one two three one two three dr. Umar Johnson back in Charlotte after four and a half years right right so we gonna get right into it my brother I appreciate you taking this time out with a praise the king of content industry muscle calm yes sir so let me get my couple of questions cuz I have a few things for you now and I know you're not shy of answering questions but you know I definitely love the opportunity to sit down and talk to you this is kind of like my first outside of hip-hop more conscious interview but I'm dope I'm good we're doing this one set it off Charlotte for the first time since February of 2015 okay and a half years I spoke at Johnson C smith University and I remember it clearly because that was the first lecture that I sponsored myself right so for my entire speaking career from 2000 to 2015 it was always invitation right and I decided in the New Year of 2015 to start hosting my own events uh-huh because I was displeased with three things on the lecture circuit which was number one using me to pull the crowd right but not giving me enough time to address the crowd all right so let's say you invite me to town right everybody speak your homeys the politicians the preachers right everybody paid to see dr. Umar right and because of your poor time management you may have to be able to venue by 9 is 8:15 I'm still out on a mic right when I get on the mic you passing me a note saying we only got 30 minutes right these people came to here make you give him four hours of everybody else right so now I got to hear from brothers and sisters who support me that I drove three four hours and I only got 20 minutes to you in four hours of everybody else so that was this harvey right number two a lot of the individuals who invited me out to speak were primarily motivated to make money not to make a difference okay so for my first 10 years of professional lecturing and I'm counting from mm uh-huh when I became a school psychologist my first two years I never charged for me then and that would be it never the only reason why I started to charge is because the demand started pulling me away from my day work as a certified school psychologist right that's how I pay the bills so I had to make a decision either cut back on the speaking and traveling or cut back in the career but I made the difficult decision to cut back on a career so I could continue to travel that's what required me to start charging okay but in 2015 again because not giving me enough time to address the audience being motivated by money not to make a difference at number three a lot of their brothers and sisters who invited me out seldom have ever donated to the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy fundraise well if I'm helping you make money you at least need to reciprocate pride of call donating to the fun but a lot of them didn't do that that and then just a quick three B if you would I did a lot of stuff for free and then I would find out that the same people who I came and presented for at no cost will take the money they raise from dr. Umar's even and paid for and pay for another scholar off the money that I raised right so that was pretty disrespectful so Charlotte is significant for me because it represents the first time I did my own event right yes from that so we're gonna get you a napkin and something to drink cool all Broca apple juice good that were juicing good all right so let's start off what made you become a doctor why did you want to become a doctor of psychology very relevant question North Carolina plays a role in that okay I lived in Pennsylvania my entire life except for approximately two to three years in elementary school we lived in North Carolina Jacksonville to be exact okay and it was in the third grade in North Carolina uh-huh when I decided that I wanted to be a clinical psychologist okay so I made that decision in third grade and I stayed with it my whole life and I made that decision thank you brother right here in North Carolina I'm also connected to North Carolina to other ways obviously childhood was significant here for me okay she was gonna be a psychologist in North Carolina it was significant to me and thirdly I have maternal ancestors my mother's mother's people huh-huh are from North Carolina hmm so not only do I have ancestors from this state I decided to be a clinical psychologist in the state and also spent some significant years of my childhood in this state right now and the main reason I chose to become a psychologist is because I didn't have an older brother I'm the oldest boy okay so I said when I grow up I want to be the older brother that other children can talk to when they don't have right I didn't know nothing about special ed at okay I didn't know nothing about ADHD at the time uh-huh it wouldn't be until I graduated from undergrad Millersville University Lancaster County PA that I began a master's program at hanaman University in Center City Pennsylvania it was too expensive I decided to go back to Millersville University I was black student union president I was a student leader so I was confident I could get a graduate assistantship many may pay for the school and you just take care one of dormitories it was fortuitous because Millersville University had a school psychology training program so I said what is the scheme psychology let me check it out right so it was just by coincidence as well as the white director of psychology at Hahnemann telling me that if you want to go back to Millersville get your school psychologist certification because even if you get your doctorate and you get licensed you won't be able to test for special education unless you have it right destiny took me to Millersville because had I not attended an undergraduate institution without a school psychology training program we might not be having this conversation and I say that because it being a certified school psychologist along with being a pan-african it's those two things primarily it's responsible for where I am now you're very very into black culture yes sir what sparked you to actually get into that you know speak about it so eloquently in and intellectually my parents separated in North Carolina right we returned to