuals of families one that sees one one that is chosen out of each tribe it's almost like thorn almost like the curse of that love almost like a since as I've Druidism or a sense where individuals or in general those or cursed to be these creatures and to walk amongst it's one of those sensations where for the rougarou even in the loop gurus cases both of them they're creatures and they're monsters in a sense I think more along the lines of more aggression then it comes to dog men because of just how their lore is now for you what do you think it is the what do you see the difference as well the baseline difference I see is I think the loup-garou is that what you just said something that has been cursed that way and it just is it is that beast the rougarou I think is more of a natural creature that like obviously not natural to us of a flesh-and-blood well please explain that please explain um okay so I think though I think the rougarou now this is if if I'm right that they're the rougarou's like Louisiana and the south of North America if that's where they linger the loup-garou s'more north and also in europe as well if they're in those different areas and they're not the exact same I think that the rougarou is almost like I think the rougarou's like the swamp dog man that's the best way I could explain it like being that the dog man is a flesh-and-blood if you think about a dog man that way if you think that dog men are flesh and blood I'd say like I'd say to you the rougarou's the swamp dog man right whereas the the loup-garou the loup-garou that's in Europe and Canada and far north I see those as being unnatural supernatural possibly a werewolf you know what I mean and that that's where I see the difference now I can be completely wrong this is just the theory it's just my opinion that's why you know it's good to bring it up because I wonder what it does that you know what anybody thinks about this cuz I there may be no difference at all I might just I might be completely wrong it might be the exact same thing being described but to me that's that's what I've that's what I think the difference is between those two there was a case that I had just recently uncovered with a man who had spoken of seeing what he claimed to have been a werewolf grab or at least what looked like roadkill and almost like the peeling of how he described you know how like when you appeal a cucumber and a slicing of it you're right it's almost similar except he just this creature he saw it wall driving on an interstate on the side literally ripped it from its skin like it was just like I'm like a banana peeler peeling a cucumber the skin he called it a werewolf because the creature had red eyes gray fur and he believed that this creature had simply telepathically communicated with him and the way he described the situation though was very frightening because we hear of all the cases of when these creatures rip apart animals but you never hear a case of it ripping apart like you this is described in it and he can hear it too he said it was very early in the morning when this occurred so there wasn't much traffic on this road but the point of this being is the fact that with rougarou's loop gurus the uvula these creatures have a sense of aggression in them that could easily manifest that they are violent animals period that these things could kill you if they wanted to definitely I definitely think that and this goes back to what I was saying about dog men that I think there are some good and some bad and some it now if we look at the rougarou and we look at it as a flesh-and-blood dog man but just a different variant of dog man like we have two types we have type 1 type 2 type 3 if we look at the rougarou as a type of dog man that is like like to buy you document or however you want to look at it it would make sense to me that they could be the more dangerous or just like a naturally more aggressive species of dog men and when I look at it that way it makes a little bit of sense look makes a little bit more sense the loop-the-loop guru I think is inherently dangerous and aggressive because like I said my view on the loop guru I think that it is I think it's a supernatural being I think it's a I think it's like a werewolf type being so I think they're I think that they're both probably extremely aggressive I haven't really heard of any good guru encounters I mean you barely hear of any good dog man encounters to be honest but I definitely think the rougarou is a different variant of dog man that lives in the South that is extremely aggressive and I think the loup-garou is a supernatural creature possibly that is extremely aggressive you know like if you think of werewolves werewolves always do what they try to kill people right you look at the movies etc folklore they're trying to kill people right it almost takes me back to the Beast of Gevaudan I hope I didn't butcher that I believe that was in Germany and you know that that's something I think about when I think about the loup-garou as well you know they went on a massive manhunt I forgot which king it was was do you remember the Kings name at the time he he went on the he made that he made all of his best men go on the hunt for this creature for a very long time people were dying cattle were being mutilated their sheep were dying cetera that's what I think about when I think about the loop group something that just has to be put down something that that is just sauna on the killstreak is just going all out I believe it's pronounced graviton ah here let me look it up real quick East it's be a beast of Gevaudan yeah so I wasn't wrong yeah ge8 UDA and I'm hearing a little bit of taro Mike but I'm gonna send you this here this page if you want to share this and that this thing is what I think about when I think of the rougarou I think her not the rougarou sorry the loop-the-loop guru I think of the Beast of Gevaudan something that's just out there killing senselessly I was in France not sure it was king Louis okay king Louis the 15th a mean Evan says it was in France okay so thank you for correcting that for some reason I thought Germany but yeah I find the whole discussion of it so very it's a very interesting case and I think for a lot of people out there who are so intrigued by it it's one of those cases where in any Dogman reports where there's instances of them being attacked by one of them these creatures that this is no different than the gwenna Don creature it's almost in comparison saying it's close to the same thing even that's something that's always freaked me out about it and it could be an ancestor like I feel that we return back to the whole dog man phenomenon right and we talk about it do you feel that the quote the beast of whited out when when upon apologist if I butchered it wrong I do apologize for that folks I tend to do that a lot on my show do you feel it's an ancestor in a sense or do you feel it's a drawn connection or in your case with these creatures um well that's interesting I if I look if you look at it that way I think that that's a definitely a possibility but when I think of the beasts agava Don I think of I think of a werewolf type being with light like with the loup-garou and if a werewolf type being is something that could be passed down genetically then definitely I think it's an ancestor of the I think the loup-garou has the gamma Don as as an ancestor I think the I think the I think it stems from the GABAA Don if those where we'll type genetics or supernatural or whatever they may be are passed down whereas if it was I'd say like you could put gaved on to loup-garou and then I would put direwolf to dog men if that makes sense that's how I could how I can express what I feel about that because