Education Finland has best education system in the world NBC NightlyNews_09292010

Education Finland has best education system in the world NBC NightlyNews_09292010

country for days we've been hearing about the ideal education system in the world Finland educators talk about Finland all the time so much so in fact we decided to go there and see what makes their system so good here tonight our education correspondent Rehema Ellis Finland population 5 million about the size of the Atlanta metro area but don't let size fool you Finland is a global success home to cellphone giant nokia finns are known for their love of coffee state supported health care and the best education system in the world fifteen-year-old Oni Olsen is a typical Finnish student he balances school work with play but school time is very focused and it shows internationally Finnish students ranked number one overall in science and math us kids ranked 17th in science and 24th in math can you say what percentage of your students drop out of school in our school nobody nationwide the high school dropout rate is 2% versus 25% in the US but it wasn't always this way forty years ago Finland was a poor nation dependent on agriculture its leaders envisioned a brighter future in technology the nation decided the way to get there was with a better educated workforce it took a generation to do it Finland's blueprint included a tough national curriculum master's degrees for all teachers with up to three teachers per class exercise 7 to focus on instruction the 3rd works with students who are struggling the result there's no such thing as a failing school in Finland officials say Finland has a collective national will to educate all students and a plan to succeed have you got at Cass there's a relaxed atmosphere in the classroom and continuity I can be a better teacher when I teach them longer for a longer period many students stay with the same teacher for several years use English as much as possible the average student speaks four languages including English and Finland spends about three thousand dollars less per pupil that American schools do so how do they achieve more education experts credit involved parents do you push your son perhaps sometimes if to be honest yes equally important they say is the Finnish culture that values education teaching has been always and it still is a kind of appreciated profession a report out this month says forty-seven percent of America's teachers come from the bottom third of college graduates Finnish teachers come from the top 10% yeah just like doctors and lawyers Finland's best and brightest are chosen to teach Rehema Ellis NBC News Helsinki Finland

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39 thoughts on “Education Finland has best education system in the world NBC NightlyNews_09292010

  1. Read John Taylor Gatto. The you will understand why 'education' in the US is merely slightly less punitive prison.

  2. Efisiensi pembelajaran harus imbang dengan kualitas pengajaran yang di berikan oleh guru yang mumpuni dan berkapasitas bukan hanya dalam materi tapi juga dalam pembimbingan.

  3. Here in America they only teach us how to study not remember it's absolutely shitty, I wanna go to a Sweden university to be properly taught.

  4. I gotta ask you a question in USA does books changes I mean in our country we study 35 years old book and they don't even get edited

  5. Finland just gets all the attention. In reality, their education is the same as in Canada, the Netherlands, and Estonia…

  6. It's gross that there are any non finns in this school. Europe is the homeland of white people and it should stay that way.

  7. America needs this system because we need to start improving our things such as education, our incredible debt in money

  8. Wow how they blame the teachers when they don't come up with the material to teach the kids…. sounds like they don't want to place the blame where it belongs

  9. The problem in the U.S isn't the schools or the teachers, it's the students and the parents. There are certain people who don't take education seriously and would rather blame the systems for their own laziness.

  10. Pasi Sahlberg has stated that Finland taking the top 10 percent of teachers is NOT how Finland chooses their educators. He has stated that only about 1/4 of their teachers are at the academic top. Instead, they choose the right person for the job based on life qualifications.

    Finnish Masters programs are like 5 year programs, not like these Teach for America or "accelerated" programs. Finland makes sure it has a well trained workforce. AND their schools are free so teachers aren't burdened with debt like they are in America.

  11. Pause 0:50, find Canada… ranked 5th.

    Happy…. unpause!

    And beside why are they comparing them to the US, it should be taken for granted that Finland is better. Its 2015, they lose their house if they can't PAY to keep healthy and most of the people's taxes still go towards the military.

  12. In Greece education sucks too. Many hours of studying learning for a day forget all about it the next day!

  13. Here in the usa education sucks they don't teach us nothing only several classes al you do is take notes that you will forget next year

  14. Our goverments know whats good for our kids, they just dont want it.
    They prefer  to spend our money into arm deals. To kill.

  15. Strawman: Hi Dorothy, I’ve been looking for you.
    Dorothy: Hi Strawman, I haven’t seen you since you started school last summer. What’s up?

    Strawman: That’s the thing, I’m not sure it’s going so well.
    Dorothy: Have your grades been bad?

    Strawman: No, not at all – my grades are good!
    Dorothy: Then what’s wrong?

    Strawman: I wanted to improve my brain, but I don’t think it’s working.
    Dorothy: What are they teaching you?

    Strawman: The first thing was to sit still and pay attention. And next, to remember and repeat.
    Dorothy: Oh. Remembering is not really thinking, is it?

    Strawman: I’m not sure, but obeying and repeating seems, it seems like learning NOT to think.
    Dorothy: Doing what authority tells one to do was never part of a classical education.

    Strawman: What kind of education is it, then?
    Dorothy: It is the kind preferred by, well, by bullies.

    Strawman: How can I learn to think, you know, like the classic critical thinkers?
    Dorothy: Since you are already questioning authority, I think you are doing it already, all by yourself.

    Strawman: Should I quit school, then?
    Dorothy: No, you will get in trouble for that.

    Strawman: Ah, well,  that kind of tells us what’s happening, doesn’t it?
    Dorothy: Only if you can think for yourself!

  16. I am a final-year student and I wanna know what jobs can students work after school? I mean in Finland. Thanks in advance 🙂

  17. I dont know about your system bbut in my country kuwait we have like 8 teacher each class and education is free all the way to college but our people are so stupid so its not the number of teachers the way they teach

  18. You forgot to mention that it's completely free until you're sixteen, and the food and school supplies like pencils, books, notebooks, rulers and erasers are also free. So no matter what, you have everything you need to success in school: )

  19. Facts vs Perception
    US 300M residents, Fin 5M
    US 45M Pub sch, 5M in Pvt sch, Fin 700K in 100% Pub sch
    US ranked 17th for HS, Fin ranked #1
    US rank #1 for univ, Fin rank #99
    Of Top 500 world univ rank Fin has 2 univ, the USA has 200+

    The reason for the big diff is all univ are ranked, the pre-univ rnk sys only considers some 15yr olds of some schls

    If you only test 15yr olds fine, test all of them in pub & pvt schls then rank in order of best perfr schls, that's how you know who is #1.

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