Ecology and Wildlife conservation

Ecology and Wildlife conservation

My name is Chris Hassall,
and I’m a lecturer at the University of Leeds. I’m passionate about global
ecology, climate change and conserving
the natural world. This course will help you
understand concepts of ecology and wildlife
conservation, and give you a taste of what
it’s like to study at the University of Leeds
for relevant degrees, such as ecology and
conservation biology. I’ve always liked
animals and nature, and I’m not happy with what’s
happening to our planet. So I want to learn
more about conservation and discover how I can help. My teacher told me
about this online course by the University of Leeds
on ecology and wildlife conservation. Let’s check it out. Wow. You get to see how
conservation biologists help to reduce the effects
of human activity by really understanding the
threats faced by species, like coral reefs
and bees, and learn how brand new technology
helps us to understand the impact of wind farms
on different populations, like seabirds. You get to understand
what ecosystems are and how they might respond to
change through interactive case studies on bee decline
across the world and on how climate change
affects coral reefs. There’s also a chance to take
part in a science project by applying what I’ve learned
to my own environment. I’ll definitely use
this course as part of my university application. This course will introduce
you to all the basic concepts explored by degree courses in
ecology, biology and zoology at the University of Leeds. If you’re interested in
studying ecology at university, or you just have an interest
in wildlife conservation, then this course is for you. Join ecology and wildlife
conservation today.

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