like a lot of people compare the direwolf right um they wonder okay is the dog man an evolved direwolf well if you're thinking about ancestry then I would say okay that makes sense dire wolf and dog man natural creatures in their own right loup-garou and gaba Don that would make sense to me because I think of them both as not like completely unnatural in every rate that I agree with well while we conclude on loop gurus and rougarou's I want to just keep shoveling away I just want to keep on grinding through because we still got some other topics to talk about I feel that I want to talk to you more about this I think we need to make this more of a discussion I want to bring you back just discuss the entirety of loop grooves rougarou's and even whether Don and and the beasts and all the ancestry of it because it's such a very amazing case as these deep the deer creatures and of course the skinwalker discussion I feel that that's I feel it opens up a different door when it comes to the discussion of cryptids because it's more of a supernatural discussion in my opinion but it works let's let's take a look at the Mothman okay the Mothman being one of America's most oldest cryptids besides Sasquatch let me ask you this question when we think of Mothman are you one to believe that this creature is a demon I wouldn't call it a I wouldn't call it a demon I would call it an angel of death if anything because every time the Mothman has appeared I'm glad I'm glad we're on this because for all of you listening I actually lived in the Chicagoland area for most of my life and there have been many sightings here but I think of it as a as like a a harbinger of death you know like the angel an angel of death because when the Mothman first came about where was that was well I forgot what the what the state was Point Pleasant West Virginia West Virginia okay thank you yeah it was pleasant and the bridge collapse there right after the Mothman had been seen after the sightings right and there was there was there were a lot of casualties a lot of people you know were killed a lot of people died so seeing the Mothman here in Chicago that makes a lot of sense to me of it being a harbinger of death like the Angel of Death a warning if you will because in Chicago what do you see there's a lot of violence and a lot of death and killing going on here it's I think Chicago's been the murder capital of the world for like the past three years so when I think about the Mothman I don't really think of it as it even necessarily I don't know who's sending it but somebody's sending it and it's coming for a reason like when it comes with it brings death and destruction or it's a warning like hey maybe this is getting out of hand if you go back to the Point Pleasant it was like a warning or an omen if you will and the sightings here in Chicago now it's kind of like okay look like this is a battlefield like there's been more casualties in Chicago then I believe there were in in Iraq and that's why they called Chicago chiraq at a certain time so I definitely think it's supernatural for sure I just don't know if it's a good or a bad thing because it comes and bad times do you believe that with the recent rate of Chicago sightings that there's about to be some major disaster perhaps maybe in Chicago or do you feel it might be in the US or perhaps maybe it'll impact the whole world asshole I think that I think I think there's I think this day and age is it's so hard not to say something Bad's coming because something bad happens all the time right but I really think that the sightings in Chicago are just like a warning that this is getting out of hand now I've heard of Mothman sightings on the east coast of the United States as well so maybe it's a warning to the US oh maybe it's a warning to the world I really don't know but I do think it's a warning I do think it's a warning or an indication of danger you know something's happening something's coming because usually you know like as far as legend goes from Point Pleasant that was something that happened to and it was foreshadowing some death and some bad things right whereas in it seeing into Chicago maybe something bad is about to happen like a super super bad that we you know we don't know about I really don't understand the nature of the being you know it's just creepy man it's if it's anything it's creepy no idea you heard back in 66 and 67 when Mothman sightings were more hot and rampant that there would be cases of paranormal phenomenon from poltergeist activity to mysterious MIB showing up at the locations as well as even seeing mysterious flashing lights in the sky and portals and even or least flashing lights that look like portals and then you also had reports of animal mutilations throughout the course of West Virginia do you feel that this is all accumulated to the Mothman being from a different dimension oh I think that that could be very possible as well and if you think about it from that angle you might you know you might tie in extraterrestrial activity as well especially with the mutilation and that might be um but oh the fact that moth men are so rare the moth the moth man I won't say moth men the fact that the Mothman is so rarely seen it almost becomes a creepypasta if you will because it's so very rarely seen but it is encrypted in its own right kind of like the goat man um because it is so rarely seen but it's been seen when it's seen is seen by a lot of people there's a lot of people to corroborate the story um so I what do you think of the reports back in 1986 the great Chernobyl disaster when the mysterious Blackbird of Chernobyl was seen and you had people from that area in prep at Ukraine when people would be getting mysterious phone calls same thing scenarios happening that happened in Point Pleasant in the US and you'd have all these people and who lived in in the area in Ukraine that would be seeing this thing and then the great disaster happens and then next thing you know this creature did vanishes do you feel that that's a separate creature or do you feel that as the Mothman just being seen internationally I think that that's that's I think it may be the Mothman seen internationally and you know what I said earlier about the Mothman possibly being the Angel of Death maybe it appears in different places in different ways you know what I mean because in Chicago what what's being seen out here it's not as definitive as it was for Point Pleasant right like because it's being seen so high in the sky in Point Pleasant you had it on the hood of these kids car when they were driving you know you know for those of you that know the story there were some close encounters with the being so if this is in fact the Angel of Death I think it appears in the form shape or audio or whatever it may be that it chooses that that's what I think so with that being said do you believe the Mothman as you mentioned this is an angel of death so to speak yes absolutely and I think it may be the Angel of Death so to directly answer your question about like things like Chernobyl with the phone calls etc I think it's the same the same being I think it's just appearing in a different way there was a photograph that emerged back in February of 2016 December of 2016 involving a man who snapped a photograph of the demon like creature that was seen I believe it was Jackie out here for a second it was the photograph of the mysterious demon like creature that was on lawn and someone took a photo of this have you seen this I want to like I want to say yeah because like you were into everything weird right but I'd have to actually see it right now – no I have to see it right I don't have to see the image to know if I've seen it before and I'll be honest