Philadelphia Pennsylvania when we returned to Philadelphia Pennsylvania my mother enrolled me in the General George G Meade Elementary School 18th Street 18th and Oxford but we had a mandatory fourth of fifth grade black history class at that school uh-huh mrs. green was the black history teacher and although the class was for all of the students in my grade I was the only one that it really resonated with that it did something to me it was like a perfect marriage you know just her teaching us about the history and the ancestors and the heroes and she rose it just did something to me and then it was a black history speaking contest and I entered that in the fourth grade won first place came back fifth grade won first place again and I never stopped talking sense so my black history uh-huh in my oratorical right began the same time right meet elementary school cool so how do we become economically competitive in your dependent in your opinion the problem said economically competitive by three questions right first of all black people are not even economically responsible right and what way is always when I say we're not economically responsible then I look at the two trillion dollars of spending power that we had right to truly right with a richest group of Africans in the world there's no African on the planet that brings home the take-home pay of the African American right right so although you leave the race economically you trail every other race politically and in terms of institutionalization right so I always say you can go to any city in America there's a little Italy there's a Chinatown there's a little Cambodia there's a little a rat there's a little something okay you can't find a little African or there's not a africa town anywhere the united states there's no place where you can go in this country two trillion dollars will we own the supermarket the bank the hospital in the school those are the four essential institutions in the bank to invest in the people supermarket to feed the people on hospital to care for the people in school to educate and prepare the people so when I speak of economic irresponsibility where are our institutions why are a two trillion dollar people dependent on their oppresses 400 years later when they have the economic wherewithal to solve their own problems it's because we have a psychological crutch from slavery one of the things that slavery did to the black man then this is what makes us different from every other man in America it took away our desire for nations uh-huh it took away our desire for self-rule so whereas the Chinese shows up in America he automatically busies himself with building an independent economic base night where you see the European Jew when you see the East Indian where you see the Mexican as soon as they show up in Charlotte they automatically begin laying an independent economic base black people don't do that cuz slavery took away your impulse to self-government in nationhood so when we show up we don't look at how we can build economic power we look at how we can floss out dude and compete with other black people Will Smith I fill it out for your brother said black people spend too much money they do not have buying things they cannot afford to impress people they don't even like gray so until you address that psychological need to compete which is rooted in self hate and until you address that psychological dependency on approval from white people you'll never fix our economic challenge if you're Chinese and you're hungry you're not coming to the soul food store right you're not going to the a rap takeout if he's a Mexican and he's hungry he's not going to the anglo-saxon supermarket he's not going to go to the East Indian restaurant you're gonna wait until you get to a restaurant of your own culture right but black people because we don't identify with our africana Dee we identify with our slave master we're American purse so we feel no shame to waste that money with a Mexican American no a chinese-american right when anglo-saxon American because in our identity we are Americans not Africa's so we feel no shame to give most of our money away to another people okay that brings me to the question of your school yes sir it's starting this school you've been on this journey for a mint four and a half years there's been a lot of controversy to do with your school trying to get it set it up trying to get it set up how you getting this set up funding why do you think you facing so much backlash or something that's supposed to be helpful well number one whenever I discussed the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy you have to put the distractions within context okay which is to say that although you do have a sizeable minority of anti Omar rights out there when you compare them to the support that I get they're almost irrelevant right so for every hater I got a million supporters tonight the difference between the supporters and the haters is that the haters are aggressive right consistent persistent if you go to youtube it's the same Dirty Dozen but they make videos every day yes some of us are scholars some of us are hustling right but we're all personalities in the so-called conscious community of which I refer to as the fake woke Entertainment Network okay okay well and so random the fake woke w/e so because many of these other brothers and sisters had tried to crowdfund right for different initiatives right they were not successful huh so when I rolled out the carpet I said I'm gonna start raising money for the st. Paul's College in Virginia which we didn't get nine million dollars we didn't raise it sold to the Chinese by the way as far as I'm concerned and embarrassment to black people how do you let another race purchase an HBCU built by formerly enslaved Africans it's a shame when us as the people but with that being said when I started to raise money when I surpassed everybody okay we raised 750,000 of them never came close to that so the jealousy King mine use this is in 2014-15 the same time I decided to do what cut out the middleman from our lecture circuit start sponsoring my own lectures so not only did you cut me out of some money from your lectures