Dutch Oven Cooking 1: Intro – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Dutch Oven Cooking 1: Intro – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

[music] We’re out here at Riverbend Park
in Smithville, Texas and I’m going to share with
you today the joy of dutch oven cooking. I’ve been cooking most of my
life in dutch ovens and it’s just a fabulous,
fabulous taste you get over an open fire in the official equipment for
the state of Texas. That’s right, you
barbecuers. It’s the dutch oven. You can’t beat that
scrumptious taste you get out of cast iron. You’ve gotta remember our
ancestors used to cook in dutch ovens, pioneers as
they crossed the plains, cowboy cooks in
their chuckwagons for many years used the
dutch oven to cook out of. It acts just like your
oven at home. As you can see right here
we’ve got a lid with a rim which holds the coals on top. And you can see this lovely
black color is from all the use of the
dutch oven. It makes it almost
non-stick. This is natural non-stick, been here a long time
before teflon. For taking care of the
dutch oven, We never use soap on it. And
when I store my dutch oven I always have
a little piece of paper in here. This piece of paper
keeps some of the moisture and helps it to wick out and keeps rust from
forming which is just bad
for a dutch oven. Look we’ve got a nice
little handle here It’s something we can use
for lifting the dutch oven. And another key part of this
for an open fire dutch oven are the legs. The legs on here keep it
elevated above the coals so that air can circulate
around them and produce the heat
on the bottom. It’s really a fabulous
piece of equipment that you can cook with
outdoors. Folks, don’t be afraid to go
out and buy yourself a dutch oven and try
things at home. In the next segment I’m
going to show you how to do a basic meal,
1-pot meal in a dutch oven that anyone can do. A
dutch oven’s very forgiving. So get out there. Get
yourself a dutch oven… “Y’all ready to eat?” and enjoy a great meal
with you and all your friends.

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14 thoughts on “Dutch Oven Cooking 1: Intro – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

  1. I'll bet I ain't the first and certainly won't be the last to try King Ranch Chicken casserole in one of them…yum yum yum.

    Great site buddy !!

  2. @dirtTdude

    It's a mair lifter and available at a bunch of places online. It's the rolls royce of lid lifter and worth every penny

  3. @chitown1966 Many state parks offer dutch oven cooking classes. Check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website tpwd.state.tx.us. Also try the Lone Star Dutch Oven Society website lsdos.com

  4. I was noticing you use the Cabela's camp kitchen in the background. You just don't have the green bags on both sides. I just bought the Cabela's camp kitchen a while ago and it is a handy tool to prepare food.
    I love dutch oven cooking and am looking forward to making some great meals this fall and in the future!!

  5. Participated in the Best Little Cowboy Gathering Dutch Oven Cookoff in LaGrange last year I was part of a friends team where we took First Place across the board. Could not believe how simple it was to do, although there is plenty of work involved, a great time was had by all!!

  6. Using a little "dawn" dish detergent occasionally does not hurt a dutch oven. It's surfactant property cleans well and removes almost none of the seasoning. Rinse well and oil lightly after washing. However, don't use any kind of dish SOAP (which is different from detergent) because it will remove seasoning and promote rust.

  7. I love your YouTube channel! Have you ever used CampMaid Dutch oven tools? I just received it as a gift and I'm wondering how the food turns out when you flip the grill and use it as a smoker? Can you do some cooking demos showing different meals with the various uses of the CampMaid tools? This is the demo video I saw http://youtu.be/jOxouSQmQZI

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