about it if anybody had anybody has it and they want to put it put a link to the image in the in the chat please do so but in the lawn it was you have a color of the creature the have you seen it yeah I have but I'm trying to get gonna find it online I can't find the photograph but it's a photograph of a creature that was sighted on the lawn right it was it was seen by an individual and to the photograph and also we short this thing it something I don't know I really don't know but I always help me out here because if you know what it is if you have a link to it or whatever copy of the mall could be when you heard about all these reports right of the people who has seen this Virginia right what what do you think like did this thing do what it did to traumatize people or do you think it simply was there to warn people well you see that's where you know like I don't wanna like I'm almost it's almost like a jaded thing here I mean in Point Pleasant the way that the creature acted I think it did I think it was trying to traumatize some people and that's what that's what kind of throws me off because if it is the Angel of Death then that doesn't that wouldn't really make sense that's out of character right but if it was just a cryptid if it's just a cryptid and it has bad intentions or whatever the case may be then it would make sense to me but if it was so if it was a warning being like a being that was coming to to warn of the imminent danger that was ahead then it wouldn't make sense to me the way they did acted in pleasanton I'm glad you pointed that out because it did terrify some people and like I said it flew to those you know flew to those kids and they saw the eyes and the wings and it was on the hood of their car um that was the that was one of the stories of stick out stuck out to me the most so I definitely think it was I definitely think that whatever was seen in Point Pleasant had the intention to shake people up now whether that was tough love to prepare them for something I don't know because we haven't heard of anything like that at least in Chicago we haven't heard of anything like that something that serious that dangerous or that intimidating we've just seen you know we just heard of people seeing an overhead following cars stalking etc so maybe it is maybe it's benevolent or maybe it's maybe it's something that's just out for blood I really don't know but when you I'm glad you brought that up because that that changes my view a little bit on it being an angel of death or if those two things are even connected anymore to be honest because what happened to Point Pleasant was just terrifying it's very much so well folks real quick hold that thought son say we're gonna continue our discussion with the moth man shortly after we take this next break going into our three folks our three our last hour of the show we're gonna do a bit of a Q&A towards the end as well we're gonna talk about a little bit other cryptids and a little bit of paranormal stay tuned folks do not lose on the dial we'll be right back that's [Applause] [Applause] today [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] you you and welcome back folks to our third hour of the venomous fringe the special LIVE edition it's 2:00 a.m. by me I hope you all are having the fantastic time enjoying the stream as well tonight we've covered topics of dog men to skin walkers to loop gurus and even we've touched base with the Mothman I want to continue our chat with the Mothman of course folks I want to bring on of course our guest our individual we're speaking to the knight researcher sensei sensei welcome back hey glad to be back let's get after rather so we're talking Mothman and before we touch base into our other topics the Mothman we there's a photograph I wanted to talk about of a Wayne creature now sensei have you seen this photograph before let's take a look oh I've not I have not seen this no sir Wow folks you're gonna have to give me a second here to take this in I've never seen me a second because what we just read right now is the creature of this photograph what is your thoughts what are you guys opinions Wow – this thing is creepy thing is horrific jeez this so why when I talk about angel of death this thing look this thing looks like it's a bipedal with wings now obviously I don't know what the authenticity of this picture is right now that none of us do but if this thing is if this is a legitimate photo oh I might go as far as I might go as far as to say we're looking at the devil here I I don't not the devil I'll go as far as to say we might be looking at a demon II I I usually don't like to get into the religious topic or anything like that but that thing is not right whatever it is and froz watch this is my first time seeing this you're seeing it at the same time I am because uh Chris just found this image I believe so I will say this I'm not saying saying is the demon saying was an image of a tree actually in the winter months so it was still pretty it's so pretty breezy or at least not as hot but anyways this is a very interesting something winged value but I can't say hundred percent I can't but sensei what do you guys think it's creepy isn't it what do you think what do you my instant reaction is wow this is creepy that's my that's my instant reaction but hearing you're hearing what you said when you said you first thought about it it is being a tree I look at the image on the left and I still like I see that I see the tree idea but even even with the image on the left it still looks unnatural this thing you can clearly see a tree doesn't have doesn't have two legs so this thing is definitely something and you know like treble said they're in the trash or getting the chat I am pretty much speechless because this thing threw me off balance corner we're not acting that Kris blew this up showed you guys and you might have seen it before me I looked in our messages and I looked at it and this thing I'm still trying to figure out what this thing is I I'll tell you this Chris if I ever saw this thing I'd run that's so that's what I'll tell you because if I saw a dog man I might not run because I'm really interested in how document react to humans and all all the all the fancy this and that about dog man I'm interested in that but this thing if I saw this I'd probably think demon and run for my life stating looks incredibly evil you want honesty I'll give you honesty I'd probably say the same thing because I don't know this thing looks tall looks gigantic it looks frightening and it doesn't look like something I'd want to run into it's not your typical fluff like a freaking marshmallow this is your typical depiction of something that could be something very violent and I don't want to mess with it that's like you're getting a photograph of a dog man right and you see a dog man and it's not too far for me this thing is about a hundred feet away from this dude you know it may be maybe less maybe far depending on how you see it but you look at this photograph and you see something very Tollan ominous and some states shadow demon some say just a fallen angel others say different it's a very frightening photo and it's one of my favorites but when we talk about Mothman we talk about that but I'll leave that photo up for you guys in the community tab we'll aim at that tomorrow but I want to get back into our discussion a couple of final questions on the Mothman sensei before we transition into other topics I'm in plus folks I know that you guys you have some questions for sensei we're going to take those questions as well don't worry stay on the dial um we're gonna talk a little bit about that but now I want to just go ahead and say listen Mothman owl man is there a difference