throw your own thing are you saying they cut you I know I cut them out okay you said you want a sprite you gonna do y'all test so I ratted out the middle me right I could get my own venue I could sell my own ticket right all right right so when I cut them out that coincided with the FBM G fund raise right so they were twice envious one I can't hustle you know more for profit right – you got the audacity B crowdfunding and you making more money than I do right that's what a jealousy came in in mind you almost no one who has criticized the FBM G campaign is an educator a psychologist or a doctor right okay most of these Negroes are lowlifes with nothing to do they work a job they paint a cell phone bill and they connect a wildfire wildfire is Jesus dude he's liberal look better without it they would not exist right with that being said I got to think my Charlotte North Carolina supports uh-huh because I got a lot of donations from this state right all over the state Raleigh Durham Charlotte Wilmington all throughout Carolina Elizabeth City so I want to thank North Carolina for backing me and I still get a lot of donations at this point but for me there was no controversy you have a goal two million dollars for college you raised the money until you get two million dollars but so then the allegations came in he must be spending the money why he ain't bought no school yet what school you gonna buy with a hundred grand right what school you can buy with 200 what school you gonna buy with 500 grand now I am happy to say here today that earlier this year February to seven uh-huh exactly one week before the Honorable Frederick Douglass's birthday right we purchased two schools okay and Wilmington Delaware okay that's about to say will but you know say down okay Wilmington Delaware 20 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport as you know Delaware's the Phillies backyard right I can get to Delaware faster than West Philly from Northfield huh you understand so we have two schools not one right one is the Frederick Douglass building one is the Marcus Garvey building we barely could get those builders brother they wanted over a million dollars right I first visited the school the week of the 2017 nat turner total solar eclipse you remember to someone who made that big eclipse right that was on that Turner's Day all rationally first my birthday right after I come from that Turner I'm gonna loot Annette looking at school because I've been looking on looking at for five years uh-huh slickwell School in Delaware let me go check so I come straight from that Turner Eclipse straight to the school I say this is it all right but they said we won't 1.1 million I said I ain't got that so I said can I put some down pay a little alright so for 18 months so nat turner eclipse of 2017 until february to 7th of 20 19 18 months on negotiated and then one day I finally got the call give us what you got you can have it ah filming my name's Thomas cried that names I couldn't my mouth just drop like what did you say right right so what's your guy are you ever scared oh you have a scared you know being so outspoken and knowing what happens to a lot of black men that speak out and look out for their culture while you have a scare the first rule of existence is self-preservation right so subconsciously you're always looking to save yourself right now if that being said el-hajj Malik el-shabazz Malcolm X is a hero of mine dr. Martin Luther King jr. uncomfortable he's a hero of mine Fred Hampton hero of mine Medgar Evers hero of mine Patrice Lumumba hero of mine I macaca bra hero of mine Roberts a booth way hero man Chris Ani hero of mine all these black leaders were murdered right by the CIA right in study and King and Malcolm in particular and hearing what their friends had to say about them post mortem was that they became so paranoid or overcome with their death for the possibility of it with all the death threats right that their friends felt that they got to a point where they wish for the death only to be at peace right I'm so tired of being told I'm a die right get it over with right my wife and children can be safe right you understand that I don't ever want to get to that point I don't want to get to the point where I'm so paranoid or overcome with the death that I start wishing for it right understand right so for me I stay rooted and my relationship with supreme consciousness I practice Aoife Yerba system of spirituality that's my root and one of the reasons I take a trip back to Africa every summer we'll be going later this month to Ghana 11 nights in Ghana is to reconnect myself to the ancestors and this is the most high because I need that so going to Africa every summer is my charge I get right chart that's my battery to come back and fight some more with these phones it's amazing you brought that up because I just got a death threat the day before yesterday coming here right somebody said we won't see within the in the Queen City they posted a big gun right I was in Cleveland month before laughs I got a death threat while I waited backstage right and somebody said when we come out when you come out you better not come from backstage or something like that we gonna take care of you right I probably received about a dozen death threats mostly from black people I think but some from white people as well right this started to intensify right which I anticipated getting closer to the school but I don't worry about it right I just pray that if I got to die at the hands of my enemies unlike Malcolm unlike King and like Fred unlike Lumumba unlike Cabral unlike Biko as long as I could take some of them Devils or Coons with me I'm fine just let me get a few would we go together dan you gotta understand I don't want to be the only one carried let it be for that day right what is respect to you respect I believe it has to be earned and from a revolutionary pan-african nationalist Garvey standpoint right respect will come once you have demonstrated to the people that you are sincere and that you have substance and substance ently created something for their benefit I believe all activists should be judged by two things and this is how I judge everybody okay what