My name is Ogen Rwot Roberts and I’m one of the members of the Dunamis group , weekday students of Educational technology and make them some of the questions we have discussed is what is the purpose of Education? What is the purpose of learning what are the key attributes of the future studies and how? Technology can be used in the process of learning and enjoy the discussion My name is Nafula Suzan Am discussing the purpose of education with my friend Florence Yeah education is the process of imparting skills knowledge and judgment So one of the purposes of Education is that the learners get that sense of socialization in other words When we come from different areas
for example I come from East and my friend comes from the West and the other comes from the north when we come together Education brings us as one so we come to understand each other and Education also shapes the behaviours of a learner in that when is learner is taught that theft is bad , a learner I will know that I’m not supposed to steal and when he goes to the outside world, he will not he will try to avoid stealing because it was imparted in him or her Yes education enables one to adapt to the new technological advancements For example in the agriculture sector one is taught how to use technology for example like For example machines like tractors which increases on crop production My name is Ejuk Emmanuel and Discussing the purpose of learning one of the purposes of learning is to acquire skills and new knowledge this is at a point where if someone doesn’t know something and he he is being taught he will learn that thing and be able to apply that thing may possibly daily life in The places where that person is involved in. then another purpose of learning is a change of behavior For example if someone is being taught Aah my name is Mujuni Jockas Discussing on the key attributes in our other studies one of them is oral and written communication as an educated Person you must learn how to speak very well and improve on your Writing skills like in writing academic documents Another one is critical thinking the thinking of an improved and educated person should not be the same as the thinking of an illiterate and we must learn how to read and write yaaa 🤦🤦Aaah I am by names of Bamuleese Ibrahim 😂😂 aa I am here to discuss part D part D it’s all about how we can teach the skills mentioned above by Jockas Aaah we can use guidance and counseling that is by guiding the students and counseling them ofcos Then another point I can talk about that is co-curriculum activity that’s why we’re having football, music dance and dramma When you look at that 😏 there is socialization These students come together there is unity🏃🏃🏃🤣🤣🤣🤣 They make new friends. Where about at least we can acquire the socialization aspect Actually as it has been stated by Ibrahim another way I can apply these tools in a classroom it is by teaching and bringing in methods that are Appropriate to the Learners’ differences like team work Co-curriculum activities has been postrayed already. I can take them to seminars Workshops (Morgan)🤦workshops yes thank you (Emma) My name is Irene and I am Ceaser discussing the role of technology in the learning process, technology involves student’s participation in the learning process, it also facilities in the communication and teaching for example the use of a website , the Google classroom In such a way that we receive assignments online. You can do them after we submitted them online I am Richard I am Robert, hope you found the video useful. Don’t forget to subscribe

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