between the two or no oh I'd say yes and I'm gonna be completely honest I'm a little ignorant to the owl man I've heard and I've heard of the album man and I've heard it and I've heard people speak about it and I'm a hundred percent sure I've heard of it encounter with the creature but I don't remember I like it's not something I really I I haven't researched the old man whereas most of these other crypts like every group that we've talked about tonight before this I've researched myself the old man I've never looked at anything up about an old man so I'm gonna say different because just because I'm ignorant about the owl men and I don't know what its intentions are what they may be and that's just plain honestly for you but if if the owl like maybe you can enlighten me if the owl man is anything like the moth man and it's and it's fear creating fear generating presence um then maybe they're similar but what I think of is an old man I just think of a giant owl like the things from Narnia if you guys remember back the lines of which in the Wardrobe they rode on the backs of those owls I mean that's what I would think about but I have no idea if they compared to the Mothman I have to say different because moth men I think they're mess I think they're menacing and I think that there are also bearers of bad news or warn or like warning you for something bad that's coming you know a harbinger of death like I said earlier so oh well personally I think the owl man is trying to find his friends and Christopher Robin dude maybe will one day maybe he's wise and perhaps maybe tries to give you knowledge but IIIi honestly I I just made a goof and I apologize folks but you know you got to so yeah that was kind of what I was coming aiming for with that so anyways the owl man Mothman discussion we've touched base with that let's enter into some other discussion – goat man I feel for goat man we we do we don't even need to go into too much detail but goat man is is one of those hot topics I mean like the dog man like the moth man like Sasquatch and uncle James you hear all these reports of just these mysterious frightening animals and the goat man is no different what do you feel with goat man is you hear these reports it's a hybrid of a scientist experiment gone wrong do you believe I to that do you feel that there is these creatures can be conceived and created through genetic experimentation absolutely this is something this topic this would take an entire episode we definitely we don't have an time to touch on this right now but I'll give you my piece on it I definitely think beings can be genetically engineered 100% because as I said at the beginning of the show before I became a researcher in the cryptid field I was a UAP et EBE extraterrestrial biological entity and UAP researcher so when it comes to things like that I believe that you know these beings could be mmm engineered sure I think it's possible why say no to something you don't know the answer to you can't say no if you don't know it's wrong okay so yes if you don't know it's right right so um I think that's definitely a possibility but when I think of goatman I said a little earlier in the show when you first asked me about Mothman I compare Mothman a goat man together because of how elusive they are when they come you know in the cryptid community and encounters you don't hear about goat men and Mothman sightings as much as you hear about the loup-garou dog men Bigfoot mmm skinwalkers the way to go even the rake which was originally thought to be a creepypasta right you hear about more rake encounters than you do goat man so I think I think of it being just an elusive being you know and it's it's just something I personally don't understand and I don't know if it's an evil being you know because a lot of people will associate goats with the devil and with demons right I usually like I said multiple times I don't like to go that route with things especially in the cryptid community but um a lot of people will associate those two things and that's interesting to me you know because it might make sense if that's the right path that's true it might make sense right but I really don't know man I I really I think I just think it's I know the my definite opinion is that the goatman is a supernatural being that I believe for sure but everything else is all I have no idea would you say that if the government does experiment on these creatures that that these creatures may manifest certain intelligence is similar to that of what we've heard in science-fiction films where a creature can be experimented on to have high intelligence or there could be a serum that could make them intelligent like in example Rise of the Planet of the Apes the cure for Alzheimer's where the creatures the Apes are given or at least the serum seizures given makes him talk intelligent and would you feel that the same thing could possibly be the case for a lot of these cryptids definitely and if all right so if there was any cryptid I'd hand it to and say it would be Bigfoot um and and possibly dog man I think I think dog men have ascended on there they're extremely intelligent on their own but um Bigfoot that would make sense to me I think that if Bigfoot were genetically engineered whether it be by humans human scientists or extraterrestrial scientists that would make perfect sense to me because of how intelligent they are how alike they are to us but even more advanced they seem and how they're able to elude us so I definitely think Bigfoot could be a candidate for a being that was given something or created in a certain way engineered to have an exceptional amount of intelligence and then eventually broke out to have more intelligence than hoped for or you know more than we we could have imagined and then you know just kind of went on with their own consciousness and have been out of our eye you know what I mean at least out of the public eye well enough so certainly I think there are some cryptids that have some sort of boost whether it was given by extraterrestrial or human scientists or it was just achieved on their own I definitely think so well let's I did a little bit of paranormal what do you think of this paranormal phenomenon have you yourself had counters I've had paranormal experiences myself and when I look back on them I don't know if I would label them as paranormal or if I would consider it something that was just me tapping in and out of levels of consciousness I don't really like to put a label on things like that because that is that super taboo for me right so you know like when I was younger I was about four or five years old and the room I live in now I live in the same family house the room I'm in now it used to be like a room nobody would go in right I remember running down the stairs and going into it and there was a clown shape there was a clown type person there and I thought it was my grandpa trying to scare me right but it wasn't him and I'll never forget that day that's the only thing that's happened to me that I could say was any type of repair and although that I have remembered and that day is always stuck with me but I look back at it now I don't know it might have just been a clown or it might have been who knows it might have been a dream that a nightmare that I'll never I'll never forget about I have no idea but when it comes to the paranormal I'm open to it but it's not the first thing you'll hear coming out of my mouth you know what I mean like I'm hoping to talk about it but I'd say your guess is as good as mine when it comes to paranormal you know the paranormal things like I don't I don't disbelieve I believe in pair I believe there's paranormal encounters that people have I believe it just as