have you changed what have you built not how many YouTube videos not how many debates not how many documentaries uh-huh how many books you wrote now how many lectures you give you understand now mind you I speak more than any other scholar in the world there's no scholar on this planet of our race who's requested to speak as much as I am not even to booze why mainstreamers i supersede all them in terms of the demand love it huh even with that I do not put that on my list of accomplishments because as far as I'm concerned raising the consciousness is preparation for the struggle it ain't destroyed this prepper will your child go to school they're preparing for life no bump nah yeah what look we all do the same thing uh yes sir costs go down what's up but the lectures is not like tonight Charlotte we're raising the consciousness right little preparing for the struggle that's not the struggle so I judge myself the same way I judge my heroes the same while judge anybody else what have you changed what have you built so that's why I'm so happy to finally get the schools right you know what I mean because now I can say we have these to them from these two structures okay and when I'm dead and gone I'm gonna get them now those schools will still be educating right I've chosen just like Tuskegee is done with Booker T Washington in many respects I see myself as a continuation of his work Honorable Marcus Garvey's work honorable Frederick Douglass work and that Turner is like God to me right so how do we address education in the United States number one in order to address education you must have a definition for education must have a purpose okay you don't say we got to educate our kids we got to sit in the school we have to educate them for what exactly they're going to school for what exactly when your child gets up and go to a Charlotte public school hey Charlotte North Carolina charter school they go to a rally Catholic school uh-huh Durham independent school and an Elizabeth City home school education this education is not neutral but every institution has an agenda right so the what is the purpose of public education in America to teach black children how to be second-class citizens that's it education was originally created by Thomas Jefferson in order to socially control the masses to teach them how to think like good Americans then it evolved in the industrial revolution to include the preparation for labor so we went to school to get jobs to be prepared for work to learn how to be carpenters plumbers electricians may skill base skill base and write and read write but now we live in the post-industrial era where NAFTA and all these other federal economic laws have allowed for businesses in corporations and factories to be shipped to other countries so there's no longer skill based education and there's no longer jobs for black people so there's no longer a skill based education and there's no jobs for black people what is the purpose of Education for black people in America to prepare black girls for poverty and black boys for Christmas and the rush to get every black child accepted into college is a part of that because college is nothing but a higher education economic hustle there are over two million blacks in this country which college degrees unemployed can't find the work but everybody's sitting they stun the cops right everybody's sitting they go to the college to do what exactly to get some loan debt so that the bankers can control all of us right distance slavery that's the new slavery now youyou very controversy you agree or not do you agree with that word controversial I hate it ok Wow so you want tell me why all I do is tell the truth okay if telling the truth is controversy we are in bad shape because what it means is the convenient lie is the modus operandi the convenient lie is the status quo the convenient lie is the everyday reality when I say white teachers they got no finished teaching black boys who don't know that to be true when I say ritalin adderall concerta and metadata ain't nothing but synthesized cocaine who don't know that to be true when I say black men need to be with black women huh why is that the clip that get 20 million views on The Breakfast Club right good things I say I do not expect the reaction from them I literally don't I'm like that right oh all black man thought we needed a bigger black well you understand so I am very to an extent I can be politically naive right and innocent right when it comes to the impact that my truth has on other people you follow because I'll say things and I'll be like I didn't know that was a big deal well you said white teachers should be teaching black boards they shouldn't right why is that a big deal and I'm coming to learn that the things that I say everybody know them to be true the controversy lies in the fact that we don't normally see black men with Doctorate degrees from established by universities speaking the raw truth like you do hey Malcolm did it but Malcolm didn't have a PhD understand right we have very few scholars who had that degree dr. King had a PhD near EP Newton I believe almost had his PhD huh I have my dr. Khalid Abdul Mohammed had his but most of our activists and scholars they were not of that upper echelon of academia uh-huh so it's been a long time since someone has seen someone with the traditional European education speak so untraditional about the racial reality in this country so I got two things I want to touch on since you brought it up in your last statement yeah one is the interracial thing why so I guess steadfast focus and when you say interracial I have an interracial I'm in an interracial relationship well what my son is half Puerto Rico I'm saying so that ain't necessarily interracial well yeah well for dareka grandfather was Cuban my white Latino black let's all right he knows Africa but there you go what is in the United States government clear that up because maybe sometimes when you say an interracial they may be thinking Porto Rican Torian is the nationality right Cuban is a nationality man race right is greater than the nationality because the race speaks to a biogenetic right shared history oh okay you follow me so if we