E-Collar Technologies Educator ET-400 (Tone & Vibration Modes)

E-Collar Technologies Educator ET-400 (Tone & Vibration Modes)

hi this come from – 35 calm today I'm going to show you how to switch over from vibration to tone on the new 2015 version of the educator 3/4 mile remote dog trainer by e-collar technology – Kevin alright we're going to take a look at the educator how to switch it over from vibration to tone and the new 2015 version I'm doing this video because I was kind of confused because I was the way you do it she hit the on/off button the arrow button on the back and didn't hit your tapping sensation button here so that's what I'm doing nothing's happening okay so sometimes I'm in vibration I'm gonna switch it over the tongue nothing's happening what the heck so I realized I should have to speak into Greg if this leads when you do that on the educator the needs to be on 0 so there we go vibration so to switch it from turn to vibration hit the L button and the T button so we're at vibration now so if I move this off zero still gonna vibrate but when I go to switch it over it's not going to do a daggone thing okay so that's the key make sure that to reset dial is lined up with the face so what we consider zero there's no graduations on here but if you're having issues which I did and I was kind of freaking out that's what you need to do because from the minute you don't need to do that it's just on the educator and the k-9 handler so there you go put it on zero get your L button and the tapping sensation button at the same time little switch over so he'll baton tapping sensation button back and forth there you go that's how you're here from vibration to tone on the educator the et 400 by e-collar technologies I hope this hope ciao thank you and always remember – 35 comm offers 10% off all week or technologies products every day faster if I tend as the promo code thanks again

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3 thoughts on “E-Collar Technologies Educator ET-400 (Tone & Vibration Modes)

  1. Thank you so much..great video. I bought my educator online without the manual and thought it was broken. I'm glad I found your video before contacting the seller or I would've felt really embarrassed. Thank you again!

  2. they should get a guy with a clear speaking voice to describe a product with new features. it makes no sense to show the WRONG way. show the correct way from the start and tell why you start at a certain point to make it work.

  3. ok – it can be on zero when NOT blinking. I was turning it to zero when blinking, losing all the settings of course. I wish there was a dial where the antenna is for the thumb. Or even if the antenna was swapped with the dial.

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