Dr. Jane Goodall Introduces #4EverWild Wildlife Trafficking Campaign

Dr. Jane Goodall Introduces #4EverWild Wildlife Trafficking Campaign

Hello, I’m Jane Goodall. I’ve spent my life speaking out on behalf of animals, and there is one issue that stands out uniquely as one of the worst threats to their survival: the illegal wildlife trade. This trade in wildlife threatens species with extinction. It’s the second biggest threat to wildlife after habitat loss. Without doing something today, we could face a world in which thousands and thousands of species go silent, never to return. But there is something we can do today, and it will take all of us working together to make it possible. That’s why the Jane Goodall Institute global chapters want you to help the species stay forever wild. We can stop trafficking by encouraging individuals to learn about the illegal trade and encourage every individual to take action in support of JGI’s efforts to stop the demand and protect wildlife. There is hope. But it must start with you. The illegal trade in wildlife causes immense suffering to animals, animals that are taken from the wild and killed or held captive in terrible conditions. Virtually every country plays some role in wildlife trafficking either as source, transit point, or destination location for contraband wildlife. Wildlife is hunted for bushmeat, for body parts, as well as being captured live for the illegal exotic pet market and roadside attractions. But two thirds of apes lost are chimpanzees. Most ape trafficking probably goes undetected, so numbers could be even higher. For the Jane Goodall institute, fighting for great apes and protecting them from this illegal trade is a priority and central to our mission. But every species is at stake from elephants to rhinos to tigers to the highly endangered pangolin. We are experiencing the sixth great extinction. Without a concerted global effort to end trafficking, primates and other wildlife will be gone for good. Please learn more about the efforts of the Jane Goodall Institute to protect wildlife and get involved by sharing this video and other materials to make sure everyone participates. By working together, we can secure a future where wildlife can live safely and freely. Join us to keep species forever wild today.

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6 thoughts on “Dr. Jane Goodall Introduces #4EverWild Wildlife Trafficking Campaign

  1. You're the best birthday gift to me! Although I see the release date is not exactly my bd date, but I saw this video today. I definetely share it! I hope our efforts doesn't stay without result!

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