all born in Puerto Rico we might be Puerto Rican well she might be a white Puerto Rican right I understand he could have been born in the Middle East right yeah a rat but he's still a Puerto Rican by nationality right right so that's just a nationality that you now most Puerto Ricans are of an african biogenetic rank origin which they can isolate a lot – can I tell you – but in Puerto Rico were the two largest slave ports or at least the first 100 years you gotta remember transatlantic slave trade was what Africa right Caribbean right America right the Caribbean was the breaking ground the first slave ship that came here Virginia 1619 not a theory on that irony talk to you that first ship was carrying Spanish speaking Africans named from the Caribbean off the Schomburg a friend of the Honorable mark is gone who was the original father black history before they gave the cottagey was because he had a doctor from Harvard huh huh this brother has the largest collection of African historical memorabilia in the world at the Schomburg Center in Harlem he's a Puerto Rican but he knew he was an African right so for me race is about biology uh-huh as well as psychology okay so and I'm talking to a Puerto Rican I can look at him and say okay I clearly tell you belong to the family right biologically right but psychologically do you identify right I got an email from a brother two other day dr. Umar Vigna Porto Rican is that okay number one are they afro Latino or are they euro LED right let's say they are afro Latino so they passed the first test the second test do they psychologically identify with the race right because many Puerto Ricans do not right Salah hell Barack Obama don't Clarence Thomas don't the rules don't change love you African American Latino it don't make a difference to me I'm judging you about two things are you biologically African and are you psychologically African you got to answer yes the book right now you had some issues with Barack Obama oh yeah right and you you you you may I watch something and you say he didn't do anything for black good and that's controversy but nobody has named a law yet that Barack Obama created to benefit black people in particular you right you're correct cuz when he was in office I did say he's doing a lot of stuff for a lot of people broke his back right into LBGT Frank broke his back for white women broke his back for illegal immigrants broke his back for Hispanics did nothing for lucky now if he was neutral on all minority I couldn't say nothing right because he was neutral on all of us but he went out of his way to cater to every other one except the one he belongs to and I wasn't shot I predicted it I might be the only scholar in America we did predicted when I said when Obama is done with office we will be worse off after Obama than we were before although in fact Donald Trump would even be present before bomber wasn't Trump is the white backlash to the fact that white people had to accept a black man I'm the CEO of this nation fate is right if Obama was never president Trump would not be Obama made Trump a reality right right and so what is the black bourgeoisie the black bourgeoisie is a group of coals a group of Coons financed educated and totally loyal to the slave masters agenda they do not think black they do not act black and they don't make no shame about it when you follow me they'll walk through here with a white wife and look at you like something wrong with you yeah she flat in the back and okay the black booze was these basically five groups politicians uh-huh Oh entertainment right higher education so the political bourgeois uh-huh entertainment bourgeois higher education bourgeois economic booze wop uh-huh is that top one percent black income right and then the most dangerous out of five religious bourgeois the religious booze huazi by far outranks the other four the religious by itself outranks the other now I want to be clear I'm not against Church right I'll speak in churches all the time but I understand I'm a descendant of pastors let's whack in my oratory from you and right no problem with that my four-times great-grandfather ship Alexander Wayman was the seventh Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church and was one of the original conductors of the Philadelphia Underground Railroad um he gave Williams still control of the Philadelphia Underground Railroad you understand in the hood I come from pastures with that being said I'm not talking religion I'm talking about the political behavior of black clergy they even jealous eyes'll oppression in such a way that it makes black people feel good about being down in one way your son just got god forbid somebody son was just murdered by the police right instead of saying we got the whole gonna fight resist go to jail as a dr. King would have done right well everything happened for a reason and maybe God took this young man's life from us uh-huh in us to humble ourselves before the Lord right so instead of attention being put on the police department of Charlotte night he killed their brother and it sucks a couple years ago right instead of attention being put on the police attention is now being put on your duty to God police get off the hook all right you see black people being poor we need jobs we living in poverty instead of focusing on holding the political and economic structure uncountable instead they'll say well they blessed are the poor we don't need money and wealth leave all that sort of that's worldly things all you need to worry about is your relationship with God so what they do is they take the problems of black people and they even jealous eyes them to the point where black people feel proud to have nothing feel proud that you're being oppressed by white folks because somehow you recreate a narrative in your imagination that says maybe I'm suffering because God chose me uh-uh you're suffering because you chose not to do anything about so I'm not against black theology but it needs to be a black liberation theology not a black submission theology how do we fix racism in your opinion racism cannot be reformed you either destroy it or you get away from it let's ban that reform ok now why supremacy is