far as my own I don't know what it was even now looking back at this I really you know what what do you think of these giant creatures such as well giant supernatural or these paranormal entities such as elementals for example elements do you have another is there another term basically demons but Russia demons ones that are more above demons but like basically a demon I guess you could say that elementals always prays to be more of a higher power yes in a demonic sense I mean so like shit like the jinn or like re or are we talking like hierarchy of demons like in their area of quote-unquote hell they're they're like royalty like that type of a demon are we talking about the jinn that could be reference to reptilians are not alone like what what do you mean with because if you're talking about those if that's what you're I think I get the general idea with them I don't I don't know I don't really have an opinion on them if they are with if they are that if they are demons with some sort of hierarchy then I would just have to assume that they have negative intentions like any other demon but the power dude say ok I want you to go do this and this to this person I want you to go do this in this to this being I want you to go do this and this here or there you know what I mean but like I said I don't really have too much of an opinion on that I'm not I'm not too sure you know what those things could be definitely don't want to encounter one I'll tell you that if those info huh what do you call them elementals if elementals are a thing I definitely don't want to meet what tell you that what do you feel about Shadow Man or perhaps maybe the Hat demon for example one that's believed to be much as much evil as an elemental one that could easily make someone sick uncomfortable and some people have been reported to be scratched by it oh yeah happen and and shadow and shadow of shadow entities shadow beings to me those are just those are just beings that suck positive that they I feel like those beings are attracted to normal everyday people and then also people that are generating or giving off negative energies whether it be depression sadness suicidal thoughts or somebody just lost someone their family went through a hard time whatever I feel like those type of beings go to the people that are weakened you know not weak overall I mean none of us are weak we all have some sort of strength but I think those beings move and attach themselves onto people that are in a weak point of their life and I think that they you know they kind of feed off of that energy like I said in the past we were talking one of your shows and I was I was in the comments I was I was calling it loose anybody who's from the UFO community knows what I'm talking about zillions feed off of louche it's like the fear anxiety all that bad stuff they feed off of that like the the horror the humans experience they feed off that I think that you know the hat man and Shadow Man I think they feed off of that fear which is why they're so menacing they feed what Colt just said the energy they feed off of that energy they eat it up and that that's their source of fuel so I think I think that's I think that's that I find that all interesting nonetheless and I always feel that it's it's been curiosity that's been in the eye now what is your take on the ethnics of when for example do you believe in guardian angels do you believe in angels as a whole I personally I what would you call it if you neither believed nor disbelieve I when it comes to angels I believe that there's a being that is perceived as an angel like I've said earlier I don't like titles for things especially when it comes to the paranormal um I believe there are beings that that have been encountered witnessed interacted with that we may perceive as angels or demons or both whatever um but so yeah yeah I believe that those beings exist now whether they're angels the way that it's written in the Bible or any holy books or any evil books because we know there are evil books out there I don't know if that's accurate but I'm sure I do believe that when it comes to those beings people have encountered something I mean you know so I definitely believe that there there's problem there's there's there's probable cause there's probably something there but not too sure like I said like that kind of it doesn't really tie into religion necessarily but it's it's something that I I usually don't search after too much you know what I mean it's not something that's um it's not the first thing I'm researching if you know what I mean absolutely no I agree with that well we've touched base with almost everything except for one cryptid one creature I think we've all I think is well known to home and that is of course our favorite big hairy ape itself Sasquatch Sasquatch you know I've always been praised with because it just loved house a Squatch as is one you know it could be a well-known cryptid in the community and the fact that for a lot of us out there it's one of our most well known let me ask you son son say Sasquatch as a whole what do you think about him do you like this whole concept of these creatures you know sasquatch do you think there's enough evidence out there to say that yes these creatures are eight men they exist that they are an alpha or a major head honcho in forests more than document um I would never say more than augment but I would definitely say there's enough evidence and there's enough encounters for me to say that I believe they exist because my whole belief system is is you know I I have not seen a dog man myself right for everybody watching I just want to put this out there I have not seen a dog man myself but I know some of you especially some of you watching right now have so I believe I believe that you have seen one same goes for Sasquatch um and with that being said I believe in their existence as far as the head honcho thing based on the evidence I have for the cryptids that we know are out there and that have been most reported I definitely don't think that the head honcho if anything I believe that Sasquatch are a genetic experiment by extraterrestrial beings and they may even be extraterrestrial beings themselves but if we were just coming down to raw who's who's gonna win it knuckle to knuckle I think dog men are on top of I think they're the king of the jungle out there but I definitely believe in Sasquatch for sure we hear many cases of dog men and Sasquatch interactions and we've always been told or at least what some reports state that the dog men stand back from the Sasquatch the Sasquatch more dominant what do you think about all that I'll say that part of the last part well what do you think of the whole idea that the dog men and Sasquatch interact with one another they share in tribes because they're in the same environments but there have been reports where Sasquatch appeared to be more dominant that they are the heads of these situations where they do encounter both tribes as a whole and that they have a mutual respect with the Sasquatch show that they're in control the only way I'd agree with that theory is if the Sasquatch were extraterrestrial beings that were more technologically and spiritually advanced than the document which I think it's the exact opposite to be honest but if we were to if we were to look at it that way then I would think that if that if the Sasquatch were if they were the dominant species and they were like the Sasquatch is the king and the dog man was the queen if we look at it you know in that way then I'd have to say that the Sasquatch would have to have obviously superior intelligence and be more technologically advanced and I would expect them to be at least extraterrestrial or