Dr Sharda Nandram, Buurtzorg Researcher, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

Dr Sharda Nandram, Buurtzorg Researcher, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

I’m doctor Sharda Nandram and I’m here on behalf of Buurtzorg Nyenrode which is a community care organisation So for me leadership is not just training, it’s a lifestyle if you want to get some more new insights for example in healthcare, how to reform, how to make some changes in society it should come from within ourselves so that’s why I think if you gather as such with different leaders, different potential leaders, we may learn from each others experiences and you know deepen our own untapped resources. I think one main event in my life that has shaped me is going abroad. Shifting to another country and getting exposed to other cultures is a very good teaching opportunity, you learn much more about yourself you learn much more to reflect and introspect what are your core values and what is your contribution and you can also see the similarities with others so in a way it helps you to find your uniqueness and also to connect to the universal kind of systems, value systems we all share. My approach is much more in the sense of creating the facilities, creating the space, having experience myself that the shift to another context can have such a big influence. I think creating the space is one of the main things and the rest will happen if people are really intrinsically motivated. I make sure that I’m very much prepared for what they want from me in a sense that I know what is the role. I don’t want to overrule them, I just want them to rely upon their own creative thoughts. I think leaders nowadays think that they need to be served while leaders need to serve others. This is how I look at leadership and it has to do with the western mindset that you know leaders are usually at a higher position in the organisation, earning much more so they think that it goes along with a certain status. Going into a first leadership position is a very big step in someone’s career and it can be very much overruling the expectations. So try to be close to your own core, your own core values and the rest will come.

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One thought on “Dr Sharda Nandram, Buurtzorg Researcher, Nyenrode Business Universiteit

  1. Dr. Sharda Nandram, I just read your research paper, "Vedic learning and management

    To find more about you, I googled your name and landed here.

    Your paper is very interesting and thought provoking.

    Not many scholars write about Vedic ideas, Ancient India's wisdom and how they can be useful in post modern world.
    Please write more. Best wishes.

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