global so you really can't get away from so black people are gonna have to destroy it cannot correct itself white supremacy is not self-correcting okay you have never excuse me you have never seen power in any form politically economic or otherwise correct itself the power is not self-correcting it must be corrected from the outside Frederick Douglass said a digital struggle is no progress those who profess the favor of freedom but deprecated agitation want crops but they don't want to blow up the ground they want rain but you don't want to deal with the Thunder or the light you want the ocean water but you're scared of the sound of the waves black people want change but they don't want to pay for that change the reason you don't see more being done for us by us is we're afraid of two things thus that the risk of liberation and the responsibilities of liberation the risk I can lose my job right I can go to jail I can lose my white friends you understand I can be assassinated that's the risk and then you got the responsibility I now have to be accountable to black people I got to be responsible with my money I got a kick of contribute to the community I have to help our kids uh-huh the white man told me the only person I got to be accountable to us in to see that night so most black people although we know we meet each other the average black person isn't the least bit interested in working with each other because the white man has convinced us that we are nothing who is he for you to answer to you this is why any black person who has ever been a manager you know that is way more difficult to manage blacks than it is to manage whites because we have been conditioned to believe we are nothing so why would you put me in charge why would you put a black man in charge of me well you know I don't respect black people you wonder if you want black people to respect black people you better make sure that black man got a white boss because the only thing we respect is non-african Authority we do not respect African dark man my theory we talked about the African trained slave yeah and I was thinking about this so tell me where I may be wrong okay I think Africa because it's just hard for me to kind of fathom that they took millions and millions of people back then from one continent to another and I look at how they build ships today how they built them back then I say Africa is really the United States we was already here that's how I look at it that's how they got all these because in my sense of looking that thing now tell me straight me out brother I need some lessons right so when you look at these cruise liners how many people they have a 5,000 maybe the most six seven thousand just don't make a lot of sense to me so my theory is what we've been calling Africa has not been I think America was a part of Africa that was that that's how so many of us was here that's my theory all of the continents were one lab master right right there was no human life at that time when we had the separation of the contract we had not been here yet right okay I do believe we were already here okay okay but a lot of us were also brought here as well you understand and the only way to know the difference is to do your home family ancestry so for me right hey do you believe in that go to the ancestry.com and all the known okay when I say I mean your historical research right cuz I don't trust that right and the reason I don't trust that is number one the number one business of ancestry DNA testing corporations is not finding people's genetic links to get in bellanger genetic material you go on a website they tell you the number one business our main business is selling your DNA to who United States Department of Defense to who the biological army weapons laughs you you follow them here they are collecting all about the unit's in an effort to have as large a sampling of black genetic material as possible to perfect their biological weapons I don't believe in those corporation furthermore the science tells you what that when you sit in your swap uh-huh this is a margin of error and we can only determine where you may be from right based on the samples we've taken yeah so if I'm a company let's say I took fifty thousand samples right and let's say one of them samples I took was in South Africa but the person I took it from was actually from Sierra Leone uh-huh when you do your swab you might come up as a match with that brother I swapped in South Africa but he was actually from Sierra Leone right so I'm telling you you South African were you really from Sierra Leone right not only that you might have not been from Sierra Leone or South Harbor but because I'm in the business of making money I'm gonna find the closest but the closest genetic configuration I can to yours and I'm going to guess the me that that's where you may be from there's a lot of hocus-pocus in it I don't knock anybody for getting them done uh-huh I do believe that a lot of them are accurate but I also believe a lot of them are inactive well you know what I did a few years ago because I think I'd like to think I'm conscious I started black people how we know our history is you told fables stories this went down to this family this generation so your grandmother will tell you something about your great-grandma because we're the only generation a lot of us we can't go past our grandparents you know we don't know who they are and you look at a lot of other races they can tell you who they great-great-grandfather won and so one of the things I started doing was documenting stories a few years ago my mother she took horror she told me everything about her mother her grandmother his brothers and sisters and I did it on both sides my at the time my wife side and at the time my side and then you have four so you got your mother's parents you got your father's parents and you got her mother's parents and you got you got her mother's fault just so that my kids instead of we had to look at pictures and his stories now they can actually see the great-great-grandmother talking about their great-great-grandmother so for me it was all about holding the true lineage well when we were young we had to look at pictures and his