something of that nature or at least at least have some sort of backing you know because you can't have that much power without having a reason for having that much power but if that wasn't the case then I would just say that those beings coexist with one another because they have to and you know I haven't really heard too many cases of Scott of Sasquatch being violent or murders but I have heard of some I definitely have heard of some not as many as dog men though so it's it's 50/50 I don't know which one is more dominant none of us know for sure but based on what I've seen from intelligence levels and the way that these beings are how they move I definitely think the dog men are more dominant and anymore and smarter that's that's just my personal opinion and if they're both the exact same intelligence level great then they're just coexisting with one another and I think that's definitely I think that's I think I won't call it a fact but I'm sure I'm almost a hundred percent sure they have to coexist with one another if they share the same Plains so I'll say that I really praise that whole concept that whole idea that I do agree well folks you know besides my show echo I will admit I do apologize for understand why every show we do I'm gonna take a look at that it might actually be the streaming software I use which I do apologize for but I know a lot of you guys which is pretty interesting as I had that response but that be said though we're gonna do this part now we're gonna actually talk about Susan QA see you guys really presented some questions and please share them but we do the Q&A portion of the show actually talk subscribers largest assembly of people who've watched ours renewed we have 60 people watch 30 in the morning since I think ever I think this is the largest audience I want to thank you guys so much for your support and for listening this is incredible I mean say you know what I just want to say to everybody watching if it wasn't for Kris here you know I've been I've been in the community for a long time a lot of you just haven't seen me because I stick to myself but Chris you know he's what he does he does this special and you know that's why I kind of came out and started talking you know and it wasn't for Chris this you know I wouldn't be here right now and I wouldn't be do I wouldn't have the courage to go do what I'm gonna be doing in the future so I just want to say thank you to everybody that's here and make sure you like and subscribe to chriskiss like I said that the only reason I'm here only reason I'm doing this Chris you know he's been my hero since I you know since I've got to the you know since his channels come up and since he started posting his content you know so and that's that's just facts no brown-nosing it's that's just the way it is so and I appreciate that man I really I do you know the thing about me is that I don't consider myself a head honcho I just tell it how it is I'm not afraid to be honest but there is a lot of I think negative energy in the field of cryptozoology and especially in paranormal and I always try to give my own interpretation of it but give a more honest laid-back perspective than what's been told in books take inspiration take take notes yes but I don't always follow the same beliefs because that would just make me a drone instead of enabling my own beliefs understand absolutely but we're still on the air we're still on the air and folks I mean we want folks to the you know you guys we want ask some questions you know we want you guys to engage for this all because we love listening to what you guys got to ask and we all love what you guys we love you guys too thank you mod thank you guys wolf Salvation thank you all for your ongoing support you know but we're here right now to talk about some other stuff and Tomcat FPV East Coast sensei as a Chicagoan where do you do your cryptid research and do you think we have dog men in our forest preserves I do my research in north northern Illinois Indiana as well as what I haven't done in California but I'm going to next year but in Illinois though I do it in northern Italy I'm gonna be checking out Wisconsin soon as we were talking about earlier I'm gonna be doing a segment that's gonna be filmed with my guys my crew we're gonna be going down to the Bray Road we're gonna get film high resolution high quality film so that we can bring that out to you now I definitely think there are dog men in Illinois I don't know about Chicago the the metropolitan area where the city is I definitely don't think that they're around there but in the suburbs there are the northern suburbs for sure and then in northern Illinois um so yeah casual goes what got you into cryptids um cryptid research well I first saw some videos of some encounters you know with like skinwalker stuff like that and I always knew about Bigfoot you know like you CCC shows like Monster quest etc you know always do about that but I I never really bought the the stuff on the TV I always thought that it could be real but I was like you know you know when stuff is obviously being shown his fake like what it's like a disinformation campaign like they almost want you to think it's fake and I can see through that um so when I saw like the native I saw like the the skinwalker stuff and you know I got really into that then I started I found big I saw dog man encounters I started listening to that you know you know I started listening to all the other guys in the community including Chris when his channel came out so that really got my fuel going he got me pumped and I was like you know what very early when I when I was listening I became a believer and then soon after that I was like you know what maybe I can do something here maybe we can you know cuz I was tired of there not being the proof right so I was like what can I do to bring proof let me do something so that's what that's what got me into it so you know big thanks to everybody all the researchers in the community these guys you know especially chris chris number one these guys are the reason that I know I do this I'm interested in this you cult goes do you think the government knows and hides dog Minh oh definitely oh yeah I mean do you guys remember earlier that might be I think that the that's part of the that's part of it because like I said earlier I started as a UFO you ap and EBE researcher so 99% of the stuff I did especially my research when I started to get close to mainstream got shut down by Big Brother so that just just having any interaction with government at all it showed me that there is something else going on what it is I don't know and that that you know that that's just the fact they're watching they're probably watching this right now and they're monitoring things and they're censoring things I mean look at the censorship on on channels like perfect cognitive shout-out to the big blue they said they took his a Bigfoot Channel off the air I mean think about that it is gone they're censoring people for everything right now it's it's just terrible so I definitely think that there's a cover-up going on for this stuff oh maybe not as heavily as UFOs but maybe it's all connected so maybe it's the same cover-up you know who's to say Seth goes do you think Bigfoot or dog men have anything to do with the missing for one one phenomenon oh I personally don't think that they do I think that beings like the one to go um I think the beings like the one to go in the rate do though for sure mmm but the only way I would connect Bigfoot or dog men to those missing for one one would be if pigma it Bigfoot or dog men or extraterrestrial beings themselves with advanced technology that we're conducting experience experiments on humans and in that case I would say yes and then the other case I'd say if they're being ripped to shreds without and they're not traces that you know you can't trace them you can't find them you just find their clothing or whatever then you know I'd say maybe that's when to go or or the rink but I wouldn't say Bigfoot a dog man mr. Carlito's Way like that movie and name by the way says does a dog man have feelings because they have let a lot of people go unharmed good question that's a beautiful question um that's something Chris and I have talked about um that's a whole nother story that's a whole nother show very of morality I definitely think that they have feelings I think that it's more morals but then again like I said earlier there's there's good apples and bad apples in any bunch whether it be humans dog men or raccoons there's good there's good and bad so I think the good do what good do I think the bad ones do about you know what about beings do but I definitely think that when dog men like good dog men catch someone and they know that that person is not a threat to their lives their family's lives or the earth in general then I'm sure that you know I do believe that they let those people go for that reason because why else would they let them go I mean if I'm if dog man just wanted to eat us I'm sure they would do that they have a totally capable right so so our dog men been a viola violent in a sense I think some are I think it's a species yeah because it's just like humans right certain groups you could say you know you just I don't want to jump you know you can't really generalize them because I'm sure as a whole their benevolent at least that's how I feel but they could they could be the opposite who knows I just saw Williams said if you run that just made me think oh it's like a dog if you're running from a dog dogs gonna chase you but these be these beings are way too smart for that so I think that they have a reason behind everything they do for the most part let me ask you this then when we hear reports or at least this is gonna go into more of a post-apocalyptic talk what do you think about when people have this belief that at the end of time what do you think about when the end of times these creatures are gonna be the monsters that annihilate us from civilization from our history what do you think about all that straight-up answer is no way no way Jose I I wouldn't even I dare to put I like I said I don't like to I usually don't touch on the religious aspect um because I believe that we have control of our path moving forward I'm not denying that there's a possibility that there will be an end time but at the same time I'm not gonna say that I think dog men would be the end time for us because if like for those that for those that are you know for those that do follow the Bible closely and are very religious or whatever culture or religion you follow oh I want you to let me know right now if you if you've heard of dog men in there anywhere and the reason I'm saying that is because that's why I don't usually tap into it for that aspect at least because if that is coming I don't think it will be the dog man if anything I've seen them for I'd see them helping us out if anything so I do respect I respect all the religious aspect but I don't think the dog men are gonna if we're gonna be annihilated oh then the dog man I know I just feel in my heart they're not that higher power that could annihilate us there's no way no way in hell she doesn't excuse me but yeah no way what would be in York in your opinion let's just say for example the dog man is and actually Robbie players actually just answered my question sense do you think do you think could be a demon or an alien now I know we talked briefly about this and I wanted to you know what do you think about that when someone says like even or alien like I know there's some theories a ship what do you think of cases like that where people say that they've seen these alien type I love it because I think dog men are that I think that I from what I've seen from dog men I think that they're I think that they're intelligent enough and I don't know how advanced they are but I know that they're at least intelligent enough to interact with beings of high intelligence and not be annihilated or else we wouldn't see them at all so whether they are aliens or they were created by extraterrestrials I definitely think there may be some connection there when I hear about those types of stories I definitely definitely like it you you said there's no Christmas they said there's no sound anymore you you okay sounds back all right we're back we're back the government could all sense a because he's talking just about truth too many facts boys and girls ladies Warren like I say all night now see I want to be honest about some people I want everyone to understand something you know you know that my shows in the past I've done life before I used to have regular good quality on my own my audios now I don't and I don't know why I've checked everything I don't know if it's because of what I talked about and they finally figured it out my channels been banned in several different youtubers that told me this that everybody can't find my channel because it's apparently been banned it's also apparently that I've been striked but I never got a strike for no certification or email and it makes me wonder if there's uh there's this more to it like you know let me ask you this have you ever felt what you do is research or more poorly as a gamer as you've mentioned as your profession do you feel that this would impact you oh yeah I know it wolf here I'll say something because I know you Chris there's something Chris knows this is something I never really speak about and I'm not gonna go into it now because we don't have enough time but like like I said for all of you that have been here for a while you know I started as a as a you ap UFO and EBE researcher I had encounters with I had encounters with people that didn't have any sort of they didn't have any sort of what you call it like symbols or anything they belong to any branch to cover or not branch to cover but any any type of military ingress to the military but I've had my encounters and that's just the facts you can believe it or not anyways um so that's why I stopped that research okay stop the research but I don't do it and I'm not I'm definitely not taking a mainstream now right pretty ufos etc what I will say is there washing and everyone here who knows will saw it on their washing you know yeah I will say that that is crazy and I know a lot of people have mentioned that but yeah no and you're a hundred percent right on that um what I also wanted to touch base on something real quick because I can't believe I missed this but what is your opinion on ghosts squatches ghost dog men ghosts cryptids as a whole could they become paranormal entities we hear about cloaking you hear about supernatural vibes or well ghostly vibes in a sense well I think it's entirely possible because I mean if humans if human beings him can generate ghosts after we passed on from our physical form and animals can do the same if the dog men and Bigfoot are animals and I would just I you know you just assume yeah that that could be a possibility as far as other characters go I mean sure I I don't think that that's I don't think that that's a no I think it's a I think it's a definite possible yes I don't know for sure from what I've heard about that you know it does seem sound very realistic the the encounters I've heard at least about I've heard one a Bigfoot being a ghost to me it seems like it's the Bigfoot being just being like them being extremely advanced and having technology that we don't understand because