stories but they can actually watch and say wow that's my great-great grand plan fellas yeah in addition to that right what I tell people everybody well how did you get your Frederick Douglass in right because I was last you didn't have to discover it because I think I family been having family reunions how did you hear about the first time through storytelling right yeah well family reunion right autumn or Marilyn I never forget it as almost drowned in the days and swimming pool huh I don't know what I was going shopping white female a lifeguard that's a be ironic right my sister say hey come the white folks she knew who I was but um number one right what you just said dates names and counties uh-huh dates if you know the name or even the last name if you know the date when they were born or when they died cuz you got your birth record as well as your deaf record time if you know we're right if you got that you can take it further right on top of that were they a person of prominence is easier to track prominent ancestors let's say you had a great great great grandfather who is the leader of a church uh-huh now we can search church records can I keep meticulous records in the church right you know your grandma was a soloist or something oh yeah yeah you know if you had an elected official anybody who's in the public we got newspapers you know your father would have man it's easy to track the public person out it gets more difficult when they was just a regular person who worked right but still named Dade County Historical Society genealogical society Maine Public Library those are the main three things and of course the vital statistics for the birth record and the deaf record as well it take a lot of work to trace it back but you can and I reckoned I would recommend that anybody go to the african-american genealogical society they will help you this chapters all across the country there will help you trace your roots I got two more questions cuz I know you got a good one I just want to extend that right there so to be clear when you first started hearing about your lineage was it not from the talk in the family it was alright because that's how most black people you know the artifacts right because I saw these Fredrick Douglas artifacts okay Bible they had his pipe right I'll still remember it now you know this was 6th grade which is interesting because I would say my life path was largely set of him before I left elementary school because I decided to be a psychologist at North Carolina right black history class on the Oratory 3rd or 4th grade that family reunion was around 6 to 8 right I think it was six things you follow right so everything I'm going now was already set by the time I came out of out of elementary school what yeah absolutely right the artifacts are critical because every artifact has a story that pictures are critical tonight because the child see that picture they see that distinguished right face this blue is that right the final concern about that man is resonating with me dad that's gonna send them searching you know faces are more important than just the name so he got to hang them hand sisters up so what I did real quickly my grandmother dies she died at 105 she had 14 children seven boys seven girls at her funeral I took my video camera and I recorded all the surviving brothers and sisters they told their stories of how they grew up but sister passed away at a hundred i sat her down when she was 98 to tell my family's story so I think I'm the only one in my family that got now all of them have passed away all my all my aunts and uncles all of them ago so we're the next generation that's left but I got them all on tape talking about their mother their father had a pool their kids on cuz I just thought it was a now I did this about 10 years ago she died the night she died in 2002 no 92,000 to my great cook my grandmother died her sister died maybe about 10 years ago and so I think I'm the only one and I just thought it was important for us to have these stories but not hear them see the people that telling you so my question to you is this what's the biggest misconception about dr. Umar Johnson then I'm just another voice on YouTube right if you say what gets under your skin the most it's when I get compared to him who has done nothing for black people to make money right I get compared to him where is there nothing for black people to make money you're talking about somebody has changed forever the way black parents interact with the public school system of America they tell my son that was changed forever the way the black community to use specially using ADHD use the learning is that you have changed forever the way black people understand their parental rights within the school system I've changed that forever you understand I have the National independent black parent Association where I've trained over 300 people on how to be advocates to go back to the neighborhood and help these parents fight against mis-education special education school expulsion white teacher racism you understand psycho academic Holocaust in my book the only book written that teaches black friends have a legally fight to save their children from the mental health in school systems school who are conscious community has purchased an institution except myself right so for me I am a worker I'm an activist first I love the talk I was born to speak you understand huh but the work what did I say earlier what have you changed what have you built well I've changed the way black parents see schools see mental health and I've also built institutions no one else has done there you see and so for me it just gives hurts them to be lumped in and I'll need to have a YouTube page um I have more videos on YouTube than any living scholar and I don't have a page that speaks to what the love that I get people watch my stuff to say this is so I got to share this everybody else's self promote they sell every day they make em promote promote that I don't do no promotion I don't even have a page and I got more videos than all them come together if that's not a testament to the love that I get from black folks I don't know what is so what's your biggest gripe and then we could close it up here with when you do media and you look back at what I presented my message well I did the interview on glad TV a couple years ago okay artists culture vulture right and he interviewed another mainstream bourgeois scholar after me boos was he whose huazi scholar I love when you say that shake it out the way he treated the interviews was totally different in what manner with the other brother right he put the whole interview up okay first with the other brother you right and then he pulled clips but the clips he put were all respectable professional Clips his views on black economics his views on black you found right with mine he got real sensation you know dr. Umar said you can't have a gay school that wasn't a focus of that that second right the focus of the segment was me building a school for blackboard but he switched it and made it a gate thing that was not even well-versed on you'd be violent don't misrepresent my words he's sensationalized it to increase the views but the one thing about me and I'm probably alone in this regard – uh-huh you don't have to sensationalize my material to get the views the views are gonna come I wanted a few people there I don't have to talk about other people I don't have to chase scandals I don't have to repeat gossip all I got to do is do me the views are gonna come because I'm sincere about what I do all glad I had to do is post the whole interview I didn't mind the segment's but let them be respectable segments that represent who and what I am don't sensationalize my material and turn me into a damn reality show cuz you didn't do that with the other scholars right that's my only issue when they misrepresent me cut piece change the words that type of thing lastly what is dr. umar ja says what would you like your legacy to be the whole legacy not just to school your whole entire legacy uh we are 19 years and to the 21st century we're one generation done next year right right I would probably argue some people would probably argue that for the first generation of the 21st century I've been the most significant scholar in the world from a practical intellectual philosophical community activist base perspective I want to be one of the greatest of all time I don't work to be one of the greats you follow I'll work to help the people no thought of anything else but when it's all said and done and they got that Mount Rushmore up there right I like the feeling that mountain Mount Rushmore okay which means I need to get more done you understand not just one school we gotta have them all and then I also believe that long term I'm gonna have to go to Africa do see repatriation somewhere within my vision and I believe because I believe there's something that's supposed to do in Africa for Africa you know but my tombstone did the best he could where he was what yeah I like them my brother I appreciate you I thank you let me know one last shout out okay so the people make sure you donate to the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey RBG International Leadership Academy you can donate two ways cash stop me slash dollar sign and vmg school I repeat the cash app dollar sign F dmg school you can Mellon in at the mg Academy P o box 96 34 Wilmington Delaware one nine eight or nine if you want to work at the school F dmg resumes at gmail.com if you have an issues with your children you wanna reach out to me dr. Umar Johnson calm or to one five nine eight nine nine eight five eight and make sure you purchase your unapologetically African clothing at dr. Umar Johnson calm as well and we're looking to have a marcus garvey block party at the Frederick Douglass Marcus Garvey Academy in Delaware Marcus Garvey birthday August the 17th Saturday August the 17th 2019 waiting for approval from the city I want all my supporters to come on out and we're gonna occupy 2f dmg Academy Garvey day August 17 get ready and then August 21st we will be at nat turner land and nat turner Virginia June evil where profinet led the bloodiest slave revolt will successful slave revolt in American history on the day I was born August the 21st 1831 so we want to start it off with the Garvey block party at FDM G Academy everyone ended at the nat turner 400 years quadri Centennial 1619 to 2019 massive ancestral libation ceremony

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  1. Whats your thoughts on this interview a little different from the norm.. Let me know family

  2. No because u got 2 million from the people & still no school umar is lucky all he got was threatened I no people who been killed for a whole lot less smfh

  3. I like hearing Dr Umar’s perspective on things. Dr Umar puts a lot of emphasis on slavery, and white oppression when it comes to certain black Americans making poor decisions. If most black men married the mothers of their children, causing more black children to be raised with both parents in the home, I think that a lot of these issues would be solved (lower teen pregnancy, higher test scores, lower dropout rates, lower incarceration rates, more focus on education, less drug use…). Also, poor people in general should not be having kids. Chicago is filled with kids born into the slums with nothing, now Mom can’t afford to get ahead, and the kids are raised by the streets. Whitey didn’t hide your birth control before Ray Ray busted off inside of you.

  4. Peace Kraze, this is an effective Brotha here…He would be more effective if he could get some of his initiatives off the ground and actually working. He walks the walk no doubt but small minded folks seem to want to misconstrue the mans talk to the point it becomes a distraction….Peace and Blessings fam…Having a variety of content is a good thing bro especially when it's enlightening…

  5. #Kraze i love ur channel my brother.. But that Dude DrUmar is mf snake ..he ain't no good for black people..let me put u on to something


  6. ToneTalks #ADOS kills his arguments as to why we aren't economically competitive. He put all of the blame on us.

  7. He gets death threats by his own people. But when the Real Enemy harms our people nothing happens, nobody says a mumbling word.

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