a lot of the time we don't understand things we'll call it supernatural or paranormal so possible I think that they're not I don't think that can you guys hear us if you're watching it can you hear us right now because I saw sound in the chat a few times I think they can now yeah they can hear us spooky isn't it yeah it is crazy by the way Kristen that wasn't like six funny at one point I believe five like five ninety I know you said you said for something earlier it's something but we're almost there we're almost there wrapped up wise but I wanted before we even go any further one thing I want to just point out is where do you see the fields in the next 10 years like what would be something that you'd want to accommodate to in the field of research mutual respect among researchers and it's the genuine genuine drive to continue research and actually find things and show them to everybody because I think everybody in the community including people watching our you're a researcher or an enthusiast everybody should have the information so when we find things I think it should be out there for everybody I really hate the thought process as some people have in this community but they're like oh I have this fold over this video of a dog but I can't show you I hate that Oh everything everything should be out for everybody so and that's why I think that's just how I feel about disclosure in general so I think that it should all be out here for everybody out for everyone to see for everyone to enjoy for everyone to play with and throw their theories and compare that's the way things should be I don't like secrets secret sir the reason why we're in such a I'm not even gonna say the word but secrets for not good will say that I like troopers more than I like liars that's that's fact I I agree with that 100% I strongly do what what what would be something to you know what I wanted to ask you as well when we think about dog man footage why would you think that there's not enough footage out there or something that would be you know of dog my footage enough well partly because some of the disease I believe I truly wholeheartedly believe some of the disease and not only the C's I think that the people that have seized from are told hey you put anything like this out or if you shared this anywhere this person in your families this is like there's that intimidation factor and I truly believe that that comes into play how else could you keep things under wraps for so long like we're not you know we're not all crazy people you're interested in this because we want to find the truth in it right there's truth and everything so whether they think they're protecting people I just saw Trey say this there anything for protecting the general population or they're protecting themselves from the lies that they've kept up for all these years I don't know but that's a tough one that's that's fair enough and of course you know I understand that as well um well you know sensei anybody who has any more questions please feel free to showcase them and as well for our chat before we go ahead and we conclude the show it's been an incredible couple hours talking down and sitting down with you and explaining things what would be one cryptid though that you have to say that you'd be least expected to one over run into these expected or learn or lease want to see like what would be one that you least want to run into not expected actually no the rink because I wanted to go oh man wait guys to go I wanted to go for the shore because the water go is coming the one who is gonna kill you matter what it's trying to kill you it's trying to eat you if anything the Reich might cut your head off or something like that right what it was trying to eat you alive oh because you know the insatiable hunger for human flesh right so yeah I don't want to see you personally I wouldn't want to run into an a but when to go either well you know as well as to you know one of the beauties of things of this show is we also like to showcase and promote sensei can you tell us a little bit about this show you have in mind this concept you want to do what is this about what would you like to showcase the audience about you what would you like to share case and promote well my channel gonna be coming in about eight to nine months I already have the name for the channel locked in so the name I have nobody else who has this name it's really awesome name know for sure big reveal all right so the big reveal here guys drumroll the name of my channel is no wrong answers just like that wrong answers and wa4 short which is hilarious and think about it that's gonna be common in a bit and literally we're gonna do like a radio style show but we're also going to do videos of in the field research like I'm filming in the field looking for dog man Bigfoot evidence things like that then we're gonna do call-in shows just just a smorgasbord of things on different things all in one channel I don't want it to do it's not gonna be just one thing we're gonna have all types of things in there so if you if you're going to look for the channel you might find it I don't know if I have it available or you can find it so if you want to subscribe you can I don't know if we'll be able to but like I said I won't be launching this for about 8 to 9 months I want to make sure we get everything right and perfect for you guys even then when the show is up I'm so gonna be working for Chris and doing what I can to help him out because the venomous fringe is the best show in my opinion and that's channel because all this stuff yeah well with that being said sensei I want to thank you again for coming on the show everybody out there who is listening in sensei do you have any advice you'd like to give anybody more importantly anybody who's interested in enthusiasts in this field by any chance absolutely thank you everybody also nice to have is if you believe in something and you have a goal or dream in this community something you want to accomplish go after it but please be safe you know some of the stuff that you're gonna be seen to be doing like I said earlier in the show I might not the video might not like you know I'm had only posted videos you'll never see me happen because we know how how dangerous these things to be so you know I wouldn't recommend attempting it just you know be yourself do what you think is right and that's about it I mean just you don't know put yourself in harm's way make sure you value your life above all other things you know because some of the stuff I'm gonna be doing I'll be honest with you I'm gonna be crazy to even try to do it I probably shouldn't be but Oh honestly just keep on doing your research if you're a researcher lousiest continue to watch the videos and learn more and be respectful you know be respectful to other people in the community because everybody has an opinion just like you so respect it you don't have to agree but respected that's why if I see truer words cannot be as spoken my friend sensei I want to thank you again for coming on the show and as always folks I want to thank you all for tuning in yes Brett we're aware of an echo big deal long story short folks thank you again we have a discord server feel free to join it we have a Facebook if you'd like to join us as well and on top of that if you enjoyed the show we have a PayPal we're not doing YouTube's partnership because YouTube has D monetized us so folks if you're interested please leave a donation if you wish with that being said folks thank you again and we cannot wait to talk to you as well sooner or later with future episodes and by by the way of course and with that being said folks take care

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